1. Olive Yurdic says

    “We are faithful, practicing Mormons who feel like it’s time to reach out with love and understanding to the LGBT community (now that we have spent millions and fought ferociously to successfully keep you from marrying in California).”

  2. says

    I see that “Operation Phony Grass-Roots Image Repair” is in full swing.

    Something tells me that after the election, these “pro-gay” Mormons will be as visible as they were in the wake of Prop 8 (they weren’t).

    After the silly videos from the “students at BYU” and random group of parents who told us we “have same sex attraction” like we “have ADHD” were almost universally thought to be WAY too high and similar in production value to be anything but a high-end job, this is their next step.

    Wonder what those crazy (literally) kids will get up to next.

  3. says

    I see that “Operation Phony Grass-Roots Image Repair” is in full swing.

    Something tells me that after the election, these “pro-gay” Mormons will be as visible as they were in the wake of Prop 8 (they weren’t).

    After the silly videos from the “students at BYU” and random group of parents who told us we “have same sex attraction” like we “have ADHD” were almost universally thought to be WAY too high and similar in production value to be anything but a high-end job, this is their next step.

    Wonder what those crazy (literally) kids will get up to next.

  4. Mary says

    Nullnaught, as classy as ever. Still my favorite Towleroad poster.

    George, Raphael, and Olive, cut these people some slack. They really seem to be trying. It takes time to go from being homophobic to being pro-gay. They are at the beginning stage. They’ll become more liberal if you don’t push them away.

    I’m sure they’ll get flak from fellow Mormons for marching in a gay parade.

  5. Lucien says

    “…it’s time to reach out with love and understanding to the LGBT community.”

    Any effort is better than none. That said, the phrase “and understanding” is flat-out patronizing.

    All men (and women) are created equal. That’s the one and only thing they need to understand.

  6. Religion=Poop says

    Mormons need to realise being gay is not a choice, its not like choosing to belong to a vile cult. We dont recruit door to door like some vile cult.

  7. KP says

    On the one hand, its good to see that they are trying to reach out to the LGBT community. On the other hand, if they still believe gay people should be celibate and not be allowed to get married, I am not sure how comfortable I am with them marching in a Pride Parade.

  8. Graphicjack says

    I would be happy to welcome them if I was organizing the parade. At least it might expose them to more GLBT people, and they might learn that underneath the glitter, spandex and leather, we’re in many ways just like them. We’ll never get anywhere with bigots if we aren’t willing to offer them welcome on “our turf”.

  9. Bri says

    Believe it or not there is some diversity in the Mormon church. (Harry Reid and that Romney guy.) These Mormons that have chosen to stand up and take part in the Parade should be applauded. That is all.

  10. JJ says

    Ugh, it’s really disheartening how naive the SLC Pride organizers are. This is an utterly transparent and cynical election year ploy to make Mormons (i.e., Mitt Romney) look gay friendly.

  11. Randy says

    I share the suspicions expressed by some previous comments.

    If your holiest books still contain condemnations of me, I really don’t want anything to do with you.

  12. the milkman says

    You can’t fund the oppression of a minority group and then think that marching in that group’s parade will do anything to heal the wounds that you yourself inflicted. When the mormons make substantive changes then I’ll pay more attention… But right now all I see are guilty consciences and rightly so.

  13. Kiki says

    As a gay, no-longer-practicing, Mormon, I believe this group is genuine. Mormons are often seen as an unwavering group, but it should be noted that, like many religions, there is a lot of diversity underneath the facade. I’m guessing many of the people involved have gay family members and are simply expressing their support on behalf of their loved-ones. It’s a fantastic step which sends a powerful message to the boys upstairs. While I realize their fight against same-sex marriage was a PR disaster for the church, many Mormons were opposed to the church’s stance. Here in Canada, where gay marriage is already legal, I find that Mormons are a bit more relaxed about the whole thing. I honestly don’t believe that the Mormon Church will ever fully “accept” gay men & women, but their attitude has changed a lot, even in the past ten years. Trust me when I say that these small gestures make a HUGE difference to the young, struggling, terrified, Mormon kid who is afraid his parents and family will denounce him if they know their gay secret.

  14. NullNaught says

    Thank you kindly, Mary. I would like to add some thoughts.
    I find the less than forgiving posts interesting.
    We don’t know this group’s motives, but we can see what they are doing. They say they are not representing the Mormon Church, but themselves instead. We don’t know anything about the individuals who comprise Mormons Building Bridges. They aren’t claiming to have done anything homophobic or to apologizing for anything they did that was wrong. All we know about them is the positive action they are taking to reach out to the gay community, and the “negative” fact that they are Mormons. Isn’t that like not accepting Howard Stern’s apology for using the words fag and faggot for years just because he’s a Jew, and Othodox Jews think we should be put to death? But that wouldn’t happen would it? If it were Howard Stern apologizing for using his position as a shaper of opinion to poison minds against us for a generation and more, we would be falling all over ourselves to accept an apology he admits he is making only for financial reasons.
    I don’t see what these few individuals have done to deserve our hatred and suspicion, other than being born into the wrong religion…

  15. Tommy B says

    Good for them. It seems to me that the LDS Church, like many other churches, has two problems when it comes to LGBT rights. The first problem is that they view being LGBT as a sin. This problem is harmful enough in itself. But the second problem is that the church and many of its members have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their callousness and cruelty toward us. By declaring that homosexuality is the worst sin of all apart from murder, by turfing LGBT people out of the church, by tacitly or explicitly encouraging parents to throw their LGBT kids out on the streets, they have gone well past the point of treating us merely as sinners, and instead have behaved as if we are effectively less than human, undeserving of even basic decency.

    I don’t know if the members of Mormons Building Bridges think that we are doing something wrong just by being who we are. The fact that they are described as “devout” suggests that at least some of them probably do hold that belief. That’s a damn shame, as it continues to do real harm to young LGBT people in particular. But at the same time, it’s fantastic to see people like Erika Munson saying to her community, “hey guys, how about we make an effort to actually treat LGBT people as human beings?” Sure, it only solves part of the problem, but it’s a necessary first step.

  16. Sean says

    Ok, I understand that many of you have been hurt by the power and influence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However, isn’t forgiveness one of the greatest virtues. I’ve lived in Salt Lake for years now, know Mormons on both sides of the aisle, and totally applaud the efforts of this group (that by the way is NOT an official Church-affiliated group by any means) They are truly trying to build a bridge based on love and mutual respect, and I will applaud them LOUDLY on Sunday for I feel they are acting truly Christ-like! I just hope that more in the Mormon faith and other Christian denominations will follow their lead!

  17. Tommy B says

    And one more thing: I don’t know why so many people assume that Mormons all march in lockstep, so that if one group is doing something decent it must be part of some giant conspiracy orchestrated from on high to give cover to the religion’s more dickish adherents. Mormons are not ants or bees: they don’t have some kind of hive-mind.

    I suppose it’s *possible* that Mormons Building Bridges is just a ruse, or a sinister election ploy. But the more likely, more reasonable explanation is that Mormons Building Bridges and the Mormons who campaigned for Proposition 8 are two different groups of people with different ideas about what their religion is all about.

  18. Bob says

    A– small group of mormons wishes things were different, has the typical mormon need to LOOK good.
    B– small group of mormons set up by the church publicity machine to make all of them look better
    C– tiny, tiny crack in the mormon machine

    So, barring a “prophecy from God”, Gays can never have a partner or have sex. If celibate or married to opposite sex, they have a chance to enter the temples.

    I HOPE THE SLC PRIDE FOLKS ARE SKEPTICAL, but using this to their best advantage. Trusting mormons is like herding snakes

  19. Bob says

    @Mary and Kiki and Sean
    Mormon planted trolls or self hating idiots?

    Let’s be plain — individual mormons can do stuff that looks good, but CORE BELIEF of the religion is everyone being together with all the generations of their families in the afterlife. If you do not marry and have kids (the old fashioned way), your family is incomplete for eternity, so you bring them shame.

  20. JJ says

    “However, isn’t forgiveness one of the greatest virtues.”

    Calling it one of the greatest virtues is probably overstating it. But if they had, say, fought against NC Amendment 1 or filed an amicus brief in support of overturning Prop 8, and if they helped to pass marriage equality laws around the country and generally worked to undo the harm they’ve caused that is still ongoing, then yes, they might earn forgiveness.

    But arbitrarily forgiving someone who hasn’t done anything to earn it is not virtuous. And if someone stabs me and thousands of others in the back and then you just up and forgiven them over some trifling gesture, that’s less than unvirtuous. It’s craven and treacherous. You’d be a sympathizer and a quisling.

  21. lookyloo says

    Yikes. Maybe they should take some baby steps by going to some more ‘low key’ LGBT gatherings first.

    I just hope they realize that, like any parade (ie St Paddy’s Day, Mardi Gras), some people and things can be VERY over the top at such an event.

  22. SLCRealist says

    Supportive comments only from self loathers?

    There’s a very desperate mentality among Utah’s gay community in that they’ll “take anything they can get” that remotely resembles acceptance of the LDS machine. It’s a starve/feed mentality. Also former Mormons (of which there are many – the religion has a huge retention problem) retain the brainwashing from their childhoods and still, on some level, desperately seek acceptance from the LDS organization which founded and funds NOM which promotes anti-gay legislation. The comments in support of the Mormon Pride marchers don’t necessarily come from self-loathers, but I think more so from those desperate for any sign of acceptance from what has and continues to be proven as an anti-equality hate group.

    On another note, knowing how the LDS PR machine works, video and pictures will definitely be used to “normalize” the LDS hate group in the eyes of the mainstream population. It can’t go unnoticed that this is the first time there will be a Mormon presence in a Pride parade and it just happens that the GOP POTUS candidate is Mormon. The LDS PR machine is extremely advanced. One member of the Facebook group is “Director -Broadcasts and Events at LDS Church.” Fact. Watch how this token participation is strategically utilized especially during the next 5 months prior to the election.

  23. Dan says

    Sometimes the comments on this board fire me up more than the actual articles. There are almost 6 million Mormons in the US alone and this group comprises of 100 people. In no way do they represent the Mormon hierarchy or decision makers. They is no reason to not take them at their word, that they just want to reach out. I see nothing wrong with this gesture at all. The funny thing is, when they encounter people on the parade route who think like half of these commenters, who boo them and question their motives, they might wonder why they reached out in the first place.

  24. TampaZeke says

    Marching in a Pride parade while still actively funding, supporting and promoting referendums and politicians that are against the civil equality of gays is a bit like Target selling Pride Tee shirts while continuing to donate big money to rabidly anti-gay politicians.

    Both are PR stunts to change the public image while it’s business as usual behind the scenes.

  25. SLCRealist says

    Dan, these are “active” (you likely don’t know what this really means) Utah Mormons. If you haven’t live here for many years, you can’t understand the culture. The “reaching out” is not out of “acceptance” but rather to try to stop Mormon teens from killing themselves so they will live longer so “THE Church” will have a chance to heal them of their “same sex attraction.” Look at the site and give the insight of gay people like me who live here a bit more weight. This is a PR move orchestrated by the LDS organization.

  26. Steve R says

    I was a member of the LDS church and still attend. I have been excommunicated twice (which I am highly ashamed of). I lost my membership because I was involved in sexual relationships with people of my sex. The church will NEVER accept same sex relationships and although I am still involved with this I know that the church standing is right. Same sex relationships are wrong.Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ provide a way out….it will be hard but it will be worth it.

  27. Steve R says

    The Lord knows the righteous and non righteous desires of your heart. He will support your righteous desires. He loves the sinner not the sin.

  28. Brandon says

    I can understand how for those who have had little dealings with the Mormon church, much less have no experience living in Salt Lake City, this group’s involvement in the Utah Pride parade looks like some sort of Romney PR stunt and that the Utah Pride organizers have been hoodwinked. Cynical? Yes. Accurate? No. Believe it or not, we have allies in the Mormon church — some of whom appear to be those 100 or so folks who will join in Utah Pride festivities. I don’t believe their involvement in the parade amounts to a tacit acceptance of the Mormon church’s official position on homosexuality.

  29. Rick says

    Oh, God. Do some of you believe that we are ever going to effect real change in society if only 40% of the population are supportive of us?

    If not, then what good do you think you are doing when, every time an individual or a group of individuals from a group that has historically been hostile to us takes a positive step in our direction….., you attack them and try to alienate them instead of being supportive and encouraging?

    Are you just not intelligent enough to see the effect that has?…..or is the problem that you really don’t want homophobia to be eradicated because then you would have nothing to complain about and your purpose in life would disappear?


  30. says

    When i was at the National Equality March in 2009 i met a terrific group of straight ex-Mormons. They all were in their 20s, and left the LDS after they told me that in week after week, their ministers were telling them whom to vote for, where to put their political donations, and anti-gay this and that. They simply realized they were no longer part of a religious group that worked to promote love and help, but a cult that seeks to control via fear and oppression.

    the only good mormon is an ex-mormon, and not just because of the LDS’ anti-gay stances. but, hey, this is a step. and apparently we still need to applaud baby steps, so i will.

    but there’s more to healing and building bridges than a simple march in a parade, although i appreciate “the gesture” – one must also stand up against bigotry, and stand up for LGBT people while IN CHURCH. IN THE TEMPLES. that’s where the change needs to come. it’s not about convincing gays that Mormons “aren’t all bad”, but about getting Mormons to end their historic anti-gay bigotry.

    we didn’t start the fire.

  31. MIleHighJoe says

    I applaud these people for trying to make a dent in Utah’s first-place national finish in suicide rates.

    It’s called a Step in the Right Direction and will surely lead to better things. If you think this has anything to do with Mitt Romney, I feel bad for you, girl.

  32. NullNaught says

    Littlekiwi says “The only good mormon is an ex-mormon” because he is a rank bigot. What an ugly hate-ball he is. He can never say anything positive about anyone/anything with out twisting a knife somewhere.
    Churches change. Believe it or not, many churches in the U.S. supported slavery. Not one of them does today. Maybe it will take a long time, but littlekiwi is a evil because he tells people that it won’t. Is he that ignorant of history, or is he just using their religion as an excuse to bash them? He is just as ugly as the homophobes who say the same things about gay people. He is as ugly as any hate-filled pastor in his own way.
    The gay community does not need the baggage of religious intollerance to be holding us back. We will not be fully accepted until we call out these religious biggots amongst us and show the rest of the community that we are not all twisted hate-filled ugliness like Littlekiwi. We need to shun such people into changing their anti-social behaviour.

  33. says

    <—lifelong member of the United Church of Canada, which has been on the forefront of LGBT Equality for decades. Openly supportive champions of the LGBT Communities, and of those from different walks of life. No dogma, no false claims to “one true faith”, and a humanist approach to scripture – viewing the judeo-christian bible as a book of allegories to inspire, not a book of “history” that must be seen as “truth.”

    and if you want to show “the rest of the community” that you’re, ahem, “not like me”, you can start by providing the URL to your own page or youtube video where you, you know, show who you are and how unlike me you are.


    i know how history works. and i know that change doesn’t come from invisibility and silence.

    a letter from a good friend of mine and former-Mormon, printed with permission.

  34. NullNaught says

    Please someone (TJ?) explain to Kiwi that th statement “the only good mormon is an ex-morman” is a hatefull bigoted thing to say. He is too stupid to see it when it is pointed out to him. Also, while you are at it, attempt to explain to kiwi what it means when I ask him how to show a url. He has acknowledged before that he believes I don’t know how to do this, but he keeps demanding I do without explaining to me how. How stupid can a person be? What an inane thing to do, to tell a person to do a thing you have admitted they don’t know how to do.
    He is just an a$$hole troll on here trying to make gay liberals look stupid and like traitors to the gay community. Notice that troll is always attacking gay people? That is because he hates us. If he were gay, he must be self-loathing in the extreme.
    I honestly feel sorry for the train-wreck.

  35. says

    those links i posted. those are URLs.

    you can make a youtube video or create a homepage, and you can provide the link to it and send it around to everyone so you can show everyone that you’re not a horrible gay person like me 😀

    that’s a URL.


    now, you’ve called on people to show that you’re not all like me. you can start by standing up to be counted, and showing who you are. right here, right now.


  36. NullNaught says

    I don’t want you to think I believe I have any reason to give up my anonymity. I was pointing out your stupidity in asking me to do something you knew full well I knew not how to do. I didn’t even know what you were refering to. I am not rising to your bait. I need not give up my anonymity to demonstrate that I am different than you. You have never changed you mind on anything in all the time I have been here and probably since you were a teenager as I had pegged you as such until I realized if you said the truth you must be about 30. I differ from you markedly as I learn from my mistakes and don’t remake the exact same ones. I listen assuming I could be wrong, probably am. I defend myself usually without resort to ad hominem (or at least usually with the intent to avoid it – I make an exception with you as you are hatefull in your expression of the trauma you have been through) rigorously and change my mind when I have been shown to be going on dated or simply wrong facts. You don’t appear to be able to do this.
    What is a homepage? How do I get a homepage? Can I do so while avoiding Facebook? I sincerely wish to know these things as I might post something if I knew how. “One never knows, do one?” – Fats Waller.

  37. Mundus says

    Teensy bit cynical in some of the responses here – this lady strikes me as sincere and it is refreshing to see a group actually try and compromise and reach out – more power to their elbow!

  38. Jeffrey Bryant Bishop says

    Tolerence. It goes both ways. It may take a generation before the LDS church is able to accept gay marriage, but tolerence is not a word to be despised. Love your neighbor. Be they black or white. Mormon or Jewish. In the end, it matters nothing whether we agree or disagree, what matters is the faith in our principles, that is; the content of our character. Despite whatever it is that is the basis of our prejudices against one another, the walls of Jericho must fall against the tide of overwhelming empathy to the need to be one with our fellow human beings.

  39. SLCRealist says

    The SLC “Pride” parade should be called the “Shame” parade. The organizers had NO chance to decline the request of some Mormons to march in the parade. Mormons Building Bridges Facebook group “takes no stance” on gay marriage. They’re seeking absolution and forgiveness while offering the extremely desperate GLBT community in SLC a “crumb” of hope for “tolerance.” People have commented that SLC’s GLBT community is no different than battered women and such…this is extremely accurate.

    This group is doing “LDS missionary” work which is “officially” unsanctioned by the LDS cult (how convenient.) This “Shame” parade sickens me as the Marching Mormons will be right behind the grand marshal. Disgustingly desperate. There’s no “pride” to be found here in Utah.

    The “pro” comments are from either people who don’t live here and understand how everyday life works in Utah, or from former Mormons who are desperately seeking crumbs like hungry vermin. I’ll toss in the myopic optimists too.

    The Pride Marching Mormons aren’t present to show support of the GLBT community, but rather to exonerate themselves from the extensive and ongoing damage they’ve done (and do) to the GLBT community. They also know that they couldn’t be denied their request to march in the parade.

    If you don’t live here, you really can’t understand what everyday life is like for gay people. If you don’t live here, keep your optimism to yourselves because you truly don’t understand the oppression and bigotry inflicted on the GLBT community by the LDS cult and culture.

    I’m glad many who have commented are able to see past this patronizing ruse.

  40. Kim says

    I do not hate the gay community but I do think their actions are acceptable and I wish they would quit trying to push their agenda down our throat. I’m not homophobic (I don’t secretly wish I was one of them). We are in control of our own thoughts and actions and for a group of people to say they cannot control themselves and they cannot help their own behavior is an insult to all humans.

  41. Dan says

    Being mad at mormons for not earning your forgiveness? Ha! Seems like you should be happy they don’t run you out of town. No one wants to know who you sodomize, and it seems like you would be grateful that no one enforces the sodomy laws against you…

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