1. Stephen says

    The 3 dollar bill imposed on the girl by her fathers finds acceptance.
    I usually don’t find much depth at all in most videos, this one is a bit deeper than most.
    Good job, great message.


    Thumbs up, way up to Towleroad and Adair Lion. Thanks Towleroad for posting something a bit different and thanks Adair for doing something out of the ordinary.
    Great song, great meaning, pass it along. This had me crying at the end, I too never knew my father, he was murdered when I was 8.

  3. jack says

    I am not a fan of rap music but Adair Lion is beautiful and so is his message. We need to hear more from rappers like Adair Lion!

  4. Armando Sanchez says

    I tweeted this to you on twitter this morning! I hope it was my tweet that got you to post it. 😛 I’ll just pretend that it was.

  5. Armando Sanchez says

    Actually, it was Monday when I tweeted it to you. 😛 Anywho, I’m glad people are getting a chance to see it and are giving it such positive praise!

  6. says

    Just love the vocals and video. The message never ceases to give me chills. So many people out there judging….., worrying about everyone else. Adair was the leader of the pack on this …… GO ADAIR. So many kids hurting, struggling for acceptance, hurting and killing themselves. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we put the judgements aside and worked and making a difference… Adair stated on his page, B.E.N. better everything now……