Vatican: Catholics Should Unite with Jews and Muslims to Form United Front Against Gays

The Pope's Nuncio in Britain, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, suggested that Catholics unite with their anti-gay counterparts in the Jewish and Muslim faiths to oppose gays who want marriage, the Telegraph reports:

MenniniAddressing English and Welsh bishops at their plenary meeting in Leeds, Archbishop Mennini, warned them they faced a “lengthy and probably difficult campaign”.

“I wonder if we shouldn’t ask for and look for more support among other Christian confessions and indeed, persons of other faiths,” he said.

“It seems to me that, concerning the institution of marriage, and indeed the sanctity of human life, we have much in common with the position of the Jewish community, the Chief Rabbi and many of the more significant representatives of Islam.”

Speaking in London yesterday the second most senior active Catholic cleric in England and Wales, Archbishop Peter Smith, of Southwark, said there had been no “formal” contact with Jewish groups to form a united front on the subject of marriage. But he said: “We will work with anyone who agrees with us that to redefine marriage is not a good thing for society and will lead to more confusion.”

Last week, the Vatican launched a crackdown on American nuns for not advocating the church's anti-gay message forcefully enough.


  1. say what says


    1st off the only Jews that would agree on the gay issue would be ultra orthodox and they are the minority

    add in that both Jews & Muslims due to history will just see it as an attempt by the pope to wiggle in and try to convert Jews & Muslims so probably won’t go very far

    linky = Mel Brook’s Spanish Inquisition

  2. say what says


    ratzinger lest anyone forget pre becoming pope benedict was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which was formerly the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition

  3. enough already says

    Wouldn’t it be more, I don’t know, Christ-like, to focus on stopping the rape of little boys and girls by Catholic priests than to worry about my monogamous, faithful, true, loyal same sex marriage?
    Just asking.

  4. My2cents says

    The catholic scum that predominate among the catholic hierarchy are desperate to take the onus away caused by the worldwide catholic pedophile scandals. This latest ploy won’t work because the rank and file see through it and will oppose it.

  5. mary says

    “Organized Religion is OVAH”

    Well, not quite, Dave! People have been anouncing the death of organized religion for a long time, and somehow it never dies. I heard that years ago there was written on a wall somewhere “God is dead, signed, Nietsche.” Later on someone had written in response “Nietsche is dead, signed, God.”

    Assume that religion is here to stay and that the religious community can learn to accept a world where gays are respected and treated equally. Either of these two groups trying to eliminate the other would be wrong. And what about gays who ARE religious? Should they have to choose? They have a foot in each world and could help you make religious people more gay-accepting, or at least less hostile.

  6. Tim says

    This church is as dirty as it can be. All this will not help them. Catholic faith will suffer in future generations. Young people everywhere are of the live and let live mindset and wish to be free to make their own decisions and not follow religious doctrine.

  7. David Hearn says

    The church is relying on the fact that the anti-Catholic groups also tend to be anti-gay. For this reason, perhaps we should do outreach to the anti-catholic groups (the ones which aren’t muslim) to see if they can be see a common interest of Nationalism and a base for coalition.

  8. say what says


    I semi agree with you that religion may never die

    BUT gods and religions do die so “God” one day will be replaced with something else to be worshiped and a religion springing up around such

    The judeo xtian religions will die one day as ALL religions have died and become relegated to myth sections of libraries.

    our descendants may replace the current god and religions with worshiping some octopus hermaphrodite diety that flings black holes as vs lightning bolts to smite the “heathens”

  9. say what says


    the judeo xtian religions are still relatively young as compared to other religions that came and went throughout human history

    a few thousand years is barely a blip in time

  10. says

    The Roman Catholic Church, firmly stuck in the 12th century and is becoming more and more irrelevant. The hypocrisy is absolutely stifling. Gay men are the majority of the Catholic clergy at all levels.

  11. Malaysian Ho says

    If uniting against gays would help them come to peace and promise to end murders and bloodshed with each other, then we gays should fully support that.

  12. Swiminbuff says

    The marriage debate is always about civil marriages which the Cathoilc Church does not recognize in the first place. One can be married and divorced civilly and then go on and marry a second person in a Roman Catholic ceremony with no diffiuculties about having been previously married/divorced (example the Crown Princess of Spain).
    None of the proposed legislations on same sex marriages propses forcing religious groups to perform same sex marriages. That is up to the individual faith communities to decide. The faith community should stay out of debate on civil marriage as it does not involve their participation at all, but you know the Roman Catholic Church is worried when it starts trying to become allies with the Jewish and Islamic communities since its is not as if Pope Benedict hasn’t offended both groups during his papacy. Maybe its a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  13. Jake R says

    I will enjoy watching what’s left of the pathetic Catholic religion whither away in America for the next few decades largely due to its own peddling of hatred…

  14. jim says

    “We will work with anyone who agrees with us that to redefine marriage is not a good thing for society and will lead to more confusion.”

    Confusion about what and to whom? That statement makes about as much sense as the silly headpieces and gaudy robes these wackos parade around in.

    And as Swiminbuff so beautifully pointed out, it’s about civil marriage, and therefore NONE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH’S BUSINESS. Those self-important moral hypocrites should just butt the hell out.

  15. Michael says

    1sr off, its estimated between 60%-80% of the priesthood is gay, via Gene Robinson. I say let then unite with Islam then make the Islams give then a Peter meter test and allow Iran to execute them all.

    What f#cking bastards. The queen in the puck is the first one to go IMO. It’s insane he is suggesting two religions that are mortal enemies unite in the hatred.

  16. The Rev'd Fr Raymond Burgoon-Clark says

    England kicked out the Catholics once; they can do it again; though if the Archbishop of York, John Senunu (sp?) becomes the next Archbishop of Canterbury, the anti-gay hierarchy of the Church of England should be on the next boat behind the Romans.

  17. Fahd says

    These are the same people behind the Spanish inquisition, etc. We should all beware, because they can stoop a lot lower.

    Does the Archbishop not realize that — even though they are hotbeds of closeted homosexual activity — many Muslim countries impose the death penalty for those unfortunate enough to be exposed as homosexual?

    He’s probably “sucking up” to get promoted to Cardinal.

  18. Brim says

    It’s not about God at all – not really. It’s all about money. The condemnation of gay people is a divisive issue used to entrench the Church deeper into South America, Eastern Europe, Central Africa and Asia.

    Look at the distribution of population, education, and wealth. The poorer and uneducated regions, though not wealthy, have massive populations. So do a cost/benefit analysis. Uneducated, densely populated areas of the Christian world are what they want to keep. They know the West is slowly rejecting religion and cannot spiritually connect to the abusive power structure of the Church. Homosexuality is an issue that the uneducated often don’t understand and it gives the poor someone to blame.

    The Church hierarchy will continue to ignore the Western world on this issue, I think. I agree their time is over.

  19. says

    It is no small coincidence (as pointed out by others above) that a member of the Hitler Youth should head up the Inquisition (now called The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) before he became pope.

    No women.
    No clergy marriage.
    No contraception.
    No gays.
    No same sex marriage.
    Give us more altar boys.

    What an agenda.
    When is there going to be a modern Pope who will call another Vatican Council to drag this pre-Luther sow into the modern age ?

  20. Keepin' It Straight says

    A Catholic priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a gay bar, by accident, of course, and the bar tender says, “Hey nice to see you back in here again, doing some more research?” And the Catholic priest turns bright red.

  21. Max says

    Sorry, Vatican. Judaism is the most gay-friendly of all religions by far – despite Leviticus. You might get a few bath-impaired ultra Orthodox, but that’s it.

  22. jack says

    I think we should encourage Muslims to study about the Crusades. We should encourage Jews to study up on the Inquisition and the history of the centuries of their mistreatment and persecution at the hands of the Catholic Church. That may make them a little more than suspicious of the Catholic Church’s present day attempts to suppress a group that they hate.

  23. jack says

    Mennini rants against homosexuality while dressed like a medieval drag queen and is a bishop in a church where conservative estimates say at least 50% of the catholic clergy are gay. Think about it: What red blooded heterosexual “normal” male promises or vows to live a life without sex? I think it is probably close to ZERO.

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