1. ratbastard says

    WTF? That’s just plain…I don’t know. I know PC folks think it’s wrong to be judgmental, but WTF were/are those ‘progressive’ social democrats over there in Sweden thinking? Were they all high or something? Those photos and video are going to be immortalized on the internet for infinity.

    It’s interesting and provocative ‘art’, but doing it in Sweden, surrounded by smiling white people, and a government minister with a big sh*t eating grin on her face, shows you how out of touch and delusional these people are.

  2. ratbastard says

    How dare you criticize me you uneducated peasants; this is about art and being in your face. If you don’t understand or appreciate this, that’s not my problem. Wow… this minister and her ideology are VERY patronizing and condescending.

    Probably millions of people around the world are going to end up seeing this, out of context. Millions of poorly educated, or just plain dumb, people, and they’re not going to appreciate the minister’s nuanced explanation or this piece of ‘art’ at all. It will only provoke irrational violence. The Swedish government should immediately fire this woman and do some serious damage control.

  3. Rick says

    Sooner or later, the Far Left is going to have to come to the realization that its notions of “multi-culturalism” are a fiction. Nation-states exist for a reason–because people that are too different from each other simply cannot live in harmony together. They never have in the history of the world and they never will–and if humanity has not learned that lesson by now, it is doomed.

  4. says

    This performance art is offensive. The human head, with its shark-like teeth and the white around the eyes, make the human figure clownish and lacking in empathy. The gouging of the human genitals would have been more striking if the screaming head looked like a typical African girl, not a racist cartoon from the early 20th century. This art failed.

  5. ratbastard says

    NEVER MIND RICK. Can posters please stick to the subject at hand? I’ll try and do so, can everyone else? I get the distinct impression, ‘Rick’ is used as a foil to distract attention from unpalatable subjects.

  6. Derek Pearce says

    Meanwhile in this whole debate– as evidenced by the above comments here– the actual issue of female genital mutilation is lost. Completely ignored. I guess this is a failure on the part of the artist and the minister, but folks, this is a seriously disgusting “cultural” practice that needs to be stamped out. So I don’t care if this whole episode wasn’t PC– it’s not racist to tell African Muslims “quit cutting up your women and mutilating them like this.”

  7. jpeckjr says

    @trees. This art did fail, as did the artist. If his purpose was to call attention to female genital mutilation, his raucous laughter in the video suggests he thinks f-g-m is funny, perhaps that the women deserve it. What am I supposed to think: eating bloody body parts is entertaining and refreshing? The Culture Minister should have ordered the cake out of the room as soon as she realized what was happening. But, apparently, she never realized women in Africa were symbolically being ridiculed and assaulted.

  8. ratbastard says

    What makes this even creepier is the distinctly sterile looking environment, like a hospital operating room or morgue. A bunch of smiling, smirking, laughing, bland sterile looking social democratic ‘progressive’ middle aged Swedish women standing around a cake made to look like a badly deformed caricature of an African woman with her groin gouged. What could go wrong with this piece of ‘art’?

  9. Rick says

    @Oliver there is no such thing as Britain vs. Muslim. Some Britons are Muslim, some are not. But the idea of Britain vs. Muslim is a fantasy of extremists on BOTH sides of the ideological spectrum. God forbid that such a fantasy would become a reality.

  10. TampaZeke says

    Unbelievably disgusting.

    But let’s face it. If the cake had been of an African boy, or a Jewish BOY, it wouldn’t have even made the news. People joke about cutting off all or parts of male genitalia all the time and no one seems to think it’s inappropriate or shameful.

  11. Opinionated says

    @JPECKJR where did you hear raucous laughter? I heard overly dramatic wailing, not laughter.

    Either way this art did score one point, and a major point when it comes to art, in that people are talking about it. It may be for the wrong reasons however still, people are talking about it. Similar to “bad press is good press because ANY press is good press.”

    As for the piece itself I am in agreement with most here in that my first thought was WTF?!?!?! Still, female genetalia mutalation is now on my mind which means it is likely to find a way into my conversations with friends and coworkers thanks to this debauched art so it isn’t an entire failure…

  12. ratbastard says

    This is not hard to understand:

    I and others understand this is ‘art’ and the people involved, including this obviously clueless minister and her handlers, probably mean well.

    BUT….there are MANY people in the world who WILL NOT ‘appreciate’ this piece of ‘art’ or those pics and vid. Anyone with COMMONSENSE can deduce this.

  13. David Hearn says

    Rick – Islam is a cancer, and the proof can be found in abundance. People who are chanting “UK go to hell” in a foreign accent can hardly be described as Britons. They are infiltrators and invaders. A Green March is happening in Europe, and mark my words it will give rise to a necessary backlash.

    We have an opportunity to take warning from Europe here in the US. We need to purge this country of all Green Marchers, be they illegals from Mexico or “cousins” from Pakistan.

  14. Rick says

    @Oliver, or better yet, try telling it to the many Muslims who hold elected office throughout the UK. Including in the House of Commons and House of Lords. Or those in the police force. Or those in academia…and so on.

  15. Rick says

    That last post from “Rick” beginning with @Oliver There is no such thing as Britain vs. Muslim was not from me, the “real” “famous” Rick…..but the first post in the thread with the name Rick under it was made by me.

    Man, some people really are obsessed with me, aren’t they?

  16. Oliver says

    @Rick, you actually just proved the point (the many Muslims who hold elected office throughout the UK. Including in the House of Commons and House of Lords. Or those in the police force) that many in Britain, France and even Canada feel …the plan is to take over by the simple use of shear numbers.

  17. Opinionated says

    So this art piece is about muslims in Great Britian and Europe??? Color me stupid on that then for I totally thought this was on awkward Swedish art and African female circumcision. Shows what I apparently know.

  18. Rick says

    @Oliver, ummm so are you suggesting that certain citizens should NOT participate in civil society or engage in the democratic process?Maybe it’s time we institute some sort of religious purity test for teachers and police officers and politicians — and those who don’t recognize Jesus as their personal savior can just stay home?

  19. Thimmy says

    Um, the minister of culture is not a Social Democrat. The Ministers are from the blue conservative block and have been for the past 2 elections.

    So nice to see misinformation spreading on the internet, such a rare thing.

  20. ratbastard says

    Thank you for correcting me,THIMMY. I didn’t know that. BUT…even ‘conservatives’ in Sweden are very ‘progressive’ and the social democratic socialist paradise agenda is THE dominant ideology and agenda in Sweden. Swedish society is very much controlled, lock, stock and barrel by this ideology and agenda.

    What’s the artist’s ideology/politics? And the folks who sponsored this ‘art’, not to mention the hanger’s on in those pics and vid?

    And ministers like her, even in conservative or centralist governments, tend to be ‘progressive’ or ‘artsy-fartsy’.

    Bottom line:

    EVERYONE involved in this are off their rockers.

  21. ratbastard says

    Liberal conservatism

    Modern European liberal conservatism combines current conservative policies with more liberal stances on social issues.[2] This has developed as an opposition to the more collectivist views of socialism. Often this involves stressing what are now conservative views of free-market economics and belief in individual responsibility, with social liberal views on defence of civil rights, environmentalism and support for a limited welfare state. Centre-right political parties in Europe are usually liberal conservative. Compared to a different group of centre-right parties, such as Christian democratic parties, liberal conservatism is less traditionalist, and usually more right-libertarian economically, favouring low-taxes and minimal state intervention in the economy. This philosophy is that of Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.



  22. Cassandra says

    No, art does not need to be provocative, particularly, it does not need to be provocative for the sake of being provocative.

    It does need to be communicative, and this piece communicates contempt.

  23. TJ says

    The only things provocative about this “art” are the reactions – not of disgust, but of giggling and smiling as they cut a piece and make the “cake” scream. You are free to enjoy your provocative piece of participatory performance art. I am free to acknowledge my visceral reaction of horror and disbelief at the inappropriate nature and epic failure of your piece.

  24. ratbastard says

    The U.S. has serious issues surrounding OUT OF CONTROL multiculturalism, not the concept of people from different background coming together and living under one dominant and accepted culture. The same is true in places like Canada, Australia, etc. even though in Canada it’s officially accepted policy that the different ‘races’ and ethnicities can live on their own, with their own cultures, etc. and not have to absorb into the dominant traditional Canadian culture. The U.S. at least tacitly demands everyone kind of merge into one, while keeping some aspects of their ancestors culture, as long as it doesn’t conflict badly with dominant American culture.

    The Roman’s were very accepting of many outsiders as long as they conformed to the dominant Roman culture, they could even become Emperor. But the idea a nation/society can thrive with a lot of demographic, social and economic stratification is an illusion.

  25. says

    American’s greatness, in part, is it’s successful multiculturalism within a context of sharing values. Like most things in the world, it’s not black and white (as most conservatives keep pretending/hoping/praying).

    And FGM is horrifying and not particularly Muslim, but traditional. I have had the displeasure for my work to see a number of women’s mutilated genitals and it’s heartbreaking.

  26. says

    And yes, this art installation is horrible too. I sense the artist was using FGM to further his career.

    Also interesting that our TR conservatives assume that FGM is Muslim. Low-information much?

  27. ratbastard says

    I’m not ‘conservative’ and said nothing about Muslims or religion in general in any of my posts.

    America is probably the most successful western nation in the world at integrating people into an extremely multicultural society. And America in this respect is probably the least PC or driven my Euro-style leftist ideology. We are not ‘officially’ multicultural like Canada, we don’t have an ‘official’ language[s], we don’t arrest and if convicted, send people to prison for saying ‘mean’, bigoted, racist things. But what we do, as far as integrating immigrants at least is concerned, we do obviously well.

  28. Bill says

    I think the art works wonderfully. It’s not about female genital mutilation, it’s about people who spend exorbitant amounts of money under the guise of helping those more unfortunate. I wonder how much that cake cost? It’s even more poignant because that official doesn’t even know she should be offended by the blatant racism. Success.

  29. Thimmy says

    Wow… Seriously? The government we have now are not socialists, they are doing everything they can to feed the rich, and starve the poor. If you seriously believe that every party in Sweden are about socialism, then you’ve been brainwashed by your media and politicians.

    The government in place right now is trying their damned hardest to turn Sweden into the US. Cut down on schools, healthcare, funds for the elderly, etc. Pour cash into corporations.

  30. Max says

    You’d think these filthy bastards would have learnt something in the 60 years after they killed 6 million people and we bombed their asses.

    Oh wait, it’s Sweden…

  31. Jonas Swede says

    For all the people here that are blaming the socialdemocrats/liberals, the fact is the government of Sweden including the minister of culture are from the conservative right wing party.

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