1. Pete N SFO says

    That protester needs to ‘repent’ for such a bad outfit & hair-don’t… did he steal those glasses off an accountant from the 80’s???

  2. says

    I was there and got this pic of another protester…

    I was standing behind him with a sign that said in symbols, Peace, Love, Pride. Then below that ‘God loves you!’. I had no idea why I was motivated to write about God… But once I saw the protester I knew. The youth responded awesomely. They’re happy chanting drowned them out *completely*.

  3. gustav says

    Do these types of *christians* think that Heaven is a pyramid scheme like Amway or something? They’ll get a better parking place at Heaven’s mall if they get the most people to join them. Glad my church doesn’t think like that.

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