1. says

    Yay, finally! Days of our Lives has actually been doing a pretty good job with this storyline (albeit at a crawl). For anyone who wants to see the actual ‘coming out’ statement by Will that just preceeds the above clip, skip to the last minute of the following video:

  2. mary says

    A great way to increase acceptance of LGBT individuals. Showing gay relationships leads to women on soap opera message boards claiming “I can’t believe I’m cheering for a gay couple.” I saw this happen with the message board for “As the World Turns.” Towleroad may be getting some more “not a fan of gay marriage but starting to become more tolerant” trolls pretty soon!

  3. David says

    As a casual Days viewer I can assure everyone, Sami will indeed make this entirely about her.

    I also agree that this storyline has been handled well, albeit slowly, but a glacial pace is just par for the course in daytime soap operas.

  4. James says

    Given the fact that these actors have to memorize their lines and act/tape daily for episodes with minimal takes, nor having the luxury of time or budget for much post-production editing, I think the acting was pretty good. Compared to the rest of the cheesy writing that is in daytime soaps, I agree that the coming-out storyline has been pretty well written so far in comparison.

  5. James says

    What I’m actually a bit confused about is how this entire episode/clip (above) was able to make it onto Youtube a whole day BEFORE it actually aired – this episode actually didn’t air until TODAY! Unless of course Newfoundland (NTV) in Canada airs DOOLives a day earlier?