1. jakeinlove says

    Go figure. Do nothing to the bullies and punish the victim. Can’t wait till a girl gets assaulted. We’ll see what they do then…

  2. ratbastard says

    I hope the people who post asking why the victim isn’t allowed to defend himself will remember that question when the conversation turns to the second amendment, and firearm ownership. ‘Bad’ guys will always get weapons, they don’t care about laws. Only honest people are penalized for wanting to defend themselves.


    It’s tough for a teenager to move across country to a new school, make new friends, etc. Darnell’s age group is unfortunately is particularly prone to group think, cliquishness, and ridiculing those who are truly different. This has always been the case. Plus there are regional differences, cultural differences, even silly stuff like accents, that are playing a role here I think. I hope everything works out alright and Darnell moves on to a happy and productive life.

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    Oh, HELL NO! Those extra comments by the police should get you a swift lawsuit! They can’t tell you that the reason you’re being bullied is because you’re flamboyant. That is not their damn job! What is wrong with folks?!

  4. anonymon says

    It was illegal and would violate any school’s nonviolence policy. Give the kid a cameraphone, record, document, repeat. If the camera is broken or is assaulted with rocks/weapons, file a police report.

  5. Inside says

    Public school is no place for this guy.
    HRC, NOH8 Campaign, Courage Campaign, and Dan Savage’s group should get together and fund private school tuition for this kid.

  6. says

    There is a clear failure on the part of the school to prevent bullying ……and a clear failure to educate their students in respect and regard for others.
    there should be resignations by those responsible for discipline, in their failure to prevent bullying.

  7. lori paster says

    Um people he had an illegal stun gun. He deserves to be expelled. Yes the school must address the bullying and it is appalling they didn’t but that does not make it ok to give your child a stun gun.

  8. Francis says

    Well, in Indiana, and other heavily socially conservative states, this is the mentality. It is not bullying that is the issue, it’s gay people. If you were less of a queer, you wouldn’t get bullied, Darnell, is essentially what the school board is saying. Which is basically the COMPLETE A OK given to the bullies to harass Dynasty. It’s also the mentality behind the Don’t Say Gay bills, and behind the paranoia about marriage equality becoming requisite teaching in schools.

    We’re in an extremely dangerous time, all. LGBTQ preteens/teens have basically been thrown to the frontlines of a social war created by conservatives against our community. Our youth are dying and being abused, because school systems in this country would rather be silent and do nothing about anti-gay bullying until they are FORCED to acknowledge it, than actually accept the fact there are LGBTQ students in their hallways and that issues surrounding anti-gay bullying and sexuality in general need to be discussed. School systems don’t want to do anything, many out of fear because they’re worried (tragically, rightfully worried) that there will be a parental revolt. This issue is way, way deeper than just bullying. This is a case of criminal threats and harassment. These teens need to be charged for their behavior towards Darnell. And the parents of these bullies need to be castigated for not stepping in and getting a hold of their out-of-control children, any means possible.

    Darnell bringing a stun-gun to school was illegal, but he and his mother should never have been put in such a desperate set of circumstances. The school board has failed Darnell and if I were Ms. Grimes, I would look into suing the school board. Darnell ultimately is being made to look like the bad guy when that isn’t the case.

  9. jack says

    There is a clear failure on the part of the school to prevent bullying. However a student bringing a weapon to school cannot be tolerated. This school sounds like many a school in Urban America where there is probably little in the way of quality education taking place.

  10. Alex says

    His brother is the red shirt is hot!

    But, anyone that brings a weapon to a school should be punished under the law. The law only works if its equally applied to everyone.

    Also maybe he could tone down the diva a bit at school? I get a feeling that he could be a real pain to deal with. Does he need to wear a womens handbag and a big ladies ring to school? I wanna wear black nail polish and tshits to work but I cant do that in a corporate environment. Part of growing up is that you learn to tone it down.

    As for the mother, she should move the family to another school district. Not worth risking another teenager being in danger of committing suicide. A change of scenery can make a big difference.

  11. Alex says

    Side note, just saw the “Dynasty” bit which reminded of this classic post from overheardinnewyork:

    “Angry woman to friend: I have a contention with the way people pronounce my daughter’s name. I did not name my daughter ‘Lady Nasty’! I named my baby girl ‘La Dynasty.'”

  12. MarkUs says

    Are those little canisters of mace some women have attached to their keychains prohibited? I suppose they are. Hairspray, too, I’d bet. There’s got to be a pepper spray that isn’t. A stun gun can kill someone if it caused an arrhythmia. His expulsion is warranted unfortunately.

  13. RJ says

    Such a school is not worth attending if the school administrators are not willing to guarantee his health and security. It’s sad about the expulsion but his mother as an adult is the one who should have known better than to send him to school with ANY weapon.

  14. Ramon P. says

    I understand that what he did was wrong, but the people who are saying that everything is his fault just because he brought a “weapon” to school need to get it together. Did you all miss the part where he said that they throw rocks at him? A ROCK IS VERY CAPABLE OF DOING BODILY HARM. What do you do then when you repeatedly ask the school board for help, and they essentially do nothing. If little assh*les were flinging rocks at me, I’d do more than just stun their little hateful selves.

    Also to the guy who is essentially blaming him for not toning it down, F.U.. That is the mentality that perpetuates this type of sh*t. Rather than blame the perpetrators you blame the victim. It’s exactly like blaming a women who gets sexually assaulted because “her skirt was too short.” Should she have to wear long ankle skirts for the rest of her life so that men don’t sexually harass her? Him deciding to wear a jeweled ring and a clutch to school should never excuse anyone for going out of their way to harm someone. It’s deplorable that people could have that rationale, and that others actually agree with it.

  15. scott says

    Wheres the NRA and Republicans on this?!!!!

    YOU KNOW WHY THEYRE SILENT- because he’s gay. Because deep down- and I know- cuz I live around them- these right wingers -theyd rather see us dead. We don’t deserve guns or knives or stun guns or heaven forbid -laws! to protect ourselves.

    Hey GOProud!!! Do what you’re supposed to do!! This is a Second Amendment AND a gay rights issue—- are you gonna pick up the ball and get on this school’s and this local gov.’s asses about their condoning on violence????

    Freakin unbelievable. AND the cop who said that he’s “too flamboyant” needs a new job. Something where he’s not entrusted to look after people’s lives.

    Good for you Darnell!!! That was incredibly brave- and hopefully, your bullies will learn never to mess with you- or any gay kid- again.

  16. Jase says

    I don’t know if he’s under-aged so I’ll refrain from saying anything too sexual, but the one in the red shirt (the brother?) is GORGEOUS!

  17. says

    @Alex Yes, corporate environments require conformity in dress and appearance, but I don’t think that teaching Darnell NOT to be who he is is an appropriate life lesson. If Darnell wants to express himself, (the school he attended does not require uniforms), who is harmed by that?

    The lesson everyone in the school needs to be taught is that we live in a diverse world, and every person deserves to be respected, encouraged to live as their true self, and that they have the right to be their true self without fear. Until we start doing that, we will see more bullying, gay-bashing, and victims being punished, as others here have pointed out, for daring to defend themselves because the adults turn a blind eye towards their suffering. Shame on the principal–an alleged adult–for blaming Darnell for getting beaten up!

  18. says

    Illegal weapon though it may be, This is a family that “thought outside the box”. With the alternative being that the entrenched bully culture goes unchallenged, I back this family’s choices in this matter.

  19. Alex says

    I dunno something about the line “His outgoing personality and unique accessories… even some of the other gay students were unfriendly…” made my spidey senses tingle. Could be that he was a victim of predjuce or could be that he is a drama diva nightmare who thinks hes Beyonce. There is a difference between being yourself and being a huge pain to deal with.

  20. Francis says

    Nothing justifies what Dynasty had to endure. Especially since he was not bullied in his previous school in Phoenix. The intense bullying began, based on this report, immediately as he moved to Indianapolis to go to school. So, either Darnell completely changed his behavior and personality from his move to Indianapolis, or he was bullied in Indy for what wasn’t a problem in Phoenix. Which should not be a surprise to anyone.

    The desire, to borderline desperation, to fit in, is very strong across the board. Don’t believe it’s just students. But it’s teachers too. And the principals. The students not saying who the bullies were and the kids who surrounded Dynasty and attacked in daily, the school board who basically sat on their hands and did nothing as this was going on. No-one should ever take for granted how far people will go to be in the “in” group. And if you don’t conform, if you don’t go out of your way to repress your individuality in the means of being “normal”, this is the tragedy that happens. High school brings forth the most disgusting clickish behavior. Hopefully Darnell stays strong, he’s a very brave young man!

  21. David Hearn says

    Hey Lori- Kiss my ass. I have been there, apparently you haven’t. People act like “Well you survived.” Yeah, I survived because when I had had enough, my parents finally packed us up and moved to a place where white people could be safer. See, it doesn’t matter why the “bullies (criminals)” are doing it, the school system doesn’t do anything about it. It’s always your problem, whether it’s because you are white or because you are gay, or in my case both.

    So kiss my ass Lori. I support this kid, and I understand why he had a taser. Because a week after I stopped going to Prince George’s County Public School, one of my white (and probably gay) class mates was attacked by the same animals who attacked me, and he was permanently damaged by a pipe blow to his head.

    Fxxx you Lori. Just fxxx you.

  22. David Hearn says

    Scott – You are wrong. I am a member of the NRA and the NRA has no position on gay rights. The NRA’s position is on your second amendment right to keep and bear arms becoming, being, and remaining UNINFRINGED. But the NRA is doing battle with California, Illinois, DC and other places that simply don’t get the meaning of “uninfringed” and “civil right”.

  23. says

    @ David Hearn: I am a FORMER N.R.A. member. I did not renew because of some disturbing reports I’d read about the N.R.A’s actions. There was a report about a legal consulting firm being dropped despite acheiving gun law victories, supposedly because they also worked on Gay marriage. There was also all this gushing over Ted Nugent who pretty much makes it clear he loathes us. I’d like to re-up, like my hunting and shooting privleges, but N.R.A. has a fence to mend with the LBGQT communities or so I perceive at the moment. If you feel my information is wrong or out of date, please post links to the updates. Until then, at least we have the “Pink Pistols”.

  24. scott says

    This is a little off topic, but I’m curious as to whether any bullied student has ever filed restraining orders against their bullies? How would that affect the buly being bale to go to school and would it push school amdinistrators to take threats more seriously?

  25. Fenrox says

    Wow. One, way to go guys, way to favor the butch twin like its some form of revelation.

    Why the hate on Lori? Kids know you cant bring guns, stun or otherwise to school. To bring one is folly, ALL THE TIME. You know how I know that? Case in point, THIS kid brought a stun gun to protect himself from bullies, now he is expelled. Did he expect a different outcome?

    There are other things he could have done. And maybe he knew this would happen and decided to do it anyway. If he wants to pay that price, why not?

  26. ratbastard says


    ‘Victims’ must have no access to tools to defend themselves? Obviously, The Law [everything from police to the courts] can’t be at this kids side 24/7 protecting him.

    It’s insane that in some places in the U.S. you can be prosecuted for DEFENDING yourself with a ‘weapon’. I guess that’s where the phrase ‘Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6′ comes from. Of course the U.S. is still in a far better position on these basic rights than the UK or western Europe, which are lost causes.

  27. David Hearn says

    Robert Baker-

    Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has decided to side against the Constitution on free speech, freedom of association, and the right to keep AND BEAR arms. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.

    It’s like when you post crime stat analysis on DU and the Whiny Bitches club sets in on you about your source. Well, when “mainstream” media won’t even report on certain criminals then of course you’ll find it on Fox.

  28. says

    Expulsion is clearly taking this too far. Yes, his mother shouldn’t have given him the stun gun to use, but the kid used his judgement and didn’t even use it on anyone.

    No-tolerance rules with extreme consequences are cruel to use on minors.

  29. mike says

    My opinion is the stun gun is not a weapon any more or less than say a fist or leg. I would hate to see this child become another member in an ever lengthening list of “statistics.” The school and board are the weakest links and should be the ones reprimanded. Hopefully this will create enough conversation amongst the community.

  30. jack says

    Most urban public junior and senior high schools are a huge waste of money.They are trying to educate children who come from fatherless homes who have no sense of discipline. Those who come to school each day come ill prepared to learn. They come screaming and yelling on the school buses and the teachers spend most of their day trying to settle them down. Just look at the PSAT and SAT scores at these schools and yoy will find scores so low that they are not worth even reporting. We are spending $Billions on Urban education and it is a failure.

  31. millerbeach says

    No, urban schools may not be as successful as suburban schools, but the need for them is far greater than for schools in the suburbs. Maybe all you see is screaming, badly-behaving students, but to them, it may be the only time of their life where there is some degree of organization and purpose, something sorely lacking from their daily lives. As for this young man, I hope his mother goes out and hires the most brutal lawyer known to the state of Indiana. What those school officials said was not only unprofessional, it showed how the administration REALLY feels about gay people. What a bunch of cowards…defending the bullies yet punishing the victim. This is almost as ignorant as the Florida hazing case, where all 13 perps got off because they couldn’t “prove” which blow killed the young man. WTF? Is it only in the stupid states of Indiana and Florida, or is this stupidity nation-wide? When is this nation going to grow up?

  32. BarryC says

    This is a perfect example of the problem with our justice system, educational institutions demonstrating the same ignorance that carries children to adulthood. An educational institution that refuses to protect children from bullying and disciplines the bullied children for finding a way to protect themselves should re-evaluate their process. I recommend this young man files a lawsuit against the school and the parents of the bully’s and ask for them to pay for costs involved with changing schools incuding fee’s for private school and request that they pay any legal fees associated with this action.

  33. S Montgomery says

    The bulley rate is growing in America. The only way to stop it, is to stand up to it with what ever it takes. It is a shame it has come to having to protect yourself.

    As far as the excuse it happened, it is either one excuse are another, that does not excuse the act.

  34. Denise says

    SHAME on the school faculty!! This student should have never had to go to such an extreme measure to protect himself. What happened to the “bullies?” Were they expelled as well?

  35. tomjck says

    Public school IS a place for this brave kid. It is a place for EVERYBODY. If it isn’t working for an innocent victim of bullying, then it is to be made a safe place that works for an innocent victim of bullying. I';m thankful for the Harvy Milk School in nYC

    I came out to my guidance councilor in the 1980’s, word got around and while I wasn’t systemically “bullied” (I was a little bit) the fear and ostracism was obvious.

    Another student who came out (or was outed) and graduated before me sued the school system, and won. It worked, somewhat, to my benefit, and the principal was, I learned later, looking out for me and came down hard on one particular sociopath – the only one I remember being obnoxious. He threw up on a faculty member at the Junior Prom, and years later killed himself. : (

    Dynasty brought a weapon to school. Dumb, but well meaning mother he has. This really compromises his legal standing. What was he thinking? NOT the way to go there. He never mentions any physical threat, but I’m sure he felt one.

    The bottom line: no weapons at school. And that includes the verbal weapons bullies use, and have used, and will continue to get away with, while Dynasty is punished for his material weapon. An unhappy ending for all.

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