1. Oliver says

    Joseph Nicolosi looks and sounds as if he’s big sissy. Wanna bet she has a membership card to Hollywood Spa!

  2. elliot says

    And I don’t believe they mentioned that George Rekers is the same married anti-gay hypocrite that got caught hiring a rentboy to accompany him to europe in 2010 (and later had to resign from NARTH). It’s so predictable.

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    hm. not a word about Rekers’ being busted at the Miami airport with a rent boy.

  4. says

    George Alan Rekers was he not caught at an airport coming home from vacation with a rent boy? From wait, rent boys .com.You just can not make this stuff up.

  5. UFFDA says

    The idea of reparative therapy for gay people is as ludicrous – not to say tragic – as the notion of lobotomies and electric shock therpy for schizsophrenia. Or burning at the stake for heresy.

  6. BlueWhirl says

    Why didn’t CNN mention that this is the same George Rekers who got caught hiring a male escort to go with him on vacations?

  7. Laura says

    I think the theory should be tested by turning someone gay. Let’s see… Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, Bryan Fischer, Michelle Bachmann. Which one of them is willing to put their money where their mouth is and accept the challenge.

    After all, they could just be turned back after the experiment was finished.

  8. says

    I have previously mentioned Green’s The Sissy Boy Syndrome, which was an effort to teach young “femme” boys to “butch it up,” with the expectation they wouldn’t end up gay. My favorite interview was with a pre-schooler who had been enjoying playtime by carrying a purse. When he switched to carrying a briefcase, the researchers assumed success–but when he was asked about it, he explained he was carrying briefcase, but he was pretending it was a purse.

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Laura – they could always attempt to turn Marcus Bachmann gay ……… oh, never mind.

  10. Paul R says

    They can’t mention the rentboy because there was never proof that Rekers had sex with the guy (though it was obvious), and Rekers would drag them into a lawsuit.

  11. Rob says

    They should mention the Rekers issue and pay to defend it in court. They are CN freaking N, and he is a washed up charlatan.

  12. David Hearn says

    Why does Anderson Cooper get a pass from the community for his “I don’t discuss my personal life” dodge?

  13. says

    Why do you get to post anonymously and then expect another gay man to show HIMself?

    Show who you are before you insist that Cooper be “visible” in a way that you currently refuse to be.

  14. says

    How is it fair of you to expect him to be “known” as gay to everyone and everyone, literally millions of people, when you yourself refuse to be Visible at the same level?

    explain, please, how that is fair.

    Why do you get a “pass” on being 100% known to everyone on the world wide web but Anderson Cooper does not?

  15. says

    until you, “David Hearn”, and any others can put a face and name to who you are as gay man, via youtube page or your own webpage, you’re in no position to tell Anderson Cooper to Come Out in a publicly official way.

    Post the URL to your own page, where you show who you are as an openly-gay man, and give a face and name to the Community.

    you can’t sit back in the anonymity of an online world and criticize another gay man for doing what you’re doing: hiding.

  16. Kekule's Benzene says

    Because it’s not a “dodge”. I don’t know why this still needs explaining to people at this stage of things. Cooper lives his personal life open as a gay man and is quite obviously not trying to hide anything. He doesn’t discuss his personal life in his capacity as a journalist or reporter, which is entirely a decision he is completely entitled to make. His consistent reporting exposing anti-gay bigotry like this and reporting on other issues important to gay rights only increases his right to reserve his private life’s details for himself in my opinion.

  17. says

    my stance is always this: if you’re not ready, for whatever reason, to live a transparent and visible existence as an openly (meaning KNOWN) gay man,, then you should at least have the integrity to actively promote LGBT Equality, visibly and vocally, from a “neutral” identity or whateveryouwannacallit.

    but i stand by it – anyone on here saying Cooper needs to come out should provide the URL to their own page, where they should the Out life they’re living. you can’t be mad that someone else won’t do what you continue to give excuses for not doing.

  18. SLR says

    Check out the video of Anderson Cooper’s recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. The subject of Kathy Griffin’s public stripping came up, including on Letterman’s show. Letterman clearly and unambiguously and unashamedly conveyed that he found it and her hot. Cooper could only convey “oh that Kathy Griffin, she’s crazy.” To me that exchange made it crystal clear the inequality Cooper is choosing to enforce. It was dreadful to watch.

    Cooper’s refusal to publicly acknowledge being gay is flat-out harmful and offensive at this point.

    I previously assumed that he would come out before his talk show premiered, as I thought it would be ludicrous for him to carry on a general purpose talk show with a huge and completely unshameful fact about himself off-limits for discussion. But no. It is sooo bizarre. So Merv Griffin. So Jim Nabors. Those are NOT compliments.

    I would be very forgiving if Letterman or or any other public figure a guest on Cooper’s show unambiguously outed him, within the next few days, preferably. Jesus. It’s 2012.

    Cooper’s Ridiculist-worthy double-standard helps enable Romney and the gang at Liberty University, by the way.

  19. SLR says

    edit: I would be very forgiving if Letterman or any other public figure or a guest on Cooper’s show unambiguously outed him…

    By the way, I’m sure Letterman and other people who interview Cooper, or are interviewed by Cooper, find it terribly uncomfortable to have to comply with the unspoken (or possibly spoken in some cases) rule that they have to dance around the topic of Cooper’s homosexuality. That would really only make sense if homosexuality were shameful.

  20. Griff says

    My problem with the last two comments is, that if Cooper had been straight, I still couldn’t imagine him sitting at Letterman’s or anywhere else, leering over anyone’s naked body? The man is a nerd. He would still turn into a pale pretzel and snicker insanely.

    I for one would hate to see him outed. That would be bullying and last time I checked, I was against that. Would be a little like holding him down and cutting his hair, right?

  21. jason says

    O hell no he did not just say bring out the heterosexual in you? o goodness I almost spit up my sub….

  22. Q says

    Weird that a thread which is supposed to be about this terrible form of psychiatric abuse turns into a debate about whether AC is out enough to peoples liking. In any case, AC did report extensively on the Rekers rentboy thing. A little weird they did not mention it, but understandable given that it’s a much less important story than the death of this poor man who was treated by Rekers.

  23. Bad Humor Boy says

    I salute State Senator Ted Lieu and the California Legislature for considering this bill. I urge them to pass it! The Hippocratic Oath is not mere homage to that classic genius. It is a moral imperative on all in the helping professions to: “First, Do No Harm!”

    I also salute AC for continuing coverage on this story. It’s unlikely that California would be considering such a bill today without the “Rekers-Rent Boy Scandal” and the attention that drew to this issue.
    The damage done by the Reverend Doctor Professor George Alan Rekers over the course of a 40-year career is beyond calculation.

    This California initiative is a modest but important start. I hope we see it pass and establish the momentum for wider adoption.

  24. pb1025 says

    How many times during a broadcast does AC have to declare himself gay in order to satisfy some of you people?

    At all the commercial breaks, or just when the show kicks off or ends?

  25. says

    i just don’t understand gay men who demand that Cooper come out in the same public and visible way that they refuse to do. it makes no sense.

  26. andrew says

    I think AC is wise in not publically announcing that he is gay on national TV. He often goes on assignments to war zones in Muslim countries. If he has publically announced his homosexuality, he life would be in even more danger.