Evangelist Billy Graham Speaks Out in Support of NC ‘Amendment 1′, Takes Out Ad in 14 Papers

Evangelist Billy Graham is speaking out in support of North Carolina's Amendment One, WXII reports:

GrahamThe 93-year-old Graham has a full-page advertisement scheduled to run in 14 state newspapers. From his home in Montreat, Graham said, "Watching the moral decline of our country causes me great concern. I believe the home and marriage is the foundation of our society and must be protected."

Voters will take to the polls on "Amendment One" on May 8, though early voting has already started.

"At 93, I never thought we would have to debate the definition of marriage," Graham says in the advertisement. "The Bible is clear — God's definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. I want to urge my fellow North Carolinians to vote for the marriage amendment on Tuesday, May 8. God bless you as you vote."

Amendment One would constitutionally prohibit legal recognition of any union other than marriage between a man and a woman, including same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships.

If you are interested in helping in the last push to defeat Amendment One, click HERE.


  1. Terry says

    Old Billy is going to get quite a surprise when he shows up at the pearly gates and sees the big NoH8 sign on the door. By the looks of him, it should be any day now.

  2. Tone says

    I always thought Daddy Graham was better than his hate-filled kids. I guess I was wrong.

    I hereby take back every word I have ever typed or uttered that was in in any way a defense of Graham Sr’s character. He is as vile as any of them.

  3. kit says

    For those of you who haven’t seen it already, here is a great video of Betty Bowers explaining what the Bible actually has to say about marriage:

    According to the Bible, there’s all kinds of marriage — EXCEPT maybe between one man and one woman. So there.

  4. Nat says

    “He’s looking more and more like the evil preacher man from the Poltergeist sequel.”

    I was going to go with the rapidly-aging bad guy from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but that’s even better.

    I always liked Billy, despite almost entirely disagreeing with his world view. It’s a shame.

  5. happyday says

    I call BS on this! He has not been in his right mind or even lucid for years. Franklin or his witch of a daughter is behind this, you can be sure. What a disgusting and putrid family. May they all burn in hell, if there is such a place.

  6. woodroad34 says

    Talk about irrelevance–Billy Graham’s day has passed and he’s literally the old fart everyone knew him to be. It takes grace to grow and he has none of it.

  7. ken says

    No one is trying to “redefine marriage”, it’s like saying allowing women to vote redefined voting. Why do we keep letting them get away with using this stupid line.

  8. Bob R says

    I thought this hateful old huckster died years ago. Well, maybe he won’t keep us waiting too much longer. His spawn are nothing more than poisoned fruit from a malignant tree.

  9. Gregor says

    Like Tone, I was hoping he would be above this. Apparently, though, he’s not. I wonder if he ever took out ads in papers when they were crafting lax “no-fault divorce” laws for straights. Probably not.
    I also see he says that “home and marriage” are the foundation, not “families” are the foundation. So much for “family” values.

  10. My2cents says

    Oldest trick in the book- trot out the sick, probably senile bible-bashing icon to put the “fear of God” into the voters, because they just might do something stupid, like vote tolerance & against bigotry. How about bringing back slavery- that’s sanctioned by the bible too, right Billy boy?

  11. jack says

    Shocking: Just imagine someone who believes the “holy” bible was written or inspired by the creator of our billion gallaxy universe being a small minded BIGOY!!!

  12. scott says

    ughh this makes me sad- I never thought Billy Graham was a gay rights supporter- but I definitely didn’t think he was as bad as his son- as partisan. He always said that after being Nixon’s friend and getting burned- after hearing the tapes where Nixon swore worse than a sailor that he would be careful around political causes and people.

    Guess someone changed his mind. No doubt his less-than Christian kid Franklin is behind this.

    Just hate to see someone’s legacy tainted like this. Like I said- he was no gay rights supporter- but he wasn’t a gay basher either. He stated his opinions on marriage equality when forced- but never proffered them or campaigned for anti=gay causes- til now.

    I believe there’s a special place for those who twist good people and causes for their own selfish, evil purposes.

  13. Macmantoo says

    Mark. it wasn’t the Graham family associated with the Crystal Cathedral. I believe it was the Shuler family.

    The guy’s old. He believes what he believes however wrong he is.

  14. Rick says

    Sad. I happen to be an alumnus of the same college as this guy (and Wes Craven, go figure). I’m kind of doubtful that he actually penned the ads, given his age; my sense is that Franklin’s fingerprints are all over this.

    Regardless, I wish some people could get it through their heads that civil marriage and holy matrimony are two separate things. Let churches/temples/whatever do what they want. Leave the rest of us alone.

  15. Nino says

    Billy has been warning about the “decline” of American civilization since the 1950s. Only his reputation has “declined” over the years.

  16. Dumb old man says

    FFS, do these fundies have nothing better to do with their time? And to think, all this money they spend on stuff like anti-gay ads could be used for charity or feeding the homeless. But no, trying to stop gay marriage is more important *rolling eyes*. People are so stupid!

  17. Dumb old man says

    FFS, do these fundies have nothing better to do with their time? And to think, all this money they spend on stuff like anti-gay ads could be used for charity or feeding the homeless. But no, trying to stop gay marriage is more important *rolling eyes*. People are so stupid!

  18. says

    I just got off the telephone with the boyfriend. He’s up north finishing his course study and it’s been really difficult, I’m here to tell you. But tonight was one of those magic conversations where all the doubts faded away and I will tell you all that he is so precious to me. Kind and gentle and patient. And I know that if anyone ever put him in harm’s way, I wouldn’t rest until I repaid them in kind.

    Now, I see that someone went out to the wood pile and wheeled ol’ Billy into the parlor for a round of good ol’ public condemnation of gay people. You know, people like me and Jim, and all the good people who come here to read and worry and learn. And these Christians are damn good at this condemnation theatre. It only took ’em one chapter from John… the one about the jews having the blood of jesus on their heads and the heads of their children for all eternity, to ferment 2000 years of pogroms culminating in the Holocaust. And I’m sure they’re damn proud of that, though they don’t talk about it much.

    Now they’re onto us, and they have even less to roll with, a verse from Romans here and one from Corinthians there, I think there are six in all and after giving it some thought, I have something to say to Billy and Bryan and all the rest: I forgive you. I forgive you for your bigotry, your cruelty, your misogyny, your greed and your hypocrisy. I forgive you for your ridicule and hatred and for believing in your silly book and making people suffer because of it. But understand this: there aren’t any of us that are going away. It is my right to stand my ground with my family and my love and I claim it. And I am not alone, nor am I a minority that you can sweep away with legislation or prayer or thuggery. We are numbered in the millions. Deny it at your peril. And so believe you me, the day is coming where you will be nothing but a bad memory, irrelevant and reviled. And it will be on all your heads. And I hope your god forgives you for it.

    That’s all I have to say.

  19. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, Billy Graham adopted at least a facade of “civility” for years and I don’t remember him ever jumping on the particularly vocal anti-gay bandwagon even during the heyday of Falwell and Robertson. He may have been again’ it, but I never remember him making any particular cause of his out of it.

    We’ve not seen Billy for as long time now (it’s a surprise, actually, he’s still alive), and I suspect he’s in dementia. It’d be just like that corrupt, hateful cretin Franklin to drag his dad out on stage again and thoroughly wreck his reputation at the end.

  20. boone68 says

    He is a perfect picture of America’s old and ugly past. The future is America’s youth, and it’s only a matter of time before Graham’s ugliness is part of our embarassing history.

  21. homogenius says

    Shame on him. And shame on his caregivers. He made a conscious decision decades ago to stay out of politics.

    I disagree with him on so many things–but I respected this one thing about him.

    He has lost my last shred of respect.

  22. Sean says

    It seems a perfect time to remind people that Billy Graham is also vicious anti-Semite. The Nixon tapes recorded him complaining about the Jewish control of the press that would lead to America going down the drain. Haldeman’s concurrent notes of the conversation show that he referred to Jews as ‘Satanic.’

    Seems Billy Graham hates all kinds of American minorities.

  23. jennifer dobbins says

    I respect that Billy Graham has spoken out on this issue. It is a lot easier to hold your tounge and not offend people, then to speak God’s truth. Marriage is defined as a holy union between a man and woman. To take something that God created and change it for purposes in which He did not intend, is simply wrong. This amendment is not designed to take away anyone’s rights. It is simply defining what marriage in nc will be recognized as. If people want to enter in private contracts with another person, this is still perfectly legal. At least if the contract is broken, it will be easier to discern which party receives what.

  24. Oliver says

    We can all take comfort in knowing that Billy Graham’s hourglass sand is running a little faster than the rest of us. By bye Billy, good riddance.

  25. The Realist says

    This amendment is not designed to take away anyone’s rights. It is simply defining what marriage in nc will be recognized as. If people want to enter in private contracts with another person, this is still perfectly legal. At least if the contract is broken, it will be easier to discern which party receives what.

    Posted by: jennifer dobbins | May 3, 2012 2:30:21 AM

    Clearly, Jennifer, you are one of the thousands that have no idea what this legislation does. I suggest you go and read what this legislation and get back to us. And, if you can’t read and had someone post your comment, let me clarify it for you.

    This legislation will not only deny civil unions for straight as well as gay couples, it will deny insurance and life decisions to said couples. Contracts mean nothing in court, in these hateful states, as most judges are republicans that legislate from the bench. My 4th cousin, that i have never met, could claim rights to my estate, and some right wing judge would side with them over my partner of 15 years. It happens every day.

  26. says

    Why is China becoming more and more the leader in the world? Because they do not have “GOD” on their side! I was speaking to a young Chinese student via SKYPE, and his plight as a gay person. I told him how the religious groups in the USA are bigoted against gays. He said most of his fellow students do not belong to any religious factions. IT’S TIME TO SEPARATE THE POWER OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT FACTIONS IN AMERICA AND AROUND THE WORLD.THERE IS NO GOD, ONLY THEATER!

  27. Caliban says

    Everything you need to know about Billy Graham is on the Nixon tapes. He’s antisemitic and racist so it’s not a huge surprise he’s also homophobic.

    He’s a huckster and a fraud, an entrepreneurial Christian who got rich from his ostentatious “faith.”

  28. Xzavier says

    again why this is proof that separation of church and state need to be stronger than ever and we need to shove the church in the closet.

  29. C. McQueen says

    I had a comment in mind, but someone beat me to it!

    “the constitution is clear, we are not a theocracy.

    Posted by: mld | May 2, 2012 7:37:59 PM”

    So I’ll just say, I may be a Christian, but knowing that not everyone in this country is, I don’t see why so many seem to think this country should be ruled by the Bible! The Bible and it’s precepts are good for each individual’s own life practices. It is not, however, and never was meant to be a government document!

  30. anon says

    I also doubt Billy himself penned this opinion. He’s had very serious health problems for years. His son, Franklin, on the other hand would have no issue with the political motivation behind this.

    BG is a classic example of how political ambitions can be furthered by appeals to religion. His personal ambition was manifest by his constant desire to associate with the centers of political power in the US, particularly the presidency. In return for tacit political support, presidents from Eisenhower to Bush II have allowed BG to influence policy, though it was always more of a back-scratching arrangement than anything wonkish. Billy got the White House pass and presidents got the votes of hundreds of thousands of his followers. The more partisan Franklin has been less successful hiding behind the mask of devout religiosity than his father.

  31. just_a_guy says

    I suspect Mr. Graham is only seeking to make a buck: The NUMBER ONE WAY to raise money as a televangelist type is to LOUDLY PROCLAIM how “sinful” gay people are. Regular-going (but ignorant or hateful) straight types POUR MONEY IN when “churches” make such claims.

    I think it’s because a church doesn’t make money selling too much guilt. And a church needs to simultaneously not seem too loving because that doesn’t rile the support that fear-mongering does.

    So Billy Graham’s anti-gay ads are likely to make him a killing. He wants to pad his certainly-already-large bequests to his kids you know. And he doesn’t have the strength to raise money in a more honest way (look at him, he’s nearly a corpse, y’all).

    So this is his desperate attempt to raise a few million by preying on entrenched hate, drawing followers who will feel embraced because they’re straight and so spared the most-terrible “sin” of being gay.

    It’s like “Christian” types of this sort CRUCIFY gay people so that GAY PEOPLE pay the price and STRAIGHT CHRISTIANISTS can feel like THEIR OWN SINS are washed away by the sacrifice of their own gay siblings.

    Brutal, dirty, scary tribal-gone-bad. Christianist, but NOT Christian in any genuine sense.

    I used to think of Billy Graham as one rare standout who wouldn’t sink to this level.

    I guess he feels (and looks) down enough that he’s fallen prey to the same tactics I like to think he’d have once avoided out of basic human decency.

    A little bit like John McCain’s last hurrah a few years back, sacrificing his once-admirable principles, using dirty tactics to gain favor when in a moment of weakness.

    RIP Mr. Graham. I hope God forgives you for this.

    In fact, I wonder if YOU are really there. Is this the work of your “followers” seeking FUND$ in their coffers even though you lack true mental faculties these days???

  32. dc20008 says

    what is sad is that Billy is senile and doesn’t know his own name any more. This was put out by some zealot using Billy’s name.

    Shame. Shame Shame.

  33. Tres says

    I never thought he was like this. I always knew him to be understanding and accepting of others. My mistake. Being gay, but totally in the closet at the time, I attended Baylor University and actually dated his grand daughter. I bet he would be very surprised and shocked about that.

    Saying that, I feel that it is important that we continue to stand against so much hate and make sure we tell the world that we have rights and that we have the right to marry whom ever we wish….Life is just too short.

    While we face discrimination head on, it is those who oppose us that look foolish. They are truly losing this “moral battle” that they speak of.

    Now that……makes me smile every day.

  34. jack says

    I don’t like all the senile/age remarks about Billy Graham. My 93 year old mother is a lifelong democrat who voted for Obama in 2008 and “god willing” will vote for him again in Nov 2012. She is the daughter of Irish immigrants and is thrilled that she has lived long enough to see a highly qualified black/mixed race president in the White House.

  35. correction says

    “Oh yes The Graham family who’s family had to sell The Crytstal cathedral in Ca because the children were all crooks.”

    Nay, the Schuler family had the ‘crystal cathedral’. The Grahams are good folks.

  36. OMG says

    Judge not, lest ye be judged, Billy.
    All I can say is God help you and your kind, friend, especially all the inbred residents of NC who voted for this hateful bill – after all, NC does by law permit cousins to marry – GO FIGURE!

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