California Church Buys Billboard For Amendment One Apology In NC


North Carolina voters earlier this month passed Amendment One, a piece of legislation banning civil unions and same-sex marriage. Horrified by the move and hoping to express their solidarity with equality-minded North Carolinians, an inclusive California church spent $3,000 to offer an apology for anti-gay actions taken in the name of Christianity.

"Missiongathering Christian Church is sorry for the narrow-minded, judgmental, deceptive, manipulative actions of those who DENIED rights and equality TO so many in the Name of God," says the billboard, which is placed strategically on a highway named after anti-gay crusader Billy Graham.


  1. says

    How about you save your money… Stop apologizing to me and use that money to take a big ad out in the paper denouncing the “gays in a fenced in area” or “government should kill gays” pastor or the “no homos in heaven” church?

    Stop telling me “we’re not all like that” and go stand up to the ones who are. I’m starting to think you ARE all like that but are just too ashamed to admit it.

  2. Edgar Jonas says

    Good intentions, maybe, but this is terrible billboard design that will have zero impact, assuming the intended audience can even read. Consider cars zooming down the highway – drivers have the ability to process, at most, a few short, large words.

    Type, branding and marketing skills – another thing that will go to hell when the gays are “fenced and die off.”

  3. Mary says

    Every little bit counts. That churches are starting to put up signs apologizing for the statements of anti-gay Christians is phenomenal. Even if actions like this are nothing more than an attempt at image-improvement it STILL benefits the cause of equality. A lot of people can’t deal with direct confrontation (too afraid of possible violence, too psychologically weak). But this doesn’t mean their efforts to be supportive should be mocked or dismissed. Consider what they’re doing to be baby steps for beginners.

  4. says

    I am very appreciative to the Missiongathering Christian Church for following their beliefs and standing up for what is right. It takes courage and I honor that. I am saddened that gay people are not treated fairly and equal—I pray God will help all people know the truth.

  5. Mary Bennett says

    When are they going to apologize for Jesus and Paul? God IS against homosexuality! He did not make men’s plumbing to fit men’s plumbing, or female’s plumbing to fit female’s plumbing. There is not one singe verse of Scripture condoning the act of homosexuality. Not ONE. You wish there were, but there’s not.

  6. Wdeanis says

    Hey @Jason, they don’t HAVE to do anything. What they have done however, is stand up to actual enacted legislation, instead of wasting their time with the outliers of no legitimate importance.

  7. Mike says

    Also, (as an atheist) I know religion, for very legitimate reasons, rubs a lot of people here the wrong way. But the fact is, Christians are going to a majority for a long time. if your only argument is to condemn their faith and make them all automatically your enemy, then you are going to get nowhere.

    A better approach is to embrace those who would be your allies, and, if you are reasonably acquainted with the Bible, etc, point out the parts of it that preach love and tolerance. As we all know, the Bible is huge and contradictory, and people pick and choose the verses and themes that adhere to their already set views and prejudices.

  8. Tom says

    As a Christian, I appreciate a bold gesture like this. And make no mistake, it is a bold move. There have been congregations that have left churches because of acts like this that are, in fact, a support of the gay community. Instead of disliking religion and disagreeing with the Bible, but we should embrace those that support us – really, how can you dislike a group that is reaching out to us? Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. We should be better than that.

  9. Sean in Dallas says

    Silly troll. One needs to watch but a little porn to realize that the plumbing is sublimely engineered for gay sex.

  10. Henry Blackman says

    @Mary Bennett – The Bible says a lot of things about women, and how unimportant they are, how they should be stoned, murdered, raped and so on.

    These are not God’s words, they are the words of the culture which was prevalent at the time it was written.

    As a woman, if you are married, I’m sure you don’t feel that you are owned by your husband but the Bible says you are. If you are not married, then you must be a virgin or you should be stoned to death, and if you are over 12, then you ought to be married as this is disrespectful to your purpose ordained by God. Apparently.

    The Bible has NOTHING to say about homosexuality. Find a single verse that does say anything negative when read in context, rather than taken out of context and manipulated by hateful people who with to oppress others with their evil and earthly ways.

    Think before you speak. Judge not, or you will be judged by far more harsh standards. God’s words, not mine.

  11. NullNaught says

    As usual, a beautifully concise argument that leaves me little to say. Bravo.
    Parenthetically, Mary is the only one here speaking from experience; she is not gay and she used to be against gay marriage. In the short time I’ve been here, she changed that stance. I understand it took her years to get to that point. The fact is, she understands how straight people – and particularly social conservatives – think because she is one. Her viewpoint on these types of things should be especially respected for this reason. She is the only authority here on conversion of a straight mind. None of us who are gay can understand fully what happened in her brain; if anyone can, it would be her.
    Just a thought.

  12. GLAW2014 says

    How can people be on this feed actually be pissed about the gesture this church is making? As a resident of NC…I say thank-you and we will take all the positive vibes we can take. You cannot force people to change their beliefs, but you can always work to change their hearts. Lighten-up already!

  13. Tre says

    @Mary – God is NOT against homosexuality, otherwise he/she wouldn’t have created homosexuals. Get it yet, stupid? Also – if you TRULY believe whats written in the Bible then you have just violated one of God’s laws:

    Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

    So practice what you preach and STFU

  14. NullNaught says

    I hope you mean “Mary Bennet” and not “Mary.” If you note, “Mary” does not believe homosexuality is wrong, I believe, because she is for gay marriage. :)

  15. UFFDA says

    I don’t think MARY BENNETT is the same as our usual MARY here.
    The latter is usually much more careful about how she expresses herself, the former is a nitwit.