1. Micky says

    “… it’s perfectly appropriate to discriminate against immoral conduct.”

    This is great news. Now we can start discriminating against Bryan Fischer and other hate group leaders.

  2. says

    If he has done anything sexual other than have intercourse to create babies, then, in his terms, he should be discriminated against by the government for being immoral.

  3. Sargon Bighorn says

    That idiot better be careful. Today he spouts who gets to be discriminated again, tomorrow some group will look at his group and deem them “immoral” and they will be the victims of his own medicine.

  4. gr8guya says

    One can certainly discriminate based on immoral behavior.
    I wouldn’t hire Bernard Madoff as my accountant or Charles Manson as my babysitter.

    Of course, what he defines as “immoral” is simply narrow-minded bigotry.

  5. paul says

    I personally find lying and hypocrisy immoral against my own moral code so I am absolutely justified in discriminating against bigots like him.

  6. Caliban says

    Really?! Dig yourself a little deeper, Bry. People without either morals OR character shouldn’t lecture others about morality of the content of anyone else’s character.

    I’m not religious, but the Jesus I was raised with thinks this guy is a d*ck!

  7. Andy Pand says

    Why do we continue to post this hate speech on our website? I get exposed to too much toxic energy already…I don’t need to continue to see it on a site I go to for information about my life point of view.

  8. kpo5 says

    Andy Pand – I want this video to spread like wildfire. I want everyone to see it. I want my conservative parents and relatives, who are “fine” with me being gay, “but don’t see what all the community’s fuss is about” to see this.

    If every news station picked this up and followed it with half the outrage that was generated by the recent Dan Savage or Hillary Rosen comments (which were both factual, might I add), groups like NOM and the AFA would be barely breathing tomorrow.

  9. Michaelandfred says

    I wish it was perfectly appropriate for someone to smack him in the face with a custard pie while he’s saying such nonsense. Alas…

  10. says

    When will the more mainstream christians, the ones that get all bent out of shape when I say that religion is the root of all of society’s ills, stand up and put this idiot in his place?

    Each and every one of you should be ashamed that this guy talks to the same fictitious god that you do.

  11. Matt26 says

    What he says means if I find AFA’s work immoral, it is appropriate (according to BF) to discriminate them. But then I would lower my moral standards to his level.

  12. Robert In WeHo says

    It’s okay to discriminate against immorality? Fine, since being a bigot is immoral, get to the back of the bus Bryan Fischer…

  13. jack says

    Anyone who believes that Bryan Fischer actually supported Martin Luther King please raise your hand. I don’t see any hands. You just know that this anti-gay bigot was an anti-black bigot back in the day. No doubt about it. I will also bet that he really hates Jews. It is almost always a package deal. Yep they use to hate Blacks, Jews, Catholics and Queers. Poor things. The only group they can still hate is homos. They are hanging on to that hatred and America is in the process of even taking that away from them.

  14. Pup says

    I think that people in People of the American Way church are immoral, and by my values pertaining to morality of *MY* church I think that they deserve to be denied fair housing, fair employment, judicial process, and fair treatment under the law.

  15. Ray Sager says

    “And when they had brought the harlot to the market square to be stoned, Jesus said unto them ” And let he who is without sin cast the first stone…”

    How is it that Bryan Fischer missed that important passage in the New Testament? Here we had an angry crowd of men about to hurl softball size stones at this poor woman whose only crime was…well, she was a whore! That was considered immoral back in those times. Yet…YET…Jesus comes to this event and he leaves these angry Pharisees with their jaws hanging wide open when he says “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Total PWNAGE! How DARE this son of a carpenter say that to our faces…who does he think he is?

    I think this would apply appropriately to Mr. Fischer. How can you say it’s okay to discriminate against a person solely based on their sexual identity as being immoral, when you have nto learned the basic principle of “loving your neighbor as you would yourself?”

  16. just_a_guy says

    Maggie Gallagher: “I feel discriminated against for my persistent broadcast that gay people should be treated as third class citizens.”

    Best retort?: “You should be discriminated against. As your great “god” Bryan Fischer explains, ‘it is perfectly appropriate to discriminate against immoral conduct.'” (And, yes, I see Bryan Fischer as a demonic false prophet–or a too-influential idiot, same diff.)

    Obvi, what fishy Fischer misses is that homosexuality is not immoral conduct. (Cite: common sense, plus EVERY credible Psychological/Medical study.) Even if we ignored all evidence and imagined homosexuality as mere conduct (gay acts done by straight folk??), how could homosexuality be more immoral than eating shellfish, another antiquarian biblical belief?

    By contrast, it IS immoral to hate gay people and to discriminate against them for living how they were born. (Cite: common sense, basic humanity; more fundamental truly-timeless biblical commands, like: ‘love your neighbor as yourself,’ or “judge not lest ye be judged.’)

    Fischer and his kind have already pretended to be God and judged me for my very existence, so I have no qaulms judging them, however humanly imperfect that makes me:

    Why do these bigots have so much influence?! When will the Republican party stop pandering to them, gawsh. Honestly, no decent human un-ignorantly votes Republican today (excluding a rare exception such as Olympia Snowe et al., the sort of exception that is less and less common, and only proves the rule). Not to be mean, but this rule matches my experience of such folks perfectly. I can dream that it changes, but it will probably take generations at least.

    Ah, Martin Luther King, Jr., wouldn’t you be proud of being cited by ever-inspirational Bryan Fischer, visionary for more love, justice, and mutual respect amongst mandkind, hahaha ;-/.

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