1. says

    I had the pleasure of meeting Marjorie Liu (the current writer of “Astonishing X-Men”) this past weekend in Boston. She was absolutely lovely and gracious and very excited about plans for both the wedding and events in the title afterwards.

  2. John says

    Are folks overlooking the fast forward page that shows in a few months the happy couple will not be so happy?

    Seriously, why make a big deal out of a wedding only to see the marriage fall apart a few months later?

  3. Tony says

    Every Marvel couple has drama; even now, Northstar and Karl are in conflict because Karl doesn’t feel equal to Northstar/Jean-Paul. Cyclops and Jean Grey (The Phoenix) didn’t last because she has to be killed every time she has to come to life. Even now, Storm and her husband are on opposite ends because she is an X-men and he’s an Avenger and they’re fighting. There’s no “Happily ever after” in the world of Marvel.

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