1. wds says

    I think Andy described it quite well as youtube trash…sadly – when I clicked over to see the count – he was over 71,000 views, 968 likes and only 78 dislikes.

    I laughed when I realized he still had the price-tag (scan code) on the brim of his (ahem) hat. Either that, or he has so many of them he’s inventoried them with scan codes.

  2. sparks says

    Geez lighten up, people. It’s just a joke about tricking gays into getting married and not letting them get divorced. I know the guy is a turd, but what he said is kinda funny. Better than what Leno’s writers come up with most of the time.

    *rolls eyes*

  3. RJ says

    it’s a character. he plays a dumb wannabe white gangsta poseur. he’s an internet comedy character, aimed at heterosexuals.

    and the language he uses is inclusive regarding homosexuality. stupid, but inclusive. dumb influential kids will listen to this guy, and retell the same dumb ‘no gay divorce’ joke over and over, all the while reenforcing the underlying idea that the marriage aspect is a non-issue.

    which is to say, way to miss the point, guys.

  4. jamal49 says

    Thanks, folks, for the hysterically funny commentary here! Y’all just made a lousy week blossom into what I hope will be a ROFLMAO kinda weekend.

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