Major DC Comics Character To Come Out Of The Closet

BoosterGoldLast year, during an interview with The Advocate about lesbian superhero Batwoman's solo series, DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio said any additional gay characters in the company's roster would most likely be new.

"One of the things we’re very focused on doing for these types of [LGBT-inclusive] stories is rather than [change an existing] character, we want to make sure that this is the basis of who that character is right from the start," he said.

Apparently he and his colleagues had a change of heart, because Bleeding Cool reports that at the Kapow! convention in London this weekend, DiDio said an established character will soon announce his or her same-sex desires.

DiDio stated that they had changed DC’s policy in this regard. And they are about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and now will be “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

As Bob Wayne explained that, just like the President of the United States, the co-publisher’s policy on this “has evolved.”

There's plenty of speculation among fanboys over who it may be, with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and time traveling self-promoter Booster Gold (pictured) among some of the most popular guesses, but note that DiDio said they'll "reintroduce" an existing character. All three of those heroes are already prominently featured in the company's titles.

Maybe one of the many Supermen from comics past will come back and come out?

Posted May 21, 2012 at 9:36am ETC by Andrew Belonsky
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