New Zealand Teen Beaten Unconscious in Anti-Gay Attack


A gay New Zealand teen suffered cuts to his face, and a bruised nose, ribs and spine after an assault over the weekend in Auckland, the New Zealand Herald reports:

Zakk d'Larte, 18, was dropped off by friends at a boat party about 7pm and was walking back to his apartment in the city centre when three men started to approach him wolf-whistling.

"I think they thought I was a girl because they were calling me 'sweetie' and all that sort of stuff." As they drew closer, the three men realised Mr d'Larte was male and he said there was a rapid change in their behaviour and attitude. "It went straight to aggression. They were calling me disgusting – just really homophobic kind of comments."

Mr d'Larte was pushed around and when he fell to the ground, the men started kicking him and he lost consciousness. He woke up three and a half hours later in a gutter at the marina.


  1. John says

    Were the world less homophobic maybe the men would have laughed it off. However, upon finding out that the attractive person they had whistled at was a fellow male they thought (I use the term loosely) that they had to attack the young man to defend their heterosexual identities or risk acknowledging the blurry lines of gender and sexuality. The thought of any part of them being gay was so frightening that they had self-hatingly beat it away. I am glad Mr. d’Larte is well, all things considered.

  2. says


    i’m not from new zealand, nor have i ever visited, nor is anyone from my family from new zealand. i’m scots-canadian.

    littlekiwi is a literary reference; a character from the “Buddies Cycle” of novels by gay NY author Ethan Mordden.

    but once again thanks for coming on to prove how obsessed you are with me. i’m like your god or something. it’s kinda funny.

    p.s. how’s your fake dead dad? still fake dead? well aint he the lucky one 😀

  3. says

    and i hope this young man’s heart recovers. events like this can really affect a person’s sense of self and safety. i hope his sharing of this horrific attack inspires a wake-up for compassion, empathy and understanding from the non-gay communities of new zealand. which i’ve never been to.

  4. jct says

    well ratbastard, as an american who has lived in New Zealand for 7 years, I’m more than happy to tell you than New Zealand is still far better than that hell hole I escaped. This kind of attack is quite the anomaly, and society here is in fact far less judgmental about everything, not just gay issues. We had a minor fringe party who embraced the same ideological nonsense as the republican party who were ignored and went bankrupt. I can’t stand our conservative PM, but still can acknowledge that he is more socially liberal than at least half of the american democratic party.
    SO in closing. STFU.

  5. ratbastard says


    I’m sorry you grew up in a ‘hellhole’. I’m sure there are people in N.Z. living in ‘hellholes’ also. Everything is relative.

    @Little Canadian [Scots-Canadian? How original]:

    Yes, my father is dead. He died about 15 years ago, after living in excruciating pain for 10 years after being assaulted and shot in the back with a small .22 caliber.

  6. ratbastard says

    And if you lived in NYC as you claim Little Canadian, you’d know that random street crime and ‘gun’ violence is quite common especially in ‘minority’ neighborhoods. I can inform everybody reading this that before the internet, a lot of violent crime went un reported by the media of the day. Even today, most crime goes unreported except maybe police blogs.

  7. says

    Your dead no doubt was relieved to no longer have to be around you.

    And i lived in brooklyn, among my mostly-ethnic brothers and sisters. life was amazing.

    yeah. right. there was no reporting of crimes before the internet. yeah. right. sad thing – your real life dad probably wishes he had the same fate as your imaginary online-alias’ dad.

  8. Contrarian says

    Enough with the ad hominem attacks and the silliness of claiming you can psychoanalyze a stranger over an internet connection sight unseen. You in Canada, grow the F**k up and stop pretending you are the gay Pope instructing the heretics in the true orthodoxy of perfect gay dogma. You “Ratbastard” (and your other names/identities) stop obsessing with Kleine Vogel. New Zealand is a delighful small country and not comparable to our huge messy diverse nation. Apples and oranges, so it’s a bit unfair to say we don’t live up to their standards.

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