1. says

    and amazingly, we’re seeing opposition to in-school bullying-workshops and Gay-Straight-Alliances by the very people responsible for raising these sociopathic neanderthal thugs.

    a legion of lousy parents defending their child’s right to hate without discernment.

  2. Dale says

    Hate is not natural, it is taught. The parents of these seniors need to take a really good look inside themselves and realize what they have created.

  3. carl says

    NOM has a whole new crop of stormtroopers ready to enforce its agenda. congrats.

  4. Paul B. says

    @Dale…the parents of these seniors love their boys & love what they’ve become. It’s what they taught them, it’ what they’ve condoned and it’s one of the things about their “boys” that their most proud of. So, would they be retrospective on this…maybe at a barbecue with the guys, chugging a few down.

  5. Holding the Cloaks of the Mob says

    “Another senior claims Pelofske instigated the attack by stealing drinks from people…”

    The ‘other’ senior should be identified. Her name is Megan Byrd. Her account varies significantly with that of the victim, and may be of questionable reliability.

    People who attempt to minimize hate crime attacks by blaming the victim for things they didn’t do should be identified as liars and shamed as such.

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    Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michele Bachman, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and every other politician who spews their anti-gay hate from podiums and Pastor Charles Worley and Roman Catholic, Mormon and Fundamentalist doctrine along with every other preacher who spreads their anti-gay hate from pulpits and through lobbying are individually and collectively directly responsible for the brutal beating of Max Pelofske in Minnesota and for the bullying, abuse and suicides of LGBT youth along with hate crimes against gays. Their hate empowers and encourages the actions by others! It is time they be held accountable! It is time for this to stop, for schools, politicians and preachers to value LGBT youth and protect them an
    d for those who spew hate speech to suffer public scorn and legal actions for inciting violence!

  7. says

    megan byrd’s hair-brained “excuse” doesn’t even back up her claim that it was the victim’s fault

    unless, you know, somewhere in the law books there’s a precedent about a group beating a guy to a bloody pulp for “stealing beers” – which everyone knows lone gay men love to do to groups of heterosexual strangers.

    we gays always steal beer from straight guys when we’re outnumbered. it’s how we roll.

  8. Chris says

    Minnesota has some great people. Just the salt of the earth.


    Ravi was no violent thug. He was just an immature punk. A ten year sentence would do nothing to discourage violent homophobia.

  9. says

    canadian comment: the part where the victim considers refusing a CAT scan due to the prohibitive cost….wow.

    it’s moments like this that i’m thankful for the canadian healthcare system. we don’t have to worry if we can “financially handle” treatments and procedures that are vital to our wellbeing.

  10. Ben says

    Andy, you really ought to spend $100 for a 20-minute discussion with your lawyer so he can explain to you that you don’t have to redact names on a public FB page. You seem to be under the impression that it is somehow illegal for a journalist to report the name of a minor in a news story. It isn’t. Perhaps after your consultation, you will reconsider your practice of concealing the identities of the bullies who have driven scores of gay kids to suicide recently.

  11. KP says

    Littlekiwi, unfortunately there are thousands of cases where people refuse healthcare because of cost. And yet so many people in this country are against universal health care, especially most GOP politicians, most of whom probably have never had to face not being able to afford healthcare. Its a disgrace.

  12. Paul B. says

    Kiwi…here’s something for you to chew on…
    I’m 60, my healthcare plan today is exactly the one I signed up for 14 years ago when it was $99. per month @ Kaiser Permanente. Today it’s $950. per month…and they’ve actually dropped some coverage over the years and increased my co-pay. My husband is 59, so his same plan is $850. When he turns 60 in Sept. it goes up to $950…and then in January 2013 it goes up another $90. each. I’ve never cost them a penny…never been in hospital.
    I left B.C. about 35 years ago to come to California, fell in love and stayed…and I can’t begin to tell you how much I regret that. More & more every day.

  13. Macmantoo says

    Not only the criminal aspect of this is going to cost these kids, but the civil as well. If I were this guy I would be suing the kids and their families for every penny they could ever hope to earn. They might get out of criminal charges, but the civil is a little different and I think will teach them more of a lesson.

  14. GraphicJack says

    @ Ben – the person who posted the comment on Facebook was the victim’s friend and was trying to stop the hate crime. My guess is Andy was protecting the guy from further victimization, or perhaps, because his name is mentioned in the article itself, that it was an image lifted from some other site and it already had his name blacked out.

    If it was a post on Facebook by one of the bullies, and they were bragging about the crime, then hell yah, expose the f$%#er. This is not the case, so I don’t know why you are critising the name blackout.

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    “Ravi was no violent thug. He was just an immature punk. A ten year sentence would do nothing to discourage violent homophobia.”

    His passive-agressive violence was LETHAL.
    A tenyear sentence would keep him off the streetsand provide what the LGBT communities really need right now


  16. PDX Guy says

    Thank you again Michele Bachmann, Target, et al., for perpetuating the idea that LGBT people are less than human.

  17. says

    i don’t entirely disagree with you, David E, but there is something i am concerned about: cyber-element invasion of privacy aside, what was Ravi guilty of? the exact same thing(s) that earn grown-adult Americans in politics and religion votes, popularity and the social and financial support of MILLIONS.

    basically, ravi is/would be punished for doing what the Rick Santorums, the Bachmanns, the Pat Robertsons and the Fox News Culture do on a daily basis.

    Rick Santorum is responsible for so many deaths and attacks on LGBT people in America, and yet he and his ilk go “unpunished”.

    Ravi played a massive role in Clementi’s death, and yet the grown-adult men and women in american politics do the same thing and continue to BENEFIT from it.

  18. ger says

    Ehrenstein, I don’t want retribution from the justice system, I just want justice.

  19. Pete N SFO says

    Freedom of speech is not without consequences… however, in this case, the consequences impact the further victimized.

    Other nations have managed to create a balance between hate-speech, & freedom of speech. Why is it that we lag so far behind in protecting those with less power?

    We are the society we create. They all are accountable.

  20. says

    for what it’s worth, Canada’s hate-speech legislations are explicit, specific, and intellectually discernible.

    it’s the specifics of the speech, it’s not merely “unpopular speech”

    if what you say puts the target of your speech at a greater risk to their general wellbeing and safety then, quite frankly, their safety and wellbeing is more important than your believed “right” to say those things that compromise it.

  21. says

    “Justice? You get justice in the next world. In thuis one we have the law. The rest of it’s opera.”

    — William Gaddis

    And that’s precisely why I want RETRIBUTION!!!!

    If a way can be found to send Bachmann etc. to the slammer I’m all for it.

  22. ratbastard says

    @Little Canadian,

    If anyone required a cat scan in a U.S. emergency room, they would get it, regardless if they had no insurance. And if someone is really ‘poor’, guess what? They get a health insurance plan that’s called Medicaid, which generally requires no co-pay and tiny or no drug co-pays.

    And you picked a poor example with Cat Scans when bragging about Canada’s ‘free’ healthcare. Below regards getting a cat scan in Canada:


    ‘Why do I have to wait so long for my CT scan?

    Although CT scanners are more common in Canada than some other non-invasive diagnostic tools, there are still not nearly enough to meet demand. Per capita, Canada has fewer of these machines than most other countries in the developed world. As a result of rationing of care by the Canadian public health system you may be required to wait weeks or even months for your scan.’

    In fact, U.S. border area health clinics and hospitals do a booming business with Canadians who must travel south to get a timely cat scan.

  23. Joe says

    I’m pretty sure you have to be destitute to apply for Medicaid. As in, having little to no assets in addition to low income. And how would it be possible to get Medicaid and use it retroactively which is what you’re implying in this instance?

    Yes, someone admitted to emergency could get a CT scan. And then what?

    My assumption is that you’ve never had any kind of health scare in your adult life. As someone who has experienced the joys of the US hospital and insurance system I can assure you that your simplistic view just sounds like so much rah-rah USA USA jingoism.

  24. says

    our healthcare isn’t free – we pay for it with our tax dollars. every canadian taxpayer has a vested interest, therefore, in canadians being healthy. unlike the US system which is run for profit meaning that the US “health insurance companies” have a vested interest in Americans dying, because death means they save money.

    and no, you don’t wait weeks or months for anything that is vitally necessary. that’s an american-spread myth. and of course, there will always be (rich and white) “line-jumpers” who go to the US to pay extra money (that they have) to get a service that americans without money go without

    you and your lies. how your fake dead dad doing? still fake dead? how wonderful.

  25. Autarchic says

    I am struck dumb by the news of this (latest)…unconscionable…act of pure, unadulterated hate.

    The saturation of hatred in this world is becoming more and more asphyxiating.

    Tears well up with little provocation.

  26. Caliban says

    RatBastard, I don’t always disagree with you, but you’re full of **** about the US health care system. They’ll give you the emergency CAT scan alright but it is by no means free or even cheap. They hound you for payment, turn the bill over to a collection agency thus ruining your credit, which can affect employment, your ability to purchase property or even rent. Your ability to receive Medicaid or any other medical assistance is by no means assured. That’s all just horse-cr*p GOP talking points that, as usual, DO NOT translate into reality.

    Most importantly, Emergency Rooms do NOT provide preventative medicine, they only treat illnesses when they become crises, long after when what might have been treatable in the early stages has become life threatening.

    Our national health care system is a tragedy and a shame.

  27. Billy says

    When I was in high school (10 years ago) I didn’t drink and neither did any of my friends. I also don’t remember alcohol at any of the parties. Good parenting I guess. There were also a few out gay guys, they got a little teasing but nothing violet. They were accepted in the community. Guess the inner city is not as bad as some think.

  28. AJ says

    It should be noted that the “other student,” Megan Byrd, stated that Max was stealing beers and causing trouble. She also stated that she never saw a single punch thrown.

    Both Max and the friend that helped him escape took breathalyzers and tested ZERO alcohol. Max’s bruising indicates that he was brutually jumped. Both those obvious pieces of evidence throw Ms. Byrd’s account of the events into question. So OF COURSE she is going to say she didn’t hear anyone ask if Max was gay and surprise upon surprise she had no idea!!

    That’s because even though she’s ignorant enough to accept such violence and hate, she’s smart enough to know that hate crimes are serious things. She watched one happen and did nothing to stop it, but she doesn’t want her friends who did this to go down for it.

    P.S. Should also be noted that Max’s friend said at one point they were going to throw Max into a campfire. Now there’s some down home, good ol boy fun fer ya.

    I’m from Minnesota, but I’d say that the true test of this town’s character is WHAT THEY DO from THIS POINT FORWARD. Do they protect the asswipes that did this? Or do they take a stand, say this is unacceptable, and move forward supporting tolerance?

    and p.s.s. Gee, I wonder if we’ll see a rise in this in MN. We are a battleground state for marriage equality this election cycle. The more hate rhetoric we see, the more collateral damage like Max we’ll expect.

  29. Paul B. says

    Rat is a good name…suitable. You have a belief system and then you look for proof that you’re belief is true. It works very well when you’re talking to those baptist sheep…not so much with thinking people. Health care in the US is shameful and most intelligent caring people acknowledge that. If you want to twist it into something else…go for it. Nobody believes what you’re saying RAT. As someone who’s lived a decade in Canada and maintains Canadian friends 30 years later…I know the difference in our health care options. Is it a perfect system up there…no. Would any Canadian I’ve ever known trade it in for the garbage we serve up here….HELL NO!

  30. says

    This is so shameful. And of course after the initial outcry, we’ll all begin blaming the victim; that’s what our “Society” seems to do best.

  31. Scott Rose says

    Police Reporting of Bias Crimes

    Under Minnesota law, peace officers responding to calls MUST classify any crime – not just the three described above – as a bias crime if either the officer OR the victim believes that bias was a motivating factor. (Minn. Stat. § 626.5531.) It does not matter if the officer does not agree with the victim’s allegation of bias.

  32. says

    Welcome to the open arms of acceptance from the straight world — when you marry, have kids. This may be one aspect you might have overlooked. Does retribution help the guy getting kicked? Your gay world is a fantasy.

  33. says

    Welcome to the open arms of acceptance from the straight world — when you marry, have kids. This may be one aspect you might have overlooked. Does retribution help the guy getting kicked? Your gay world is a fantasy.

  34. john says

    the teachings of the religious right and conservative republicans at its finest and ultimate conclusion zieghiel

  35. john says

    the teachings of the religious right and conservative republicans at its finest and ultimate conclusion zieghiel

  36. GeorgeM says

    This is not a representation of the str8 world. Their dirt bags and should be charged

  37. Matt S says

    It’s amazing to me that we’re stereotyped as the weak ones, but they have to gang up on one guy like this. How pathetic. I’m relieved the victim is (relatively) all right and I hope these guys go to prison for a very long time.

  38. Mary says

    There’s one way for people to avoid being labelled homophobic thugs…..and that’s to stop BEHAVING like homophobic thugs.

    However, I disagree that people like Rick Santorum are responsible for these deaths. I’ve heard the “they have blood on their hands” reasoning from both the left AND the right for years on issue after issue. It always struck me as guilt by association. And it never serves the inteerst of civil discourse. A lot like Rush Limbaugh’s “feminazi” charge.

  39. says

    If this site is going to censor comments like The Soviet Union, they should get used to violent opposition. All the words mean nothing against force. Don’t print comments. You still will lose.

  40. Paul R says

    I might not be in a rush to tell a group of drunk high school students that I’m gay. I’m not saying that he deserved to be hurt by any stretch. It just sounds like a bad mix of people (he’s 21).

    Though there are two sides to every story, and I’m inclined to believe him, it sounds like there was poor behavior on both sides. or someone is clearly lying.

  41. Jenn Mayfield says

    I am deeply saddened by this incident and wish the boy the best of luck in recovery; mentally, physically, and emotionally. Humanity has once again failed us in creating a world of equality and decency. A hate crime, violent crime, an unnecessary and hurtful crime has been committed. Public debauchery has yet again proven to come before respecting others no matter what differences they may have over yours. I believe all involved need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  42. Ginbuck (@Ginbuck1) says

    I wonder if Megan Bird told the same story to the police she told the local paper. And if the evidence shows she misled the police, will she face any consequences, legal or otherwise.

  43. andrew says

    @ John Selig: You didn’t mention that collection of primitive Israelite books called the bible that is the foundation stone upon which much of the hate is built. The bible is our root enemy. Expose its myths, contradictios and hate filled stories whenever you get a chance.

  44. Michael DeSelms says

    I noticed it said “beer can”. High Schoolers aren’t old enough to by f****ing beer! They should find out who did and charge them with contributing. I hope they all get jail time for attempted murder. They did try toss him into the campfire.

  45. Tarc says

    I’d throw every one of those broken brained brats in jail – along with their parents – and throw away the key.

  46. Book 7 says

    Every one of these attackers should be expelled, denied graduation, and given to option to get their GED in prison over the next ten years.

  47. Hephaestion says

    All eleven boys who took part in this attack need to be put in jail and not permitted to graduate from high school.

    We must insist upon that.

    And this high school needs to have an intervention before it reopens in the fall.

  48. rk says

    You would think at that age they would be more accepting or enlightened. Gay dudes you have to hit back!

  49. anon says

    im a senior at proctor highschool when i found out about what my fellow seniors did i agree they should not be walking the stage with me or any of the others who didnt do this, i do not like how my fellow seniors did this, they should be going to jail for a long time, i have a lot of gay friends and i know that if they did something like this to them i wouldnt be taking it lightly, i am REALLY DISSAPOINTED IN MY SENIOR CLASS!

  50. anonymous says

    I’m a student at Proctor and i’m very upset about what happened. People say that they are going to move there kids out of Proctor and I will just say that Proctor does have a really bad bulling problem but it is better then Duluth schools. My cousin goes to denfeld high school and she tells me what happens at that school. She said its not surprising to see fights and drugs everyday in her school. Proctor just NEEDS to do something about the bulling problem. Teachers need to do more about the problems that students bring to them. If they did that things like this would probably not happen.

  51. Caliban says

    Mary, I believe you are completely and utterly WRONG, that Santorum and others of his ilk do indeed have “blood on theirs hands.”

    You cannot commit the sort of rhetorical and attitudinal hate-crimes that Santorum does, denying gay people their humanity, making them villains in an “us VS them” public drama, and then turn around and act surprised when someone attacks a gay person violently. A physical attack is just rhetoric made flesh, taken to its logical end, the inevitable result of the hate inculcated by people like Rick Santorum.

    I take you at your word, that you’re a Religious straight woman whose attitudes toward gay people are in flux, “evolving,” becoming somewhat more sympathetic over time with exposure to ideas you’ve never been exposed to before. I hope that’s true, that’s who you really are and it’s not just an online persona. I’d like to think that people DO change, become open to ideas they previously resisted.

    But words DO have consequences. If I am racist and surround myself with racists I cannot then, with conscience intact, cluck my tongue and disavow responsibility when a person or group attacks and/or kills a black person. They just took my racism to the next level, made my words real. One is an extension of the other. I played a part in it even though I wasn’t there, I helped make it happen.

    I’m not a religious person, which is my shilly-shally way of saying I’m atheist, but I would happily place my ethics alongside of those of self-proclaimed devout “Christians” like Rick Santorum or many, many others. Unlike them, I *hate* the reflexive bias I sometimes discover in myself, that nasty impulse toward hate, and I try to reason through it. What I don’t do is elevate hate into a quality of which I’m proud. Rick Santorum is PROUD of how much he hates gays, and that’s really f**king sad.

  52. William says

    I grew up always being taught to protect and stick up for anyone being picked on or ignored. I also have several gay friends. At first I was as pissed as many of you. If you are thinking “ya right, he is just saying that” then stop reading now. If you believe me – continue.

    There are two sides to every story.

    A close relative went to school with the alleged suspect of this gay crime and was not there but had several acquaintances that were. The “victim” happens to be gay. Like most ignorant & stupid 17 and 18 year olds, the “gay” question was asked by one individual (not the suspect) prior to the altercation – not during or immediately before.

    The victim was supposedly witnessed by several individuals throwing beer cans and bottles at groups of people standing outside in the rain. He was supposedly confronted and was told to leave.

    There allegedly was not a mob of people fighting – it was a one-on-one altercation. Probably with people standing around, right?
    Secondly, the victim said he was not drinking, this too is up for question. “Allegedly” he was randomly taking beers from coolers without permission (funny that underage drinking was not part of this since most were under 21 – another matter).

    I don’t know what is the absolute truth. I do know however, that if the suspect did act based on being homophobic and was not prompted, then he should be charged.

    However, to label someone as a “gay basher” when he is not is NOT COOL. It not only condemns this suspect for life but also gives the gay community a little bad karma.

    I was not there. I can’t back up anything I just said. Yes, I know!!!

    However, it sounds to me like an altercation between two grown but stupid men. One of those men happened to be gay. If so, both should be charged accordingly.

  53. FLAGAY says

    If this young man had been beaten because he was, say… Black… The national media would have the story on every night along with “rallies” by Al, Jessee and the gang.
    A lot of the blame does lie with us Gays however. Most will not use whatever means to defend themselves. That is why I, personally, at all times, am carrying my trusty .380…. and if needed, my wrist will NOT be limp.

  54. says
    Assault and harassment are against the law. Lawmakers think it’s a healthy part of growing up for kids to be bullied. This petition targets lawmakers in every state. It’s their ball to bounce. They need to enact laws for schools to follow, including contacting law enforcement. The penalties for hate type crimes need to be more severe and the fines need to be excessive. Thanks for signing this and sharing.