1. Paul says

    That’s kind of disappointing; he did such an amazing job as a gay man in Love, Valor, Compassion. You’d think he’d have learned a few things about fag jokes.

    And BTW, cricket is an intense sport! Helmets are absolutely necessary!

  2. Alan says

    Well, obviously he hates gay people, just like you suspected. Sometimes people just say stupid things and don’t realize that it is hurtful to those of us who have been bullied or called *fag* or *queer*.

    Standing next to me, Jason’s the one that looks *queer*. I could knock him over with one finger.

  3. Steve F says

    the most offensive part of the whole thing is that it just isn’t very funny. I’m British and I know there’s a chasm between what we and Americans think is humorous. Yet the audience seems to be rolling in the aisles at his ‘jokes’… what’s that about?

  4. Hass says

    If you’re going to make a joke, at least make it from a position of knowledge not ignorance.

    The bowling action in cricket may look silly when Jason Alexander does it, but it is a thing of beauty when done by someone who knows what they are doing. It’s one of the reasons I love cricket as both a sport and an artform.

    As for the idea that helmets are not needed… all I can say is ‘Oh Dear’.

    For those of you with any curiosity check out the link below to the trailer for “Fire in Babylon”. The documentary tells a great political story but I particularly loved it because it has the greatest compilation of dangerous fast bowling I’ve seen.

    I’d like to direct them to this doco any time an American thinks cricket isn’t a brutal game.

    P.S. Of course cricket is gay – I’ve been playing the great sport for more than 20 years :)

  5. luke says

    you could say baseballers wear gloves for no discernible reason either by comparison to cricketers. next he’ll go after rugby codes for wearing shorts instead of tight leggings like american football

  6. Rick says

    I don’t know what you people expect. You(and GLAAD) applaud shows like Modern Family that reinforce the image of gay men as being limp-wristed, lisping, cowardly sissies…….and then act offended when someone lampoons gay men as, well,……limp-wristed, lisping, cowardly sissies.

    As long as you continue associating gay men with an ideology of “gender-non-conformity” and endorse effeminate behavior as good and natural, you are going to continue to be the butt of ridicule and contempt and really have no basis for objecting to stereotypical portrayals or references.

    You have only yourselves to blame.

  7. sage says

    Get off your high fallutin selves. If a gay man made this joke, you queens would be laughing your asses off.
    It might have been a corny joke, but it wasn’t offensive. What IS offensive is Alexander’s wig.

  8. Mort says

    @Rick: It must be interesting to be so enemy-centered that you see the entire Towleroad audience as a single-minded, misguided blob. Well, at least you see the light.

    Anyway, there’s nothing gayer to me than a middle-aged man who suddenly takes to wearing a mink-colored wig. Gay. Really, really gay.

  9. Steve F says

    @sage sorry, you’re wrong – I wouldn’t be laughing my ‘ass off’ if a gay guy was saying this. The only problem I have with it is that it isn’t particularly funny. As I said earlier, that may just be a cultural thing

  10. Dastius Krazitauc says

    On youtube, I found an interview with Jason Alexander on the red carpet at the 2005 GLAAD Media Awards. Here’s what he had to say:

    “Because I grew up in NY I don’t really get that most people have truly not met or don’t know that they’ve met someone in the gay community. It’s very alien to them. And they see images of the evil gay man or woman, or they see the silly gay man or woman. What GLAAD is doing and our business is doing is showing that the *gay lifestyle* is pretty mundane and ordinary. It is exposing people to the realities of the *gay lifestyle*. What we have to remember we’re up against all the time, as far as perception, is most people outside of major cities, where there isn’t a gay community, don’t realize they’re having exchanges with gay and lesbian men and women, and so they think of it as other and alien. As long as that’s true, it’s always going to be an uphill battle”.

    Now look at that video again of Jason saying gays run back and forth without any rhyme or reason, and pitch a ball like they’re prancing a minuet. Still fighting the good fight, eh, Jason?

  11. Rick says

    @Mort Well, my experience has been that 90% of the participants on this blog–at least the ones who post–are Far Left ideologues.

    A small minority are not–but I think they understand who I am referring to when I use “you people” on this site the way I did in the post above.

    But you are right–I should perhaps try a little harder to use the proper wording so as to not give the wrong impression.

    That said, you just reinforced the whole idea of gay men being the kind of limp-wristed, lisping, sissies that Jason is referring to when you made this statement:

    “Anyway, there’s nothing gayer to me than a middle-aged man who suddenly takes to wearing a mink-colored wig. Gay. Really, really gay”

    So, I have to ask you as I asked the others; how can you be offended when straight people stereotype gay men when you youself do exactly the same thing?

  12. Rugbypup says

    As someone who’s played both cricket and rugby a lot in the past (in summer and autumn/winter respectively), I can attest that cricket is by far the scarier of the two sports. Having someone bowl a rock-hard cork ball at you at speeds in excess of 90mph is much more terrifying than having large men tackle you (something of which I am generally in favour off the pitch), and definitely requires thick padding and a helmet. The “limp wrist” Jason Alexander talks about is in fact a method of giving the ball spin so it bounces unpredictably when it hits the crease in front of the batsman, and while it’s generally slower than fast-bowling it still averages out at about 50-60mph.

    He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cricket rules as a sport to play, though Test Matches are unbelievably dull to watch.

  13. Henry Holland says

    “Rick comes from the J. Edgar Hoover/Roy Cohn/Larry Craig wing of the homosexual underground…great tradition”

    Is Rick closeted? I never get that impression, just that he wants nothing to do with the gay “community” as it exists now. So, while phrases like “Far Left ideologues” have me rolling my eyes, he makes a good point:

    “I don’t know what you people expect. You(and GLAAD) applaud shows like Modern Family that reinforce the image of gay men as being limp-wristed, lisping, cowardly sissies…….and then act offended when someone lampoons gay men as, well……limp-wristed, lisping, cowardly sissies”

    How about addressing that instead of ad hominens?

  14. terry says

    I’ve played naked games with other men that were less gay than cricket. But there is a difference when we use language to demean. If he can out and said that he’d played naked games with men that were less gay then I would give him a pass.

  15. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “You(and GLAAD) applaud shows like Modern Family that reinforce the image of gay men as being limp-wristed, lisping, cowardly sissies…….and then act offended when someone lampoons gay men as, well……limp-wristed, lisping, cowardly sissies”

    “How about addressing that instead of ad hominens?”

    I’ll address it. The characters on “Modern Family” are specific characters and are in context. Within the gay community there are indeed limp-wristed lispers and sissies, as well as as masculine men as you could find, but apparently, Modern Family has chosen to give the Stonestreet character some nelly traits because they think that is funnier. I personally don’t like that choice. I think it is using gay stereotypes for easy laughs the way “The Bird Cage” did, and somewhat facile acting on Stonestreet’s part, but I imagine some latinos don’t like Sofia Vergara’s exaggerated accent either. But they are specific characters and should not be used to represent all gay or latino people.

    With Jason Alexander’s using the “gay” adjective, completely out of context, he isn’t talking about a specific sissy person, he is characterizing and mocking all gay people as sissy, idiotic and frivolous.

  16. Rick says

    “Rick comes from the J. Edgar Hoover/Roy Cohn/Larry Craig wing of the homosexual underground…great tradition”

    No, actually I come from the Dave Kopay/Gareth Thomas wing.

    Those of us who don’t see homosexuality and masculinity as fundamentally incompatible the way you do, Derrick, those of us who, unlike you, have not turned themselves into pseudo-women after internalizing the very stereotypes we are talking about here and believe yourself to be fundamentally lacking in masculinity and therefore dance like a little puppet the way homophobes want you to, pretending that you are being “defiant” by doing so, when, in reality, you are just another self-hating queen with no self-esteem putting it on display for all the world to see.

  17. says

    ever notice how the insecure gay men who can’t stop complaining about “effeminate gay men” never have the balls to put a face and name to their comments?

    exactly. they can’t because they’re not empowered, they’re not “manly” by any stretch, and they still live each day like cowards – looking over their should in fear of what The Straights are thinking about them.

    Just once, just ONCE, i’d love for even one of this site’s resident insecure trolls to put a face and name to their claims. If you’re so masculine, and so empowered, and so unafraid why continue to hide?

    oh, that’s right. because you live vicariously through an anonymous profile. that’s not manly. that’s what wimps do.

    they always prove me right. they’re such real masculine men that when push comes to shove, they always run back to hide in their closets. sissies indeed.

  18. Rick says

    @Dastius Krazitauc And what about Glee? Will and Grace? Sex and the City?

    All prissy queens, just like those in Modern Family.

    You might have a point if there were some balance out there–if, say, McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O, or some other tough cop, were cast as gay–but such characters never are.

    No, the ONLY thing we ever seem to get is limp-wristed sissies.

    And incidentally, just because some gay men are like that, it is not a reason to want any gay men to be portrayed that way.

    You know, there is a reason that the “stupid” character in any commercial now is a white male–it is because if it is a woman or a member of a racial minority, the company that created the commercial will receive all kinds of flak for it…..

    Ditto for the “bad guy” in TV shows–How often is the “bad guy” black any more?

    Gay men have basically allowed themselves to become the clowns of network television and we are being laughed AT, not with….and the culprit is clear–activists who delusionally believe that America is going to endear itself to “gender-non-conformists” when it will never do anything but laugh at them as the clowns they are.

  19. says

    openly gay actor BD Wong played gay character on two acclaimed series for nearly 2 decades. Oz. Law & Order SVU. in roles that the wimps here would have to deem “non-stereotypical”

    why doesn’t he count? oh, that’s right. He’s chinese american. you only care about whites.

    oh well.

    the funny thing is this – the gay men who live in fear of “gay stereotypes” and come on here to spew anger about them are sissies themselves. stop worrying about what The Straights are thinking. that’s what wussy little boys do before their balls drop.

    and if you’re such real men, prove it. provide the URL to your own page. but you won’t, because you can’t, because you’re simply not man enough.

    so keep up the anonymous hate. it won’t make your better, it won’t make the lives of the gay men you loathe worse.

    you’re drinking poison and waiting for other people to die from it. they won’t die. and one day you will, realizing you’ve wasted your life by living in fear.

  20. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “And what about Glee? Will and Grace? Sex and the City?”
    I’m not sure if that is a result of the producers or the writers, or the networks insisting on those portrayals for comedy shows. The reality shows also tend toward that type when selecting “real” gays. But that is not all there is. Have you seen the gay character on “Happy Endings”? The ones on Brothers and Sisters, Oz, Torchwood, QAF, Six Feet Under, One Life to Live, Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns? There have been a good variety of gay types on TV.

    But this is off topic. Back to Jason Alexander, please…

  21. says

    i repeat – if you ‘haters of effeminate gay males’ are so manly how come none of you can show yourselves?

    being angry that an “effeminate guy” isn’t as scared of straight guys as you are only makes you the real sissy.

  22. Rick says

    @Darius Krazitauc It’s not off-topic. Not at all.

    Jason Alexander is a Hollywood liberal. Most of the people who produce and cast these shows are Hollywood liberals. And they go out of their way NEVER to portray other minorities in a stereotypical fashion. ONLY gay men are portrayed that way.

    And I have absolutely no doubt that most of these Hollywood liberals (like liberals in general) view gay men much the same way that the general public does–as masculinely deficient and therefore not deserving of social respect, even if they should not be denied fundamental rights of citizenship.

    That is what I am referring to when I say that until the culture changes, whatever poltical battles are won (and those have been few and far between) will be largely of symbolic value and not have any real effect.

    Your point about some of those other shows is fair, although the gay characters in them were all a little “tainted”. The “Max” character on “Happy Endings”, for example, was plenty masculine enough–but he was never shown with a love interest except in one episode…..and in the season-ender this year, ABC undid all the good it did with Max by putting him in a band with a bunch of flaming queens called Mandonna and having them play at a wedding of two other flaming queens.

    The couple on “Brothers and Sisters” argued constantly, as did the couple on “Six Feet Under”–and one of those was stereotypical while the other had serious anger issues that seemed to have to do with his sexuality. The guys on “Oz” were not really gay–they were just in a classic prison relationship.

    I don’t know about the daytime soaps, since I don’t watch them.

    I just want to see some truly masculine guys with normal lives portrayed as gay, for once….and I am just not seeing it.

  23. Mousie says

    Rick sure loves himself some confirmation bias.

    What about Oz? The Wire? The Borgias? Game Of Thrones? All of these shows have or had seriously kick-ass gay characters. Shameless, Spartacus, Dr. Who/Torchwood, Kings, True Blood, The Tudors, Weeds, Battlestar Gallactica, Nip/Tuck, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos… masculine homos in every one.

    Perhaps Rick can’t afford cable?

  24. Bill says

    Boring fat man in wig apparently trying to be “edgy.” Pathetic. Calling cricket gay and the assertive way he stated it: as dated as the tv show he was on. It’s disappointing that the host was too lazy to question/challenge to his comments — I thought Ferguson was cooler than that. Probably just bored out of his mind having to get thru the segment with that has-been.

  25. steve says

    Wow, Towleroad deletes comments because you take their “writers” to task for posting a stupid, irrelevant story, that makes us into whiny babies?

    Andy Towle, I expected so much more of your blog. If you can’t handle criticisms about Andrew, don’t have him write.

  26. MateoM says

    LITTLEKIWI: I know plenty of liberals who have problems with gay people. Not with the existence/equal rights of LGBT individuals, but there are definitely ignorant liberals who expect certain things from our community. One’s political identification does not guarantee how enlightened they are on issues. I’ve been a disappointing “gay friend” for many because I didn’t live up to the stereotypes they expected and desired (which made me wonder if they just wanted me as a pet in the first place). In addition, the sons of liberals that I endured while in scouts were willing and eager to scream “faggot” at me to let me know that being (perceivably) gay was not okay. And this was in West LA. Liberals can be just as bad as the conservatives we vilify.

    Liberal means nothing. It’s just a word/label. Actions speak louder than words.

  27. says

    then they’re not actual “liberals”, mateo.

    i’m not talking about political affiliation, i’m talking about a core set of beliefs and outlooks.

    disappointing gay friend because you weren’t “stereotypical enough”?

    yeah, i’m rolling my eyes at that one, sugar.

  28. Derrick from Philly says

    “No, actually I come from the Dave Kopay/Gareth Thomas wing.”

    Oh, yeah, and if Kopay and Thomas are uncomfortable with the diversity of the Gay world then they come from that Hoover/Cohn/Craig wing also.

    Henry Holland,

    I don’t know whether Rick is openly Gay to his family, co-workers, neighbors–and I don’t care. Based on his comments on this blog he has a hatred (and maybe phobia) of Gay men who have traits, mannerisms, speech sound considered stereotypical or “noticeably Gay”. That’s the main motivation of what drove vicious people like Hoover, Cohn & Craig.

    Some homosexual men like Rick don’t say it but they actually have their own policy of “Don’t ASk, Don’t Tell”. They claim to be out of the closet but to have “peaceful” brief interactions with other people they depend on those folks not knowing that they are Gay.


    If for thousands of years feminine males have been spit at, tortured, raped, forced out of their own families, murdered– and still refused to “butch it up” WHAT makes you think that the vicious criticism of some WANNABE masculine homosexuals are going to change us? You AINT impressed with us, and we surely AINT impressed with you.

    “self-hating queen” hunh?

    A self-hating queen who accepts diversity on this planet, or a misogynistic, racist, paranoid homosexual who hates anybody on the planet who is not like him.

    I accept the queen’s crown, Rick.

  29. Thomas says

    As someone who watches Craig Ferguson’s show regularly I am a little surprised he didn’t say something, that isn’t like him.

    I am pretty forgiving when it comes to homophobic/racists jokes, as long as the jokes are funny and not malicious. There was nothing funny about Jason Alexander’s “queer british sport” bit. He doesn’t like cricket because the men who play it are too effeminate? That is as homophobic as it is sexist. If I am going to be the punch line of your joke, at least make it funny.

  30. Kip says

    I couldn’t remember who he was. And then when I looked up his Twitter account, I was like “oh yeah, the fat, ugly, little bald guy from Seinfeld.” What a creepy, pint-sized bigot. Of course it’s homophobic and unfunny. He needs to meet with GLAAD. Soon. It’s got nothing to do with not having a sense of humor. It’s objecting to negative, homophobic stereotypes, plain and simple.

  31. Henry Holland says

    “But they are specific characters and should not be used to represent all gay or latino people”

    Well sure, but I’m sure you know that’s not the way it works. When there’s so few portrayals of gay men or any other minority on network television, the ones that are there take on more weight. Network is still the bottom line, re-runs of “The Big Bang Theory” on Saturday night draws more viewers than any cable show could hope to.

    “That’s the main motivation of what drove vicious people like Hoover, Cohn & Craig”

    Larry Craig is just an idiot, he doesn’t deserve to be put in the same league as human slime like Hoover & Cohn. Their motivation was power (and the wealth that comes with it), not your Dr. Phil-esque psychoanalysis. A lisping, flaming Quentin Crisp type, that person wasn’t getting anywhere near power. If you were discreet and closeted to the public, maybe, but to be sure, throwing other gays under the bus throws people off the scent, so it’s a win-win for them.

    “oh, that’s right. because you live vicariously through an anonymous profile. that’s not manly. that’s what wimps do”


    You’re as dense as a neutron star. I think my favorite comment I’ve ever read on this site was when you were bullying someone to SHOW YOUR URL! and they wrote back “I’m not going to post the URL to my blog here, I don’t want YOU anywhere near it”. That man deserved a Pulitzer.

    I got cyberstalked about 5 years ago and it was a nightmare. I’ll be damned if I’m going to give an open invitation for that to happen again just so some maroon from Toronto will quit screeching like a deranged hyena about URL’s.

  32. John V says

    I find this baffling. Jason Alexander has a musical theater background, and has been executive director of the “Reprise” music theater revival series in Los Angeles. He worked with Sondheim (who happens to not be effeminate) and must know, and respect, many other gay people. I am shocked that he would not know better.

    There is something disturbingly retro about this…about using “gay” as an insult. I grew with that sh*t, and have no tolerance for anyone, of any age, doing it now.

    Also, by the way, literal limp wrists are very important in basketball — a sport certainly associated with masculinity — including both shooting and dribbling.

  33. Henry Holland says

    “Rick sure loves himself some confirmation bias”

    Let’s take a look at the gay characters of just the shows I’ve watched that you listed [note: I’ve not watched every episode of every show, so if I missed someone let me know]:

    THE WIRE: Omar: A gangasta who deals drugs, causes all sorts of mayhem, dies with a bullet in his head from a kid = gay role model!

    SHAMELESS (UK): Ian: closet case early on, has sex with a closeted Asian shop owner whose wife threatens to cut his balls off when they’re caught, major relationship is with a woman named Maxine = gay role model! [haven’t watched the US version]

    BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Felix Gaeta? Sends a lover to the brig, is a total failure as a leader, ends up shot by a firing squad

    DR WHO/TORCHWOOD: Dr. Jack is omnisexual and his lover Ianto dies, of course, because, gay, duh. I will give you Midshipman Frame, played by the smoking hot Russell Tovey, but that scene with Capt. Jack lasts what? a minute? In all the time and space The Doctor has traveled to, same-sex attraction doesn’t seem to be something he encounters all that often.

    WEEDS: Sanjay? The closet case who deals pot and ends up with a woman?

    THE SOPRANOS: Vito: Married closet case mob hitman, comes out, ends up beaten to death with a pool cue shoved up his butt.

    “masculine homos in every one”

    Hey, they’re butch, let’s overlook that a majority of them are reprehensible characters!

  34. Joseph says

    First, yes, it’s offensive to use “gay” as a derogatory term to describe something as “uncool,” “un-masculine,” etc.

    Second, cricket is one of the few sports I can truly appreciate. I live amidst a large population of Indian immigrants and every weekend, and sometimes weeknights, they’ll have cricket matches in the park across the street. It’s a glorious game to watch, and can be pretty intense. Certainly much more interesting than baseball or American football.

  35. matt says

    Dear @LittleKiwi where did you get your psychologist license? We on this board are sick of your constant hogging, bullying and personal attacks on others who may not share your opinion. As for anonymity, as least we don’t post just to draw traffice to our pathetic personal sites (which should be banned).

  36. Matt Lindsay says

    I can understand peop0le being offended by this , chiefly because it isn’t very funny. But I do think the only thing Alexander is guilty of is cloistered liberal myopia. I think people that live in tolerant enclaves do make these kind of jokes without really thinking about the ramifications once they leave the more cosmopolitan realms of NYC. I look forward to the day when we can incorporate stereotypes and all laugh at each other.

  37. Henry Holland says

    “Certainly much more interesting than baseball”

    Woah, I like cricket and wish that Tests and one-day internationals were available on cable TV here, but let’s not get carried away. :-)

    Mmmmm….Ricky Ponting of Australia….mmmm….

    “Well we all know who will be the featured celebrity in the next condescending “It gets better” video, don’t we?”

    Or worse, the non-apology apology (“I’m sorry if I offended anyone”) press release.

  38. says

    it has nothing to do with “not sharing my opinion” and everything to do with the empirically-proven reality that those with a “different opinion” don’t have the balls to put a face to their opinions or claims.

    by all means, prove me wrong. won’t happen.

    there are some things that are only ever said by self-hating insecure wimps who don’t have the balls to live openly and affect real change.
    you embody it.

    the gays that complain online about “we’re not being represented” never are able to show how they’re representing themselves. because they’re not.

    and that is your prison. 😀

  39. disgusted says

    The comments here disgust me. What Jason said was ignorant. But the ignorance and hate in these comments do nothing but promote further ignorance and hate.

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