1. candide001 says

    A pre-view of life in the US if Romney wins and we continue on our path toward theocracy.

  2. chris255 says

    You would think after all that’s happened in the last century the governments would learn.. Apparently not.

  3. GraphicJack says

    Big surprise… it’s the peaceful demonstrators that get arrested, not the ones throwing punches. Nikolai Alexeyev is one of the bravest people around. That he keeps fighting for equal rights in such a draconian culture is heroic.

  4. says

    The Russian authorities, particularly in St.Petersburg and Moscow are the most xenophobic and homophobic anywhere in Europe………these brothers of ours deserve our support see:

    And among these anti gay counter demonstrators are the Church ( Orthodox and christian) and the skinheads/fascists in an Unholy Alliance.