1. David says

    As far as what’s going on in Maine, I hope that the Justice Department and the IRS are keeping an eye on this flagrant violation of US law, under which churches have tax-exempt status as long as they remain apolitical.

  2. JT says

    The photos of the Naval Academy plebes caused me to think of two things: 1. There were no women plebes any where to be seen. So the sexism continues. 2. Are we certain this wasn’t an A&F ad? There wer only three people of color in that group of ultra-fit young men.

  3. Mark says

    @JT – there are women at this event. In other pics and videos they are there. So the sexism doesn’t continue.

  4. Jeff says

    @JT: The title of this collection of pics is “The Ultimate Collection Of Hot Shirtless Navy Guys Climbing A Monument Covered In Lard” so it makes sense there are no women in the pics.

  5. revchicoucc says

    @David. Churches can raise funds and participate in issue campaigns. They can take positions on a public policy matter. Clergy can express their views on a public policy matter, even using church resources, such as letterhead, newsletter, or website.

    Churches cannot raise funds or participate in candidate campaigns either by supporting a candidate or opposing one. Clergy can say who they are voting for, but cannot tell others who to vote for and they cannot use church resources to communicate their personal voting plans.

    I’m a United Church of Christ minister. So I can have a candidate bumper sticker on my own car, encourage people to vote without mentioning any names, promote marriage equality all I want, including fundraising.

  6. james says

    The Navy pics made me wonder if the Naval Academy won’t admit men with hairy chests. Hardly any of those in the pictures either. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, just sayin’

  7. Jude says

    @JT: In addition to what Mark and Jeff said, it looks like there is a light brown haired girl in pic #8 and a brunette in #39. We don’t get to see their faces but I assume that Navy men aren’t allowed to have long hair, are they?

  8. ratbastard says


    PLEASE stop using the phrase ‘people of color’. It’s obnoxious, factually incorrect if the definition leaves out ‘white’ people, and a twisting of the English language. ‘People of color’ should be spoken and written in English as ‘colored people’.

    ALL major institutions, public and private, in our society, bend over backwards to recruit and retain ‘minorities’ including [especially] females. This has been the case for at least 40 years. There are multiple laws that discriminate IN FAVOR of ‘minorities’ and females. In the private sector companies are PAID in the form of tax credits to hire ‘oppressed minorities’. The federal government also vigorously investigates and prosecutes both real and alleged ‘biases’ in hiring and recruiting, and corporations and institutions are well aware of this. Finally, there are MANY ‘advocates’ who routinely sue for the ‘rights’ of ‘oppressed minorities’. These law suits are feared by companies and institutions both for the legal costs [$] and publicity.

    ANY honest HR person and/or recruiter will back up what I wrote above.

  9. jamal49 says

    That phallic-looking things the Naval Cadets were climbing? It looks like it was greased up with Crisco. Very interesting. Especially the guy who made it to the top and sat, um, straddling it with open legs. Very, very interesting.

  10. jamal49 says

    @RATBASTARD: your comments are so factually incorrect and intellectually vapid that…. never mind. Enjoy your white weekend.

  11. DannyEastVillage says

    @James: I think straight guys have learned a lot about waxing and shaving from their gay buds. They’d do it for the same reason, after all: so that it’s easer to see how defined they are. And why shouldn’t they be as proud of their bodies as their gay buds?

  12. tinkerbelle says

    @Jamal49 — he ain’t called RatBastard for nothing, take it as it comes, sometimes he brings up an interesting point. In any event you will NEVER ESCAPE HIM.

    Navy academy pics—check out the frustrated chicks at Gawker. They just aren’t gettin’ this… this… wonderful celebration of what it is to be a MAN. By the way, the one hairy chest (on the link, lots of juicy goo) happens to have been shaved and regrown (or simply trimmed). What straight man has time for that?

    I’m going to bed. Nite.

  13. says

    ratbastard has a fake “life-story’ in which he justifies his hatred for “blacks” because “blacks” shot his father, who later died. and, oh, it was never reported in any form of newsmedia whatsoever. because the news never reports on things like that. at all. ever.

    so, that’s his fake troll story. the ironic part: were it true we should only be condemning those “blacks” for not getting to his father before the ol’rat was born.

  14. says

    Will somebody please say it. No two ways about it, but anal intercourse hurts like hell. There is a very small, and I mean very small window where it might be enjoyable — drunk and in your early teens — lust helps that one.