40 Arrested In Moscow Gay Rights Protest

From WashPo:

Gay activists tried to stage two demonstrations in Moscow on Sunday to demand the right to hold a gay pride parade in the Russian capital, but they were blocked first by Orthodox Christian opponents and then by police, who detained a total of about 40 people from both sides.

The gay activists first gathered outside the city council building, where a few scuffles occurred as their opponents tried to disrupt the demonstration, decrying homosexuality as a sin. After police broke up that protest, another group tried to stage a second protest at city hall, but once again police moved in and detained participants, including prominent gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev.

Nikolai-AlekseevAlexeyev, by the way, was the first man arrested in St. Petersburg under that city's new law prohibiting the "promotion" of homosexuality.

Moscow, which doesn't yet have such a law, is nevertheless famously unwiling to issue permits for gay pride parades. In March, city authorities banned a parade scheduled for this afternoon; it was the seventh consecutive year officials had refused permits. On the day the parade was banned, Alexeyev — who really gets around! — wrote that he was "getting ready for clashes on the 27th."

The Orthodox Christians with whom he clashed this morning are described by WashPo:

Among the opponents of gay rights was Dmitry Tsarionov, who spoke to the crowd in front of a sign that said “Moscow is not Sodom.”

“I will not allow perverts to bring the wrath of God onto our city,” he said. “I want our children to live in a country where a sin that so awfully distorts human nature is not preached in schools.”


  1. Gary says

    “I will not allow perverts to bring the wrath of God onto our city,” he said. UGH… Another fear filled, frustrated, self-righteous bigot. No doubt a really fine family man, huh?

  2. says

    How refreshing to see a little authority. We could use some here to silence the self-entitled kids and family crowd. While we have Presidents with halos here, like seeing a little real muscle in Russia.

  3. bruce says

    I’m glad that the leader of the gay rights movement criticized other gays for not turning up to support the cause. He made the incisive comment that most of them were partiers, probably out partying somewhere while the activists do the dirty work and get arrested.

    He is spot on when he says that gay men are their own worst enemies.

  4. C says

    Is there anything we can do to help support Alexeyev? He is always out on the front lines.

  5. says

    C: There are lots of people working in Russia, but Alekseev manages to get all the attention, while simultaneously alienating most of the others (if you’ve seen his Russian speeches or his FB rants, you’d know why). Of course he criticizes everyone else. That’s what he does. And the West has apparently bought the myth that he’s the only one who does anything.