Anti-Gay Lawmaker On Civil Rights And Sodomy

6a00d8341c730253ef0148c8455b70970c-250wiDelegate Robert G. Marshall, Virginia legislator, is one of those "straight" men who can't stop thinking about the gays. We drive him nuts. Last February he was trying to keep gays out of the VA National Guard; last June he was trying to keep the VA Fed from flying the rainbow flag. Earlier this month he was stomping all over Tracy Thorne-Begland, the Richmond attorney who was about to become a District Court judge. (Now Thorne-Begland will not be a judge.)

Last Thursday found Marshall addressing a gathering of Tea Partiers in his home-state. It was a campaign stop, more or less: Marshall's running for the United States Senate. There, Marshall elaborated on his gayhating, evincing some confusion over the meaning of the term "civil right." From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

"If sodomy is a civil right, do we have to protect it? Do we have to fund it? Do we have to teach it? Do we have to encourage it? Do we have to facilitate it?" Marshall said in an interview Thursday after an appearance at a Charlottesville meeting of the Jefferson Area Tea Party. "It is not a civil right," he added.

Marshall also said that gay sex "cuts your life by about 20 years."

Later, Marshall appeared on CNN to further explain himself. From the Dispatch:

"Did you ever see water fountains in Virginia that say heterosexuals only? I didn't. Did you ever see statements that all the homosexuals are going to ride on one bus and heterosexuals on the other? No," Marshall said.

"It is an insult to suggest that the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are in any way parallel to the efforts to do things that have been criminal for most of this nation's history."


  1. Paul R says

    He’s clearly a very bright man. And I definitely miss living in VA, where the rest of my immediate family lives. I truly miss living in a hateful hellhole.

  2. JJ says

    The similarity to the black civil rights movement isn’t between black people and gay people (and we aren’t mutually exclusive, obviously). It’s between white supremacists and straight supremacists. Their values and tactics are the same. They just go after different victims.

  3. says

    actually, it’s an insult to suggest that anti-gay bigotry is acceptable but anti-*ethnic bigotry isn’t.

    bigotry is bigotry. no worse nor no better than the other. equally abhorrent and inexcusable.

    and what we’re seeing is an extension of the ongoing civil rights movement. it’s not over.
    every group that embodies those who are not white heterosexual christian males with money is part of the same movement.

  4. Demian says

    OK, this well-known (in Virginia) idiot Marshall is in the Republican primary on 12 June against George Allen, I think. Whoever wins that, and it will probably be Allen, faces off in the general election against Tim Kaine.

    Let’s hope that Marshall spends lots of money between now and June 12. Maybe even takes out some big loans.

  5. screech says

    Gross. It’s a civil rights ISSUE, you idiot, because it takes away liberties from people to do something. Government is supposed to have reasons to stop people from doing something. Since government traditionally has stopped gay people from engaging in sodomy, without good reason, then yes it is a civil rights issue.

    The appropriate analogy would be with interracial marriage. No, the government doesn’t fund that – why would it fund sodomy? This guy is lame.

  6. Max says

    As someone who’s lived in Virginia all his life, it surprises me that I ever hear people like this live in my state. The two places I’ve spent any significant time in, though (Arlington and Richmond) are arguably the two most liberal areas in the state, if not the country. Richmond, even more than the liberal bastion of Northern Virginia, is probably one of the most gay-friendly cities, even if the representatives that meet there are anything but. I’ve yet to meet someone from Virginia who has anything bad to say to me about gay people even if they think I’m straight. Even when im out west in Roanoke or Bristol, the people are overwhelmingly friendly to me despite the bumper stickers that would seem to rile them up (obvious exception being Lynchburg). I know Virginia is a generally conservative state, but people like this give us Virginians a bad name. It’s disappointing.

  7. Jim Stone says

    This guy is the PERSONIFICATION of a self loathing closeted homosexual male. They are the worst my friends. They are so miserable with their life choices that they lash out at gay people who are out and happy. It is his right to be miserable-people can live their lives as they wish. But, when your delusional self hatred begins to affect MY rights a line is drawn in the sand. We need to expose these people and show them to the world!

  8. Andy Panda says

    Why do we continue to post this kind of hate speech on our websites. I find it depressing to be continually exposed to such nonsense, and I don’t find it edifying or helpful to be continually reminded that there are people out there spewing fountains of toxicity.

  9. Oliver says

    I’m not expert but I’d guess he’s, as Pastor Worley would say, “a queer”.

  10. anthony says

    @ andy……

    Because people vote and apparently that Senate seat could go into the hands of the

    Know thy enemy….and VOTE for it works both ways.

  11. anthony says

    BTW there is a KKK rally in Harmony NC today just 130 miles away from the Pastor Worley rally tomorrow.

    So much for a Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

  12. vanndean says

    His homosexual dreams are getting more and more intense. Now they are centered on his as-hole. He has to talk to someone about how much he “hates” the idea. He fears that soon he must act on those “night” thoughts…..or possibly he is just an ignorant penis head.

  13. Beef and Fur says

    Bob Marshall is one the authors / sponsors of Virginia’s Marshall-Newman amendment, which was Virginia’s “gay marriage” amendment (similar to the one just passed in NC) that was added to our state constitution during the Bush presidency and when so many of these amendments were added nationwide. This is no surprise from this bonehead and his ilk. The only thing I want to read about this guy is his same sex / rent boy scandal or his obitiuary.

  14. DenguyFL says

    Two words and a letter. Lawrence v Texas. Sodomy has been a civil right since 2003.

  15. says

    “Everyone knows that gays have served honorably in the military since at least the time of Julius Caesar.”
    ~Barry Goldwater

    “It’s time America realized that there is no gay exemption in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the Declaration of Independence.”
    ~Barry Goldwater

    “You don’t need to be straight to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight.”
    ~Barry Goldwater

  16. says

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the governor doesn’t give an executive order to appoint him. After all, the state legislation gave no formal objection to him being assigned a judge. And I’d be surprised if there’s any precedence that would allow anyone to stop the appointment then. I’m pretty certain that people have the right to work, and there is no legal reason to keep him from being a judge other than that one person decided that his appointment wouldn’t be voted on. No one should have the absolute right to stop someone from working when it is a job decided by committee.

  17. BOB says

    @Andy: I get so tired of people saying “why do you post stories on people like this”. The reason: People like him are out there, whether you like it or not. We need to know what we are up against (know thy enemy as already stated). He is running for public office and we need to know where he stands because people like him are dangerous. We have to make sure people like this do not get voted in and if we didn’t report on his views how people we know?? People like this would love to spew their stupid beliefs amongst their like-minded constituents and never be called on it. Shine the light on him and call him on his stupidity.

  18. Mickle says

    Yeah, “gay sex cuts your life expectancy by 20 years.” By that measure, our good friend who died earlier this year SHOULD have lived to the age of 112! What. Ever.

  19. millerbeach says

    By that idiot’s calculations, I should be immortal! Thanks for everlasting life, Reverend! I couldn’t have done it without you and Jesus! :)

  20. andrew says

    I see that Marshall was born in 1944 which would put him in his 20s during the Vietnam war, yet I can’t find any record of his military service. In the past he frequently spoke out against gays in the military. Was he in the military? I was and I’m gay and I received an honorable discharge at the end of my enlistment. I sure hope he isn’t another Chicken Hawk conservative republican.