Apologetic Manny Pacquiao To Gay People: ‘I’m not condemning you’

MannyPThe television show Extra went ahead with their interview with Manny Pacquiao after the boxer said he was against gay marriage.

Though he does not support same-sex nuptials, an article in the National Conservative Examiner made it appear that Pacquiao quoted scripture to justify his politics. This caused massive outrage and ultimately led LA's The Grove, where Extra is taped, to ban Pacquiao. Thus, host Mario Lopez traveled to one of Pacquiao's homes, where the boxer apologized.

"To the gay community, I apologize," Pacquiao told Lopez. "I'm against same-sex marriage, but I'm not condemning you. My favorite verse is 'Love one another as you love yourself. Love your neighbor.' So I love everybody!"

The author of the original article also offers a statement of contrition: "I sincerely apologize for the confusion my column has caused. I certainly do not represent Pacquiao nor his team."


  1. james says

    My favorite part is the “Love one another as you love yourself. Love your neighbor” is not actually a verse in the Bible. A mash-up of three or four different verses, but not an actual verse.

    I know he’s a celebrity in the Philippines, but, really, why is his opinion that important?

  2. Alan says

    Seriously. Who the F cares? No one is required to agree with our lifestyle as gay men. And just because someone says they do not support gay marriage does not mean they are hateful or anti-gay.

    For Christ’s sake, if the gay community expects to make any headway with Christians and changing their attitudes, then save the *massive outrage*, honey, because that accomplishes NOTHING. The more you hate on them, expect them to return the favor.

    We need leaders in the gay community that can get a CLUE beyond whining and playing the victim. We need leaders that can transcend beyond their own self-interests and selfishness and LISTEN and try to PERSUADE. Trash-talking will get you nowhere.

  3. says

    Alan, it would be wonderful if you could provide he URL to your own webpage or youtube video where you put a face and name to your comments.

    You seem to have a very specific idea of the ‘gay leaders’ our community needs, so why not do the work you want others to do and make a video where you can show us all not only who you are as an openly gay man but the plans of action you have for promoting Equality?

    After all, sitting back in hiding and commanding other people to do all the work is rather useless. So let’s see that URL of yours where we see you put a face and name to your gay self and your specific, applicable and proactive plans and actions for LGBT Equality.


  4. Locutus of Board says

    LittleKiwi, while I agree with most of what you say and I agree that Alan’s ideas aren’t very productive; I don’t get your obsession with asking people to show their face. What does that have to do with anything? I’m not closeted in any way and I don’t have a webpage or a youtube page.

  5. Casper says

    Not buying it at all. His own hypocrisy says it all….I’ll never support him or his endorsements. I’ll NEVER buy products he endorses…..EVER!

  6. Lucas says

    @ALAN, being gay is not a lifestyle to be “agreed” on.. it is who we are, there should be no “opinion” involved.

    We “whine and play the victim” because we ARE victimized on a daily basis by bigoted and ignorant fools like Manny. I think, the more that homophobia is stigmatized, the better off we will be. Do you ever hear anyone saying that they love black people but that they don’t think they should be able to marry white people? I didn’t think so..

    And why are we only outraged at Manny? Where is the push to get this unethical reporter fired? He clearly planted that bible verse to juice up his story, which clearly exposes him as just as much as a homophobe as Manny.

  7. Paul R says

    I agree with Alan in that who the hell cares what some boxer thinks about same-sex marriage? He’s not a US citizen, he earns money by fighting, he’s not someone I’ve ever heard of before this. And he got interviewed by the oh so esteemed Mario Lopez. Who cares what he thinks about us or our rights?

  8. MrJ says

    I find it amazing that he says “I havent read Leviticus yet.” Im no bible scholar, but I do know that it is the thrid book of the bible. Hes saying that he strictly lives his life by a book that he hasnt even gotten into the third chapter of? Genius, as always.

  9. Jason says

    Alan has an opinion and I have no problem with him expressing his point of view on this blog even though he hasn’t posted his name, address, DOB, blood type, personal photo, and a proof of a completed background check.

  10. NullNaught says

    Littlekiwi is too stupid to realize he is anonymous also, in that he can’t prove he is who he says he is. He is trying to shut you up. He hates free speech. Ignore him. He is a straight conservative troll here to make liberal gays look shrill and irrational. All he does is tear into gay people. That is how you know he hates gay people. He has no respect for gays. That is why he is always so disrespectful.
    Keep aplying your right to free speech; that will drive him nuts. He hates free speech more than anything.
    Also, if he is sincerely a shrill gay person, he is too stupid to understand the relationship between the anonymous ballot and the ability to vote ones conscience on the one hand and the relationship between anonymous posting and the ability to speak one’s conscience on the other. Dunce.

  11. NullNaught says

    Parenthetically, I don’t agree with you. I just disagree with Littlekiwi’s attack on your right to free speech (anonymous posting) more. I think homphobia needs to be attacked rigourously wherever it is found and I detected no whinning. I have seen direct action by way of protest to Nike, but no whinning.

  12. Xzavier says

    Dear Pacquiao
    Take your bible and shove it were the sun doesnt shine, and GO PHUCK yourself. Philippino little prick. Let him lose all his endorsements he can get his bible to support his crap of beating there meat

  13. Hollywood, CA says

    I love you, but you can’t come into my home… or marry one of my kids… or drink from this fountain, but you can use the one in the back :)

  14. says

    @Alan, your arguments might be more convincing if you didn’t use the vocabulary of the homophobes to make them. Indeed, who does care if he doesn’t “agree with our lifestyle,” whatever that is supposed to mean? Big deal.

    He opposes our civil rights. And he is a spokesperson for Nike. It’s not at all playing the victim to suggest to Nike that they reconsider bankrolling an opponent to basic civil rights. Playing the victim would be staying silent while corporations continue funding those who believe we are undeserving of essential freedoms.

    Whether or not this particular foreigner ever decides to be on the right side of history isn’t important. He’ll be a footnote, particularly if corporations decide not to reward his bigotry. No doubt he is sorry about the prospect of having his lifestyle impacted when his cushy sponsorships dry up.

  15. Samuel Adams says

    Guess what, you human meat grinder?
    Yes you are condemning us. Being against same-sex marriage, you’re condemning us to deportations, selling our house to pay for elder care, banning from hospital visitations, messing up our inheritance, messing up our adoption rights. I really liked you before and was in your corner, and now I really hope you lose your endorsements and get your ass kicked.

  16. petensfo says

    He should be mocked. Dislike of a person is one thing, advocating denial of rights is quite another.

    This guy has a large platform to express his views- thus the article that has caused the firestorm. He’s rightfully being called on his ignorance, not because Gay people are ‘sensitive’ but because he is wrong.

  17. KT says

    The sad thing is, the media and his fans will accept the apology and move on. The only people who will remember will be us and we will be accused of being whiny or petty if we bring it up. People don’t seem to realize that having an issue with same sex marriage means you have an issue with LGBT people.

  18. Chuck Mielke says

    Do we really have to pay attention when any kind of celebrity voices this same, old, trite blah-blah about “love you, hate what you do”?

  19. anony6 says

    All of ALAN’S post can be some up by 4 points:

    1) gays keep whining and complaining about their so-called rights

    2) gays should stop blaming Christians

    3) hostile Christians are just reacting to the vitriol gays direct at them.

    4) this story doesn’t matter, once again gays are over-reacting

  20. Dan says

    Can someone please explain to me why we have the energy and the clout to get a boxer banned from a venue for the crime of stupidity, but not to get ENDA or ERA passed? I guess morons are just easier to go after.

  21. james says

    @Dan. The Grove is a private property that made a business decision that they did not in any way want to be associated with this person and his comments. No one had to persuade them to vote on the matter.

  22. Francis says

    Manny is lying. I truly didn’t care one iota what he said previously, but now I’m not happy. Manny didn’t bring up the Leviticus quote but he DID insult our president by saying he’s leading America on the wrong path and that he should be a better leader on this issue, he DID call homosexuality unnatural and against God’s law, he DID invoke Sodom and Gomorrah to justify his anti-gay views. He’s a joke and backtracking to save his sponsors which are reportedly VERY displeased.

  23. says

    @Lucas, this is the distinction: the “Alans” of this site sure do have a lot of criticisms of “Gay Leaders” and “Gay Liberals” and yet take every opportunity to give excuses for not standing up to be counted, themselves, and put their own face and name to the fight for Equality and even the mose basic grassroots form of “leadership”

    It’s not “attacking free speech” to tell someone to put their money where their mouth is – it’s actually a celebration of it. use your freedom of speech to speak freely, not anonymously like a coward.

    time and time again the same type of people log on to this site an anonymously complain about liberals and “other gays” yet they never, in any instance, lead by EXAMPLE and show themselves as being the very people they demand “other gays” be.

    and they likely never will. some people can only speak their minds if it’s from a place of anonymity – hence their utter powerlessness.

  24. Jason says

    My day is not complete until LittlePiPi calls me a coward and questioning my manhood because he disagrees with my opinion on this blog–and because I don’t have a link to my website with a photo shoot of me with cuddling with the GLAAD Award I won for my achievements in fighting for LGBT rights.

  25. vwdavy says

    He is another over-fed and under-read classic dumb jock who, in this case, takes blows to the head for “sport”. Plus, he’s an immigran, from the Phillipines, no less. Why anyone is even paying attention to this sub-human is beyond me. Atleast he speaks enough English to be understood by normal people.
    Therein lies the rub. Now get up and bar the door, Kate. We don’t want any surprises tonight while we sleep


  26. Mark says

    Little Kiwi–How are YOU being a leader in the LGBT community? What are YOUR accomplishments–the ones that you obviously feel entitle you to use Towleroad to trash anyone who makes a comment or identifies a need, issue or problem in the gay community?

    If you are truly a leader why don’t you help empower people with info on opportunities to help them change whatever that happen to be complaining about. That is leadership–and would show that you are hold yourself to the standards you hold us to. Otherwise it just makes you look like the indidividuals you attack–the ones you say exploit TR to self-righteously and arrogantly condemn and complain on a daily basis without offering any real solutions.

  27. NullNaught says

    You notice Littlekiwi never suggests someone he agrees with not post anonymously. He only demands that of those who question him or whith whom he disagrees as a tactic to shut them up. He loves his own free speech, not yours… unless you agree with him. If he believes it is imprtant one not post anonymously, he should demand anyone who agrees with him not to do so, and disavow them if they continue.
    But he won’t. That would chill the free speach of his supporters.

  28. Nino says

    It seems the waters of anti-gay bigotry are really troubled right now. This is only one of many recent retractions or back peddles after some outrageous homophobic comment was itself met with outrage. It seems that folks are realizing that it really isn’t cool (or lucrative) anymore to make stupid, bigoted statements about the LBGT community. Progress?

  29. Nino says

    It seems the waters of anti-gay bigotry are really troubled right now. This is only one of many recent retractions or back peddles after some outrageous homophobic comment was itself met with outrage. It seems that folks are realizing that it really isn’t cool (or lucrative) anymore to make stupid, bigoted statements about the LBGT community. Progress?

  30. Unicorn says

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t see the thinly veiled anti-immigrant rhetoric in some of these comments and try to play ambassador here.

    As a gay Filipino with a devoutly Catholic family, I can say that this is the typical attitude towards same-sex marriage in the Philippines. Catholic doctrine is a huge part of Filipino culture and identity and I would be surprised if Pacquiao spoke otherwise on this issue.

    That being said, the Philippines is still an extremely gay-friendly country and its citizens do not try to pretend like gay people don’t exist. The Philippines media is saturated with openly gay actors and personalities, and many Filipinos will admit to having glbt friends and knowing gay couples. It is only the concept of same-sex marriage, which contradicts centuries of religious dogma in the country, that is a point of contention for Filipinos.

    It is this duplicity of opinion towards gays in the Philippines – being against same-sex marriage while not being homophobic – that seems to be a hard concept to grasp in American politics. It might just be a cultural attitude that gets lost in translation.

  31. RK says

    I know many a gay dude that would wipe the sidewalk with this tool. Keep the pressure on Nike everyone! He needs to learn a lesson through his pocketbook.

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