1. Stella says

    I can’t believe I missed this when it aired. I love Beth and Adam. They’re two people that live their life openly, flaws and all. Proud to call myself a fan.

    Beth is so funny. She cracks me up.

  2. Thomas says

    Beth is hilarious! If she did more television appearances here in the States she would be just as successful as she is in the UK. It was fun seeing Adam and Andy try and keep up with her.

  3. mike128 says

    I love Beth Ditto. She would be the most loved musician in the world if her look and sexuality fit better into the marketing machine’s box. Gossip’s new album is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time. And her solo EP was amazing. Can’t say enough good things about her…

  4. MarkUs says

    Wasn’t Clay Aiken on CNN for an hour long interview and on ABC News Sunday recently arguing for gay marriage acceptance, and Adam can’t think of anything nice to say?

  5. Randy says

    “This content … is currently … unavailable.”

    But they have no problem making me download a stupid audio clip telling me it’s not available. I have to pay for that.

    Whoever owns this content, you suck.

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