1. Nat says

    I love both! But the video at first was a bit disorienting. Oh how much I’d wanna be in the same bed as the three guys in this group!

  2. jdawg says

    Finally – they go back to the soulful disco sounds. Plus – gotta love the play-on beer label puns.

  3. says

    Good stuff. And no, there’s not a single member of that band I’d hesitate a nanosecond before jumping in bed with ūüėČ

  4. Guille says

    Regionally blocked, but the annoying, Christmas carol-playing advert comes through just fine.

  5. Chunks says

    Why can’t they just once choose the right single. They haven’t got one right since I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, yet they have albums full of them.

  6. says

    “Scissor Sisters dropped a new UK single today, “Baby Come Home”, and along with it a video which sees Jake Shears, Baby Daddy, Ana Matronic, and Del Marquis dropped into a series of fantasy micro brew labels as vikings, nuns, sailors, and witches.”Want to see the organic