1. RikkiTikki says

    If I wanted to watch sissy, nelly boys dance I’d… Wait! I DON’T want to watch sissy, nelly boys dance! Get a testosterone patch and act like a MAN! You are the kind of fags that give homosexuals a bad name.

  2. Paul M says

    @ RIKKITIKKI ~ Gays, like the human beings they are, come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes. If you don’t care for a particular gay human variety, just move on and keep your bigotry to yourself. Your remark is just as racist as someone wishing we had slaves again.

  3. TexRex96 says

    So, this is what passes for “hot guys” these days? Hey, the video is cute and all, but their every move is decidedly ladylike. These guys are good dancers, but for most of us, not hot. There’s another vid on this blog with Harvard baseball players dancing in their van, and the comments chide them for being robotic. Of course they are, and it’s hotter than this.

    The problem with the gay community trying to PC everything is that sometimes the other head has other ideas. Old fart alert: In my day, masculinity was valued even over physical appearance. This generation has spent too much energy trying to convince me that Kurt on Glee is hot. Let’s just stick to equali rights, eh?

  4. Lucas says

    @RIKKITIKKI, just shut up you loser.. I didn’t really like the video either (I don’t think the guys were hot), but they are just having fun! YOU are the kind of self-loathing closet case that give us a bad name..

  5. Eric says

    I don’t personally find them physically attractive either, but they sure look like fun. And who cares whether I think they’re hot or not? I doubt they do. I’d just like to live in a world where people can be whatever they’d like to be and not one where physical beauty correlates with human value. And I think it’s about time we started supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. There are already too many people on the outside willing to attack us.

  6. John says

    @Paul M and @Lucas: Where did you get that RikkiTikki’s comments were “racist”? There is nothing “racist” about his comments. And like both of you, he is entitlesd to his opinion. Yes, gays come in all shapes and sizes and degrees, but we need not lower ourselves to name calling.
    Really, how did you come to the “slavery” conclusion?

  7. gb says

    Two young men enjoying their friendship and celebrating the life they love through dance.Through our eyes we perceive movement but in their soul is joy and happiness. Continue to walk in the light of love so that others less fortunate may share of your peace and contentment.

  8. says

    I for one find them both to be sexy. Sorry that it’s not like ‘the good ol’ days’ but times change and so do perceptions of beauty

    Not to mention, if they can move like that, imagine how they move in the sheets O_O

  9. Scott says

    Anyone who has a problem with effeminate men not only have a grossly overdeveloped inferiority complex, but they are the worst kind of homophobe. Confidence is very sexy. Anonymous commenters? Not so much.
    Boys! Amazing dancing!! I hope you go FAR!

  10. ScottyNorq says

    Ya those baseball boys were robotic and uber straight (not a turn on). These boys are way better and better looking. Overly masculine men freak me out.

  11. Mick says

    @TexRex96, Sometimes miss the older generation of gay, of whom we’ve lost so many. And then one of them writes something stupid and then I miss them less.

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