Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1114

INSTANT DATE: The latest from Improv Everywhere.

POP PIÑATA: Bryan Safi is back with another web series.

MOVIES THAT CAME TO THE RESCUE: How many superheroes can you name?

VAMPIRE HISTORY: A new featurette for the upcoming Dark Shadows film.

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  1. jack says

    Why is Towleroad selling advertising space to Liberty University? They are a fundamentalist “Holy” bibe believing school that HATES homosexuals? Do you need the advertising $ that badly? Are their no standards?

  2. David B. says

    i think Andy has explained at points that some of his ads are placed by organizations beyond his control (like google ads and such). They accept the ad and it just appears here as part of their rotation (not his editorial decision) Unfortunate — but beyond his control.

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