1. Bob says

    George Romney was the governor of the state of the time his son was playing ring leader of the boys .
    in 1965 a governor’s son was expected to act better than the other kids

  2. David Hearn says

    I don’t give a rat’s ass what Mitt Romney did in high school. The gay community has certainly suffered insults and crimes at the hands of others, but we can’t do a lot about what is in the past.

    We need to ask ourselves and each other if we are doing everything we can to never let homophobia go unchallenged in our daily lives. Can any of us answer that we are?

    Never let the word “faggot” go unchallenged, even if it’s not actually directed to you as a gay person.

    And always carry a gun.

  3. VDUFFORD says

    Nitwit Mitt being a Mormon must feel a huge amount of bigotry and discrimination from the Evangelical Christians.Today he is going to make a speech to the core of that group.He will persecute Gays but will not even mention or defend his own Mormon faith that is under persecution from that very group.
    Who in there right mind would trust or even like a guy like that?
    Will the the press highlight this really telling hypocrisy?

  4. james says

    Mr. Romney’s views on marriage are entwined with unique Mormon theology about marriage, which goes way beyond “one man / one woman.” (Skip the polygamy stuff. The LDS has not promoted polygamy for over 100 years and expels those who do.)

    In Mormon theology, marriages are sealed for eternity in a sealing ceremony that takes place only in a Mormon Temple. Only Mormons in good standing with their local congregation are allowed inside a Temple.

    A sealed marriage continues after death. The couple continues to produce “spirit children” who await “earth parents.” This is one reason Mormon families tend to have more children than non-Mormon families.

    The LDS church must limit marriage to one man / one woman so there will be a sufficient supply of “spirit children.” This unique theology is rarely described to the wider public.

    Other Christian groups do not — repeat — do not hold this theology, either of marriage continuing after death or of unborn “spirit children.”

  5. kit says

    Everyone who has ever been bullied — and that is A LOT of us — should take this moment to write down our stories and send them to this sadist. Maybe if he is flooded with thousands of stories from people who have been victimized by bullies like him, somehow he will begin to understand that what he did was wrong. Or am I too optimistic? Is it too late for him to ever grow a conscience or a heart?

  6. Michaelandfred says

    Um, sorry, but I can’t hear this anymore from people. “We all did stupid things in high school.” Yes, most of us did, and at the most it involved being stupid and mean spirited and often not having the courage, or life experience, to stand up and do the right thing. The vast, vast majority of us never did the kind of big time, harmful, dangerous or life threatening kind of bullying. That was only one or two really deranged individuals and everyone but them knew how far it had crossed a line. All of Mitt’s friends did because they ALL remember and over the years actually apologized to the guy because they couldn’t get it out of their heads.

    Mitt doesn’t even remember it, let alone feel remorse. In fact, in a presidential campaign, he didn’t even have the ability to “pretend” remorse knowing that is the socially acceptable thing to do. Even the dumbest of us know what to say and not to say during a job interview or first date… Not Mitt. He doesn’t seem to even be able to grasp the idea that even though he might think it was ok, normal people expect a certain reaction to that kind of abuse. There is something wrong with this man. He doesn’t get why this was bad, why people are shocked about him tying his dog to the roof, and a whole host of other comments he’s made that seem to show he has zero empathy or really knows right from wrong.

    Most people at least get when and where they have to “pretend”… but he’s so far gone he doesn’t even get that.

  7. Lymis says

    The man was the governor of the first state to legalize same-sex marriage when it was legalized. He is still a resident of that state.

    He of all people should not get a pass on sweeping statements like “a whole host of problems, for families, for the law, for the practice of religion, for education….”

    Exactly what problems? What happened in Massachusetts that needs to be prevented everywhere else? Details, Mitt.

    What it comes down to is that a few bigots lost the cover of the law. Other than that, what problems are there?

    Kids might find out that there are gay people? Your neighbors might have a private sex life you disapprove of? For this we need an amendment to the US Constitution?

  8. Charlie-o says

    They say that a lot of gay venture capitalists who made substantial contributions to the campaign for same-sex marriage in New York are also big contributors to Romney’s campaign.

    Who are these gay venture capitalists? How can they contribute Romney’s campaign? Is money more important than anything else? I’d really like to have their names on record.

  9. DrMikey says

    If you watched the Hardball segment where Barney Frank, along with Mathews, ripped another hole in Tony Perkins you might recall Barney saying that Mitt has an evil at his core. Barney was forced to know and deal with Mitt while Mitt was governor of MA which Barney still represents in the House. The evil which produced the violent bullying incident in prep school is still there, just more nuanced and usually hidden from those who might vote for him. I think we will witness more of his real self as we approach November.

  10. says

    I’m just stunned at how this week revealed the true colours of a lot of gay conservatives. They’ve bent over backward to find *reasons* to be angry, critical and dismissive of Obama’s pro-Equality stance.

    Vocalizing upset and bitterness that, for the first time in American history, a sitting President has vocally supported marriage for gay couples.

    And then they become instantly silent when ALL of the leading GOP contenders condemn the President and use his support as a chance to express their own anti-gay bigotry. Which, of course, gay republicans are silent about.

    This is why the GOP doesn’t support LGBT Equality – because you gay republicans are so browbeaten and devoid of self-worth, respect, and dignity that you can’t even command respect as LGBT people. YOu don’t respect yourselves, and then wonder why the GOP doesn’t respect you.

    For once in your pathetic lives take a good look at the “gay liberals” you wish to distance yourselves from; there’s a reason their “non-gay liberal” friends, family and communities wholly support them, and it’s because they’re upstanding citizens of worth who make it clear they deserve Equality.

    at some point gay republicans need to look at themselves and realize that “their way of doing things” frankly doesn’t work.

    or you can keep supporting the Romneys of the world and expecting liberals to do all the work for you that “your own people” will never, ever, do. it’d just be nice if y’all grew a spine for once.

  11. Jerry6 says

    Mr. Romney was wielding the scissors while the boy they were tormenting was strugaling (SP)to get away. How very fortunate for Mr.Romney that he did not end up blinding the boy with those scissors.(And do not try to make us believe that you do not REMEMBER doing the act; Unless you did so many things like that in your youth that it is hard to remember the details of this one.)

    I would not vote for you for dog catcher for fear of what you might do to dogs that cannot speak.

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