1. UFFDA says

    What a heady scene, with jets flying overhead, a handshake from the President, cheers, thrown hats and openly gay cadets doing just fine. Woof!

    I wonder how many in this class of a thousand were gay?

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Many the Social-conservatives should take a look at the post-DADT military and note that there have been no major “incidents” in the months since the policy change.
    – No mass resignations.
    – No major reports of assaults on gays…or by gays.
    – Morale hasn’t tanked.
    …And the sky hasn’t fallen.

  3. K says

    UFFDA, I do wonder the same thing – and if any of the cadets in that piece are! I don’t get that comment about closing the door when a member of the opposite sex is in someone’s room. What does that have to do with the repeal of DADT?

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