JC Penney Still Won’t Kowtow To Anti-Gay Conservatives

6a00d8341c730253ef0163051ebeb4970d-800wiJC Penney garnered plenty of right-wing criticism last year for its decision to hire Ellen DeGeneres as a celebrity spokesperson. Then, earlier this month, those same conservatives — allied under the American Family Association's "One Million Moms" campaign — shook their collective fist at the retailer for including a lesbian couple and their children in a recent catalogue.

JC Penney, however, refuses to give up. Commercial Observer reports that JC Penney, about to open a new location in New York's Soho neighborhood, is standing by their LGBT support, and in doing so they celebrate lesbian mothers everywhere.

"As J.C. Penney focuses on becoming America’s favorite store, we want to be a store for all Americans," a company spokesperson said. “In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re proud that our May book honors women from diverse backgrounds who all share the heartwarming experiences of motherhood.”

I haven't been to a JC Penney in years, but I'm thinking maybe I need to take a second look at the department store's wares.


  1. Joey Y says

    I used to not go to JC Penney because it was starting to seem dated and, frankly, icky inside. Now, however, the guy in charge is the one who created Apple’s retail empire and things really seem to be coming back to life there.

  2. Rin says

    I like their kids clothes and I like Ellen. In fact, I don’t like it when people pick on Ellen so…this is my way of supporting her–kinda like how I refuse to watch anything with Anne Heche in it.

  3. JONES says

    Amazing what the proper management team can accomplish for business and culture. Inclusiveness works. I haven’t set foot in a JC Penney in years mainly because of a personal dislike of malls but it’s time to show them some business support.

  4. Michael says

    When I lived in Jacksonville, JC Penny’s actually had the coolest clothes in the mall. If you haven’t been in a while you might be pleasantly surprised by the selection.

  5. TJ says

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: One Million Receipts. Go buy something there, even if just a pair of socks, and let the sales associate know why you made your purchase.

  6. VDUFFORD says

    Ron Johnson that reorganized Apple and gave Target its design focus has now been working his magic for J.C. Penney’s. Target has gone down hill since he left. He seems to be very sharp indeed!

  7. Tom says

    With JCP’s original courage in refusing to be bullied by the ignorant Right, I switched all my company’s promotional buying of Tshirts, hoodies, etc. to them – a couple thousand dollars worth every two months or so. And at $6 a pop for a fairly high quality polyester blend Tshirt, we’re genuinely saving money, too. I do think it is important for gay dollars to speak up, especially when it’s this easy to do.

  8. randomguy says

    Agree that you should give JCPenney a decent look — at the very least they’re a great place to get Levi’s for cheaper than almost anyplace else. They have a decent amount of reasonably fashionable menswear, and their housewares are roughtly as good as anyone’s. Honestly not a bad store, and I’ll take them anyday over the dreadful Kohl’s.

  9. says

    After reading this post, I went online and ordered some workout tanks from them. nothing special but i thought i’d “thank” them for their support, instead of going to macy’s, like i usually do.

  10. Alex Parrish says

    I have shopped at JCP all along because my partner likes their ‘big-and-tall’ department. I think I’ll being shopping there for myself a little more now.

  11. Chadd says

    I just bought 3 new pairs of Dockers for work. I’d normally get them at Macy’s or Kohls, but this time, for the first time in years, JCP got the $$. It’s the same stuff at basically the same price, but I thought I’d show my support. They had a decent selection of reasonable looking clothes and good prices. Overall, I’m impressed with JCP and it is my new go to place.

  12. johnnyp says

    I recently purchased a toaster and two pair of shorts from JCP just to show my support! YAY. :)

  13. JerzeeMike says

    Stopped by JCP the other day and was REALLY surprised by what I found there. The products there are on par with other retails stores but the prices were significantly lower AND the fact that they’re giving the middle finger to NOM & other right-wing cretins is icing on the cake.

  14. Mark says

    Strange that this comes up as recently I decided to support my own convictions about my gay dollars. The more obvious two are:

    Chick-fil-a? No $$$.
    Wal-Mart? No $$$.

    Wal-Mart was already down to dogfood and water (my water out here in the sticks is nasty! I also have to buy ice! )

    JCP’s stance really puts us to the test. Are we willing to support them as they have us? And now, I will.

  15. says

    I recently had to buy a new suitcase while on vacation. My sister suggested WalMart. I thought about the Ellen DeGeneres flap and said “Is there a Penney’s nearby?”

    It’s become a pretty classy joint.

  16. jim says

    Those 110 Moms need to just give it up. They’re only embarrassing themselves.

    Go JCP!!

  17. Robert says

    For those wondering, JCP is a great place to buy the following:

    –Men’s polos. Best polos I’ve found for under $50, and they’re usually $15.
    –Sheets – the regular JCP brand easy balance sheet sets for $20-$30. My favorite sheets under $100.
    –Household appliances. Their “Cooks” line of appliances are some of the best values on the market — and outperform lots of the big names.

  18. Justin says

    Thank You JCP!!! For making a difference and fighting HATE. Its a huge relief to see a Corporation use their money to better society. The generation of today growing up gets it, and your helping them, and the next! Human Rights is just that, Human Rights for ALL, reguardless of Sex, Race, Religion, or Location…… Religion has nothing to do with Human Rights, its those Rights that let people choose their Religion. Thank You for your support in EQUALITY!!! NO H8!!! ONE LOVE!

  19. thomas mc says

    The only thing the One Thousand Bigots have managed to do, is to give JCP millions of dollars in free advertising in the news, and deliver millions of now loyal gay customers.

    Well, that and making JCP a much nicer place to shop, without all those bigots there.

    Not that they are actually smart enough to ever realize that.