Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1110

SF GAY MEN'S CHORUS: From this weekend's ceremony at the National AIDS Memorial Grove to honor Nancy Pelosi for her tireless work in the fight against AIDS.

MOMS: Procter & Gamble salutes Olympics mothers.

SEXY FRISBEE: Gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger presses the flesh in California.

YE OLDE: Debunking.


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  1. says

    hey Fred Karger, nice ad for Aryan Nation you got there.

    Oh, wait. It was for the GOP? or was that Abercombie & Fitch? whatever. same thing.

    congrats. you showed two gay guys kissing. you’re so progressive. you’re so hip, and with it.

    but you seem to have forgotten that Segregation ended decades ago. now, i know that playing up to racism is a way to get more republican votes, and to keep the votes of the gay registered-republicans who are terrified of blacks and latinos and hoodies and Names That Sound Ethnic, but this ad won’t fool anyone who’s stepped out in the real world.

    nice try. but you failed.