1. Nicki says

    Jane Lynch is awesome.

    Ultimately I suspect Republicans will eventually publicly prioritize the “Marriage” part of the equation, as David Cameron did in his speeches.

  2. Xavi says

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Jane and Rachel!

    They are super bright, super personable, and great voices for our LGBT community. I would love to meet either of them!

    I hope this segment is a harbinger of additional guest spots with Jane on MSNBC. Jane is smart, savvy and a terrific news presenter.

  3. John Freeman says

    I so agree with Rachel and Jane – the more people know us, the more of us come out, the better the general straight population understands and accepts us.

  4. says

    Perhaps republicans want to prevent gay marriage to keep their poolboys, dogwalkers, landscapers, mannies, etc. from getting married and making it feel completely like adultery when they travel to South America, Caribbean, etc. to cheat on their “wives” and poke their boytoys.