1. Jim says

    This is like giving Hitler an honor award. Family Research Council has just cemented their reputation as a “hate group”.

  2. TampaZeke says

    ANY journalist and EVERY network that brings this hatemonger onto their showS to express his “Christian” viewpoint has an ethical, moral and journalistic DUTY to report THIS EVENT to the viewers at some point before or during his appearance. People have a right to know what kind of “Christian” viewpoint he represents. He’s always allowed to present himself as a kind hearted, gentle Christian who only seeks to support strong families when in fact his SOLE/SOUL mission is to demonize and destroy gay people.

    CNN, MSNBC, I talking to YOU!

  3. Dearcomrade says

    Where’s his white hood? You just know there’s a hillbilly christian somewhere contemplating violence in their saviors name.

  4. thom says

    REALLY?,,,an AWARD? What has happened to this country?? and a award for nastiness..Why do these “pastors” all look dour and angry? (and ugly, by the way)Their raw hatred shows in all of their faces. They should be pitied but they don’t deserve pity….and btw- that old saw “hate the sin, love the sinner” needs to be flushed. It is tired and stupid. Any real Christian would agree that we are all sinners of some sort or the other, so it seems to me that we ALL get a pass, then everything evens out, right? So why the hate that spews from their nasty mouths? Thye are hate-mongers, pure and simple. They are disgusting examples of what true Chritianity DOES NOT MEAN.
    THEY need to repent and ask for their hate to go away…and make no mistake, they are dangerous people. I wouldn’t want any of them in my home.Not a one.

  5. Anon says

    I wouldn’t waste my time watching the vid, but I did notice that their “highest award” is being presented in an apparently inexpensive craft store frame that has a hook for horizontal or vertical hanging and no proper backing.

    I guess they’re saving their money for the important stuff like bashing.

  6. Xzavier says

    this war has begun and the attacks will only get worse…time relay start pushing and fighting back like mad.

  7. says

    Giving awards for hatred and bigotry must be a new low in this country, I wonder if the KKK has been “honored” in the same way by anyone?

  8. Swiminbuff says

    And our next honoree……the Grand Dragon of the KKK!!!

    Seriously, have any of these so called Christian leaders ever read the whole Bible and not just the parts they pick and chose?

  9. kranbree says

    Ron Baity and Tony Perkins can give each other awards and pat each other on the back until they’re blue in the face. That still won’t give these ‘accolades’ any meaning other than as a tangible, inscribed example, for generations to come, of what a hateful club they belonged to!

    I feel sorry for them and their kin.

  10. andrew says

    Everyone uses the bible as a cafeteria to support or oppose their own beliefs. The best use for that overall vile book is kindling. It is handy trash and should be treated as such.

  11. Graphicjack says

    How nice… The bigot Oscars! Will Ann Coulter cover the Red Carpet fashion? And the award for the Best Rapture in a Sermon Demonizing Gays goes to….

  12. andrew says

    These stories are best countered by gay Americans COMING OUT and telling the nation their own stories. If at all possible, COME OUT, COME OUT and let America how wonderful you are.

  13. andrew says

    I am a 73 year old gay man. I served in the USN as a radar operator on a navy destroyer in the late 1950’s.I got a BA in 1964 and an MA in 1973 and was a high school teacher/guidance counselor in an urban high school for 35 years. I have almost always voted (liberal democratic) in elections, I have served on jury duty and always paid my taxes. Never been arrested or even accused of a crime. Now retired, I do some volunteer work at an LGBT community center. I know that I have been a more valuable asset to MY America than these phony bible thumpers. I say none of this to puff up myself. I am just one of legions of gay people who have contributed to America, even when America often devalued us.

  14. FunMe says

    Receiving an award from a HATE group … well isn’t that special!
    When do they start awarding the KKK gowns to these BIGOTS?

    Meanwhile, isn’t it time to designate the BAPTIST church a HATE group? They have a long history of hate and NOT CHRISTIAN behavior.

  15. Rob says

    Wow, It’s our way and nothing else is allowed. Get rid of everyone that doesn’t conform to us! What does that mean……
    The viewpoint and mindset of these people is dangerous. Similar to Nazi Germany. I am aghast at the rigidity and anger with other viewpoints and the need for these people to be validated.

  16. Mic says

    “… embrace a “learned lifestyle” Read; study the Bible…Which is the height of Oxymoronism.

    @Thom: I have seen that look before; Check out pictures of Hitler and his henchmen in old photos. It is the same look: The Ministry of Death You Cannot Stop. Smug, self satisfied, pious righteousness and on a mission to start the next great genocide.

    @Andrew; from a 50 year old who’s never seen a war – except on TV,, Thank you for your service and patriotism to this nation…as well as our cause. We all know you didn’t risk your life, your heart and future just so assholes like this could make a mockery of Freedom Of Speech.

    Oh these guys can’t wait to get their hands on the Constitution, rip it into little pieces and use the pile to light up all us Faggots.

  17. Sean in Dallas says

    Hope this makes some national news. Great press, Tony Perkins! Maybe he’s on our side after all, in kind of a Snape sort of way.

  18. Bernie says

    And this is what gets rewarded? When Tony Perkins was on cable a few days ago, he stated he does not hate gays!! The hypocrisy, lies, denials, etc that these alleged “Christian” folks state and I guess, believe is unreal.

  19. Dave says

    My mother always told me that the person who accuses you of some thing is always guilty of the same thing they are accusing you of, so that means Pastor Ron Batty ( an anti-gay Christian ) and the Family Research Council ( a hate group ) are perverted maggots and murderers.

  20. Mary Bennett says

    Hmm… Well, somebody certainly got something wrong here.

    When I click on the SBC link, the sentence referring to Dr. Baity doesn’t exist! Either that’s because the SBC originally had the sentence there and realized Dr. Baity never said those comments and thus had it removed, or somebody else wished it was in there, and added it.

    Either way, Dr. Baity never said homosexuals should be prosecuted; all he said was that in our nation’s history there were laws against it, and for us to look where we are now as it is accepted in society as “normal” when it was once recognized to be wrong on a wide scale.

    Ah, the mystery of the disappearing sentence! Congrats to Dr. Baity. Thank God someone is willing to speak the truth regardless of the lies being spread on sites like this one!

  21. ophu says

    If hate groups don’t want to be called “hate groups”, they shouldn’t compare certain groups of people to insect larvae. And BTW, the maggots don’t discriminate and actually do the world some good.

  22. andrew says

    These haters, and there are millions of them, should convince LGBT people and all progressives that this election in November is a do or die election. If Obama looses, Romney wins and will appoint wingnut conservatives to U S District Courts, Appeals Court and the U S Supreme court and our progress toward a more equal America will be halted for at least a generation.

  23. Schlukitz says

    Ah yes. And now we hear from Mary, Mary, quite contrary who said:

    “When I click on the SBC link, the sentence referring to Dr. Baity doesn’t exist!

    Doing my best Cary Grant interpretation, “Yeees. Hateful comments seem to have a strange way of disappearing from websites when the haters are called on them.”

    And when that doesn’t work, like Pastor Sean “punch your gay kids” Harris and Charles “Kill the Gays” Worley, they can just lie and claim that they never said what they said.

    It’s so convincing. And gurlfriend, why are you not reading your bible on Sunday, instead of trolling on a known gay website?

  24. Mary Bennett says

    Dr. Baity DIDN’T say that–just listen to the entire sermon to see.

    I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad… you folks are so paranoid over the truth that those who believe the Bible speak that you go so far as to make stuff up!