1. paul says

    Does Freedom of religion mean we are ‘free’ to not be governed under your bible ? Didn’t we leave England to settle in America to escape the tyranny of the church ?

  2. LiamB says

    When will this morons get it through their pea sized brains that this is a secular society and government. They cannot place their religious opinions above the rights of others. Secular laws have nothing to do with theocratic practices.

  3. deppy says

    I posed a question to both of them, but doubt I will hear back:

    In your testimony against SB 002, you bring up the bible and religion many times. I want to know what your opinion would be of someone getting up there and using the debate from a Muslim view that SB002 should not only be stopped, but that an amendment requiring arranged marriage for woment should be added. Would you be offended that someone got up there, even though they were using faith arguments, because it went against what your faith dictates?

    Now imagine me, who is not of the same faith as you, who believes that gays and lesbians deserve equal treatment under the law. Could you see how I would be upset that you got up there and used your religion as a reasoning to vote against SB 002? You might have your faith, and you are entitled to have your faith…but when your faith dictates what I can do with my life, do you not see that as a form of Christian Sharia Law (known as Canon Law) that you are trying to thrust upon everyone? If you support thrusting your religious laws on everyone, do you also support the ability for a Muslim to try to push Sharia Law on to the citizens of Colorado?

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your response.

  4. paul says

    Nico – you are correct i wasn’t spot on.The pilgrims left England in 1609 so that they could practice the religion they chose. An English law, the 1559 Act of Uniformity, demanded that all British citizens attend services and follow the traditions of the Church of England. Which sounds ironic if you listen to present day hard line right wing here who sort of think the US should be a solely Christian country. The minute you start linking laws to religion you end up back where you started.

  5. NVAgBoi says

    That man really did just say that the Constitution (unclear if he meant the Colorado one of the US one) only applies to those who are “moral and religious people”.

    Wow. Just wow. The blatancy of it all just astounds.

  6. David Hearn says


    “Didn’t we leave England to settle in America to escape the tyranny of the church ?

    The short answer is “no”. The ‘religious freedom’ BS is just part of our folk history, a story teachers used to like to tell gullible students.

    I descend from several of Virginia’s first families. Most of them predate the Pilgrims in the North. None of them were religious refugees. All of them moved to Virginia to make money.

    Most of the earliest settlers in Virginia were middle class, third sons of noblemen, merchants, etc… The exodus of poor downtrodden British people came later.

    “After a few false starts, on December 20, 1606, the London Company, established by Shakespeare’s patron, Henry Wriothesley, 3d earl of Southampton, sent out three ships – Susan Constant, Discovery and Godspeed – carrying 143 adventurers, most of them, according to the 18th century Virginia writer, William Byrd, “reprobates of good families”.
    (Grolier, Inc. 1966)”

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