1. bkmn says

    Andy, your news is important, but the intrusive nature of the facebook social reading app is going to drive me away.

    I am sick of facebook trying to find a way to make a buck of where I web surf.

    There are better ways to treat your readers without having their interests raped by facebook.

  2. John C. says

    I could not agree more with BKMN’s comment. This is a wonderful blog, but I have no interest in FB-related links.

  3. UFFDA says

    What a great vid, says it all, nice, upstanding, ordinary people with kids or without, been together years, midwestern, city/country people. Heartfelt, plainly told story. This would be one of the gold standard style videos to show everyone…the relatives, even the Church scum who induce their children to sing hate songs. I hope it’s seen a lot.

  4. Randy says

    As the owners and operators of your computers, you have the right to control what happens on them. (This right is not absolute any more, and you’re going to lose this right entirely in the coming years, but you currently have it.)

    That right to control your own computer is only meaningful if you know how to use it. Obtain a browser that let you use an ad blocking (or Facebook blocking, or whatever blocking) plugin, set it up, and away you go.

    Keep in mind that sites that have ads likely depend on ad revenue to keep themselves open.

    But you should make an informed choice to control what happens on your computer, and if you don’t want to see ads, you don’t have to.

  5. patronsaint says

    how in the world could you people get sidetracked into this inane commentary on ads when this beautifully done vid is presented to you? geez.