1. JoesBrat67 says

    Precisely! They need to have their tax-exempt status taken away. I’m perplexed as to why more states aren’t moving to make this happen. After all that has happened with question 1, why isn’t something being done?

  2. Greggie says

    Um…why do I have the feeling that it’s unethical for churches to raise money for political contributions? Somethin’ ain’t right.

  3. Henry Juhala says

    This is apparently a Political Action Committee which is soliciting the funds — not the churches. To retain their tax exempt status churches cannot advocate for or against a particular political candidate who is up for election/re-election.

    It is generally understood churches can do their part to help educate on issues as long as they don’t specifically condemn or condone a particular candidate or tell their congregation how to specifically vote on a particular issue. But, they are not constrained from staying out of the political discussion all together. It also appears they are not mixing up their funds to help support any side of the measure. That is why they are taking a separate collection. Those funds thus come from individuals and not from the church. It is a clever, but important distinction. Plus a legally recognized PAC administers the funds and the campaign — not the church.

    However, these churches should be closely monitored to be sure that during the process they abide by the letter of the IRS guidelines and don’t start telling their parishioners how to specifically vote on the law or how to vote for a specific candidate.

  4. jsb says

    Any church that instructs it flock to vote a certain way on any political issue, person or legislation, should lose it’s tax-exempt status permanently. Furthermore, any business owned by a church should be taxed, as should any real estate holdings, other than any reasonably sized church building where regular services are held. Preachers should not be tax free millionaires.

  5. jim says

    Ari, Ari…where the hell is Ari? Need the legality of churches contributing to a PAC and how that affects their tax exempt status explained please!

    I’m very confused here, sounds like everyone else is as well. Something sounds VERY wrong here!

  6. Dave says

    The Christian religions, Catholics, Mormons, Evangelical Christians have been sending ex gay people and Christians pretending to be gay into the gay community to spy and make trouble for the gay communities for some time now. The Christians have been doing this for years and it seems nobody knows about it because it is a covert operation being done by anti-gay Christians who are in the CIA and FBI.

  7. Sean says

    There’s a lot of ignorance on this issue that has to be fought.

    Churches have every right to be involved in political actions. Which is why mainline Protestant congregations were involved in abolition, black churches in the 60s were able to fight segregation, and gay-affirming churches today can march for LGBT rights. This is acceptable and is not unconstitutional.

    What is a problem is when a church explicitly supports a political candidate and campaigns for her or him. That’s it.

  8. Steve says

    >”Churches have every right to be involved in political actions”

    Legally yes, but that’s a huge flaw in the system. Ethically and morally, no they should stay out of it.

    Today there is absolutely no distinction in supporting candidates or a cause. It’s a laughable rationalization. If a church wants to advocate for political causes, they can pay taxes.

  9. Mary says

    I hope Towleroad posters who keep advocating the removal of tax exemption for churches are not imagining that social conservatism and/or anti-gay political sentiment will wither away if churches stay out of politics. Catholics and others can always recruit and fundraise through secular conservative groups, word of which would spread throuh discussion among church members. Whether this organizing is done through a church or not is probably not as significant as it seems.

  10. Tim says

    My church is upset by the contributions by other churches against marriage equality. We believe Jesus said to love one another and it is wrong to attack people who love one another. Simple. We are concern about our tax status so I guess we will have to take up our collection separately.

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