1. kpo5 says

    Ablow calls EVERYONE he doesn’t like a ‘narcissist” just like Newt Gingrich calls EVERYONE he doesn’t like an “elitist.”

    It’s called PROJECTION.

  2. Caliban says

    I’m not going to watch the clip because it’ll just put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I’ve heard their schtick before so, to quote Barbara Bush, “why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?” 😉

    But Dobbs, Perkins, and Ablow together without a single voice in opposition? I didn’t know you could pile sh*t that high.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Did Dobbs find a way to yammer on and on ranting about immigration somewhere in that segment? ‘Cause that seemed to be all that dimwit could ever talk about when he was on CNN.

  4. Disgusted American says

    I refuse to watch this crap too… need to hear from assholes who make thier living Pushing Hate and Intolerance…..and Lou Dobbs lost it a long time ago, and sealed it – when he sold his soul to FOX noise – they are SCUM.

  5. Matt26 says

    On FNC I wouldn’t be surprised, but on Fox Business. GLBT groups are important to economy (lots of spending), and this debate has nothing to do with business. FBN just makes itself lower than it is already. Sad in many levels. (Only good thing is hardly anyone saw it tahnks to FBN ratings.)

  6. says

    Dobbs is a facilitator of hatred.
    he has no moral direction whaever …..and his only interest is in his own pseudo knowledge.
    The others are just bitter old men.
    And Yes the voters are going with the President and same sex marriage…..and that is the tide….and there is new generation coming which will reject these antediluvian hangups…because they are not informed opinions.
    “We are a generation, making decisions….as if we have been inspired from on high…..” per Dobbs.

    What a phucking dope !
    It’s you religious right wing pricks who claim to be in touch with “on High”…..not us.

  7. dan says

    Dear gay marriage foes, you have to stop suggesting that polygamy will follow if gay marriage is allowed when your candidate for presidency is a Mormon; who’s religion has more of proven history of polygamy then gay marriage ever will

  8. Dale says

    Ablow, after his residency, served as medical director of the Tri-City Mental Health Centers and then went on to become medical director of Heritage Health Systems and Associate Medical Director of Boston Regional Medical Center.

    He never practiced psychiatry. He’s an administrator, author and FAUX contributor.

  9. says

    Imagine if we had youtube and TV clips from all the people in the South in the 50s and 60s? Then maybe they’d understand what “evolution” is about. But wow, these geezers will sure look asinine to their grandchildren.

    And does this Ablow person really have a degree? How come he hasn’t read any of the many studies about children of same sex parents?

  10. Bart says

    In what universe do any of the three of these people have any real, actual, documented, legitimacy on this issue? All three have been discredited and nothing more than regressive, narrow, frightened out-of-touch weasels who embarrass themselves continually (thus why they get airtime…the bobbleheaded clowns always get airtime on Fox, it’s part of the network’s mainstay.)

    It’s hard to even get upset about it anymore. These men are only preaching to their ever-dwindling choir…and even many of their viewers are embarrassed by their aggressive stupidity.

  11. just_a_guy says

    I watched about a minute. Borish and dumb.

    Plus I read y’all’s comments. I agree. Why make myself listen to that you-should-hate-yourself-because-you-are-gay crud today, u know.

    lou dobbs lacks a conscience. just like his guests here.

  12. Randy says

    Those three idiots trying to talk about psychology is really entertaining, but I think some people actually take them seriously. Of course, it is Fox…

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