1. Baker says

    Dooo it! Marilyn is on demand :) (I might be a little partial) I’m lucky to have Eli in my life, and I’m totally wishing I’d gotten off my butt and taken more pictures of him during the first year of transition…

  2. says

    It infuriates me when I hear talk about genders being “reassigned”. Transmen and Transwomen are born into their proper genders, just like everyone else is. If they wish to alter their birth bodies to feel more comfortable in their gender, that’s their prerogative; but there is no such thing as changing genders!!! Body parts do not determine what gender you are; science confirms it:

    There is at least one gender that exists between binary male and female. It is every bit as natural as the others are. Why is humanity so stubborn in refusing to learn this basic truth?

  3. Chicklets says

    Ohhh so Wikipedia is now “science”? LOL. And anyways, why do you care if someone wants to say they changed their gender? Its really none of your business.

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