1. chris says

    This coming from a man whose family tree includes people who believed marriage was between one man and a woman, another woman, and another woman.

    STFU Mitt.

  2. Marie Cohn says

    Bottom line: A Pentecostal Madrassa doesn’t go for Mormon “cultists.” The first intentional applause line on the economy demonstrates that.

  3. julia says

    i’m a straight female RN and Mitt Romney i’m glad you have taken the role of “judicator” away from Jesus and judge the hell out of everyone who isn’t like you. My gay best friend deserves better than you and so don’t i

  4. Caliban says

    It’s not all sunshine and lollipops at Liberty University in regard to Mitt Romney being asked to give this year’s commencement speech. As stated above, Evangelicals do NOT like Mormons, believe they’re heretics, and that they aren’t Christian. (And frankly they’re right about that. Just because Jesus is IN The Book Of Mormon doesn’t mean squat. The mythology is entirely different. Jesus shows up fairly often on South Park, but that doesn’t make South Park a “Christian” show, now does it? Same difference when you get right down to it.)

    Back when it was announced , the comments about it grew to 700+ VERY pissed-off fundies who DID NOT like the fact a heretic would be speaking at their graduation! Liberty deleted the ENTIRE comments section then put the announcement back up, no comments allowed. The whole story was covered by a few blogs several weeks back.

    Keep in mind this is a school where some students complained when the Drama department [someone should ask God why Liberty U even HAS a drama dept!] was putting on a production of Peter Pan when Jesus isn’t in the play, plus it has that evil pagan fairy Tinkerbell in it!

  5. says

    Romney’s Magic Mormon Underwear protects him from the evils of the world including socialism, homosexuality and taxes on his inherited wealth. Can these sacred garments also make it rain down enough cash for a victory in the race since well over 90% of public offices are bought in our country? Drop by to discuss tighty whities and the role of money in politics at

  6. Frank says

    So the phoniest, most pandering, most transparently hypocritical shyster to ever seek public office, a man who changes his mind in the middle of a sentence, who has the charisma of a chair, who made his money on the backs of the unfortunate, who believes in a phony religion with absurd tenets dreamed up in the drunken haze of a cult leader, who attacked a young man with scissors, yammers on about “values” and “freedom” at a phony university where freedom of speech, action and thought do not exist, where “values” consist of dogmatic decrees from Christofascists, established by one of the most insane, divisive zealots and snake oil salesmen ever to litter the planet, a university whose only goal is to train future religious fanatics of tomorrow to clog our courts and twist our legal system into a theocracy, a university with faculty and board stacked with liars, bigots, extremists, tax cheats, academic frauds and other revisionist nuts, a university whose media arm daily repeats old lies about minorities and invents new ones, a university whose legal wing distorts and rapes the legal system. Makes perfect sense.

  7. Liberty U. exam question says

    Complete this sentence:

    “Marriage is between one man and one woman….”
    A) …for all time.
    B) …at a time.

    If you pick (A) then you should want to outlaw divorce.

    If you pick (B) then you favor serial monogamy, which is like polygamy over time.

    Clearly society choses (B). Which underscores the hypocrisy of the Republican argument. Divorce is more damaging to children than any other factor in a marriage. And yet Republicans not only want to keep divorce legal, they wallow in it.

  8. andrew says

    You can be sure that many of those students and faculty at Liberty Indoctranation Center believe that Romney is heading to “hell” because he is a Mormon. That is one of the fundamentalists teachings.

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