Obama ‘Disappointed’ by Passage of Amendment One in NC

The Obama campaign reacted to passage last night of Amendment One in North Carolina with language we've heard many times in the past weeks and months.

Politico reports:

Barack_obama“The President has long opposed divisive and discriminatory efforts to deny rights and benefits to same sex couples," Obama's North Carolina spokesman Cameron French said in a statement.

"He believes the North Carolina measure singles out and discriminates against committed gay and lesbian couples, which is why he did not support it. President Obama has long believed that gay and lesbian couples deserve the same rights and legal protections as straight couples and is disappointed in the passage of this amendment," French said.


  1. shimichael Burich says

    In President Obama, I voted for a leader; what I got was just another follower of polls. Obama won’t take a real stand until AFTER we vote in his next election. Though living in a progressive bubble, Asheville NC, I am devastated and heartbroken. All I can think today is of moving back to San Francisco but I know I must stay and fight this kind ignorance and hatred.

  2. Ellipse Kirk says

    I am not disappointed in NC, I am scared of the open hatred and vilification.

    I am disappointed a leader who adamantly refuses to actually lead on this issue.

  3. Carson says

    Okay, so we know he is disappointed. Now what is he going to do about it? He is our president, after all. Show us a win for the LGBT community, show the zealots that we will only work harder now and we aren’t going anywhere.

  4. Jeff says

    Great idea Terry, how do we get that ball rolling? Change.org petition, email the White House? We have to do something to show that hate DOESN’T WIN!!

  5. kpo5 says

    Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan – two HUGE wins for the LGBT community.

    Your vote for Obama will ensure a few more.

    It Mittens wins, all bets are off.

    SCOTUS gave a 9-0 smackdown of Loving v. Virginia. We’re going to need all the help we can get for a 5-4 on DOMA.

  6. bobbyjoe says

    I really don’t get Obama’s strategy at all. So he won’t say he’s for same-sex marriage, presumably so he can keep states like NC in play, but then he turns around and says how disappointed he is with the way things turned out in NC, which is going to suggest to all sides that Obama supports same-sex marriage, which seems like it would piss off the same people in NC that Obama was presumably trying to cave to.

    I could see if he wouldn’t say he was for same-sex marriage and then kept his mouth shut about the NC results. Or I could see if he was publicly for same-sex marriage and then said how disappointed he was with the NC results.

    But, really, the way he’s doing things is maddening and bizarre. Is this making him look good to anyone? From any side?

  7. says

    Ok. Emo prog queens. He has proven time and time again that he is for us. He has done more for us than any other Dem. President. Quit being one issue emo progs. He has stopped defending DOMA in the courts. He has pledged to sign Feinstein’s bill to repeal DOMA. Give him a f’ing break. Let’s get him re-elected. This election is TOO CRITICAL to be one issue right now. Don’t stay home like so many did in 2010. Look what happens when people stay home from the polls: NC, voter ID laws, rolling back abortion rights . . .

  8. Christopher Lines says

    He had a huge economic mess to deal with when he came into office . . . Remember what we had for 8 long scary years known as the G.W. Bush years. Romney has pledged with NOM to introduce a Constitutional amendment like the one in NC. Get over your emo selves.

  9. bobbyjoe says


    Well, I for one, am trying to get him re-elected, but I question if he’s being very helpful with that process by trying to be everything to everybody, looking incredibly weak, and really just not pleasing anyone.

    Again, sure it’d be great if he endorsed same-sex marriage, but on the other hand if he wants to cynically cave to anti-marriage homophobes to keep their votes in play, then he can’t simultaneously be putting out statements that seem to contradict his supposed anti-marriage stance. Bizarre mixed messages are not a campaign strategy, they’re campaign stupidity.

    What Obama is doing here is helping undercut the highly useful meme of Romney being a big flip-flopping waffler. If Obama acts like he’s doing with the same-sex marriage issue, he loses that upper-hand. Obama can’t be the “decisive” candidate if he’s handing Romney ammo about the President’s own weird back-and-forths.

  10. elg/edwin says

    I hope you misguided white gay activists GIVE UP, starting now, trying to get Obama to endorse same sex marriage before election day.

    Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage before election day would ONLY provoke the right wingers, who HATE gay/lesbian people, into voting for Romney – a man who many of them do not especially like.

    I hope Obama can resist the intense pressure from some white gay activists (and the media and Republicans) to endorse same-sex marriage before election day.

    If Obama comes out in favor of same-sex marriage before election day, he will be defeated in November. For sure.

  11. acorlando says

    Obama carried North Carolina by a narrow marging in 2008. As disappointed as I am in the outcome in NC, realize that it was 61% to 39%. His voice would not have changed the outcome. And would cost him votes in the South come November.
    I know, we all want more from him. But as KP05 mentions above, with the Supreme Court sitting so tenuosly, we have to do everything to ensure his re election.

  12. Jersey says

    Oh, Obama, we hardly need you rubbing salt in the wound so soon so I suggest you take your racist friend ELG/Edwin and get lost till a later date.

  13. MiddleoftheRoader says

    Finally, some people with common sense have posted comments here.
    FACT: If Obama EXPLICITLY endorses same-sex marriage, he is going to lose in November. The vote on Amendment 1 in N.C. proves that in Southern or Midwestern states (N.C., VA, FL, OH, PA, etc), a LARGE majority of voters are strongly against same-sex marriage.
    FACT: Republicans used same-sex marriage to win OH in 2000, as churches and right-wingers organized themselves and independents to come to the polls — and vote for Bush. They will duplicate this approach with even greater success in many states if Obama endorses same-sex marriage.
    FACT: Anyone with a brain knows that Obama is far, far better on gay rights than Romney. And most educated people know that he probably supports same-sex marriage. But there’s a difference for many voters if Obama doesn’t say he supports same-sex marriage — yes, many of them will give him a ‘pass’ on that issue and not vote against him (whereas if he comes out EXPLICITLY in support, they will definitely vote against him).
    FACT: In the real world, it would do almost no good — and lots of political harm to him and Democrats — if Obama comes out for same-sex marriage now, as opposed to after the election.
    FACT: You are playing with fire! It looks like Republicans will capture the US Senate, and probably (closely) hold the US House. If Obama loses the Presidency, Romney will re-make the US Supreme Court for another 20 years by putting more conservatives there — and the hope that the Court may toss out anti-gay laws as unconstitutional will disappear. Not to mention that the Republican Congress and President Romney will roll back laws the incremental laws and Executive Orders that are helping gay couples and families with things like benefits, hospital visits, etc.

  14. Francis says

    After the past few days, I’m starting to move a more to the “don’t force Obama” side. I mean, yes, pressure him, but do not back Barack into a corner. The bottom line is, Barack needs to win the swing states. He needs moderates. And they are not gay-accepting. It is a losing proposition and at the end of the day, Obama winning the election is the #1 goal. We have to continue putting the pressure on, continue to make our voices heard and that we won’t allowing waffling going forward, but simply put, the populous just isn’t progressive enough regarding our rights for him to explicitly come out in support of marriage equality.

    This is politics, it’s ugly. It’s sad. We have to know how the game works here.

  15. bobbyjoe says

    Okay, but nobody’s yet explained how Obama’s statement in the above article about NC doesn’t completely undercut any strategy (cynical or otherwise) to NOT endorse same-sex marriage.

    I guarantee most same-sex marriage foes read statements like that AS an endorsement of same-sex marriage, no matter how much the Obama campaign tries to spin it as something else. In fact, it’s likely to feed that whole “stealth candidate” meme the Republicans want swing voters to buy of Obama as someone with a secret agenda who talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    So if Obama’s campaign is truly going to play a “don’t endorse same-sex marriage” ploy, then shouldn’t their candidate avoid statements that make it sound as if that’s exactly what he’s doing?

  16. Polyboy says

    It’s North Carolina people, expecting otherwise is just wishful thinking. They don’t read their plebiscites, they vote with their feelings and they don’t feel us.

    Punish the state. Don’t send money there. Do business with other states. Don’t live there.

  17. SteveC says

    I’m disappointed that there have been no riots in North Carolina yet.

    Massive civil unrest is required.

    This ‘slowly, slowly’ approach is failing.

  18. Marc C says

    While I am disappointed in President Obama’s open lack of direction, I also understand the tactical direction he is taking. I don’t want to win another battle. I want to win the war.

  19. elg/edwin says

    At first I was going to ignore you but I changed my mind. I am not rubbing salt in ANYTHING. I am a black gay man who is as upset/frightened about what just happened in North Carolina as anyone else on here.

    I just don’t get what SOME white gay activists are trying to accomplish by continuing to pressure/corner Obama into endorsing same-sex marriage BEFORE election day. I assume they are intelligent people yet they continue with this suicidal
    (suicidal to the LGBT community) campaign to corner him into endorsing same sex marriage before election day. These self-important people DO NOT do not have the interests of LGBT people at heart. There is something else going on here with these people. I think they want/need this man’s validation. They don’t understand that nobody can make you feel good about being gay. Feeling good about being gay comes from within.

    Whatever Obama’s shortcommings, we need him to be reelected so he can pick the next one or, maybe, two U.S. Supreme Court justices. Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage before election day will accomplish NOTHING except get him defeated this November which would be a disaster for the LGBT community for decades to come.

  20. says

    Look folks, I want Obama to take a stand as much as anyone but there are political realities here. How can we best move ahead? This leadership position MUST COME FROM US. Not Obama. To win he may have to keep “evolving” along with most of Americans as we do the hard work of changing minds. I could be wrong but the LAST THING I WANT IS A MORMON PRESIDENT. Remember prop 8? They funded it. All I am saying is keep your eye on the ball. We will come down to just a few points here in the election and we can’t risk putting those who are funding and passing laws against us in the White House. Give the guy a little credit. DADT, ended. Hate Crimes bill. Passed. No enforcement of DOMA. Pretty good. There is no bill on the table that Obama can or cannot sign. I have worked for 30 years and I want a win, not another setback.

  21. Derrick from Philly says


    I’ve never heard ELG say anything that suggested that he felt Black people were superior to White people; so why don’t you take your false (and convenient) definition of “racist” and get the f.ck lost till a later date.

    I naively thought there was hope in North Carolina because of some of the valiant people who spoke up against Amendment One. I was ridiculously naive. North Carolina is in the Bible Belt. Black and White folks in North Carolina are Christian Fundamentalists. They have no understanding or acceptance of the idea of “sexual orientation”. They believe in voluntary sin. We should have all been more realistic about an anti-Gay public referendum in such a state.

    The battle for marriage equality for Gay Americans will be fought in the federal courts–by federal judges appointed by Barack Obama (and hopefully, Hillary Clinton also). If you don’t understand that then you should go live in North Carolina…or better yet, the more conservative South Carolina.

  22. AG says

    If ELG supports institutional racism, aka affirmative action, then of course he’s a racist. And I have to find yet a black progressive who doesn’t support discriminating people on the basis of their skin color as long as the discrimination benefits black folks.

  23. says

    I’m confused by the comments from conservatives. Obama has always been against these types of amendments and votes. Romney, however, supports them. GOP leaders were in support of this bigoted amendment.

    What’s with the selective amnesia? You’re angry that Obama didn’t do enough to speak out against…..the amendment that the men you’re voting for supported?

    Explain, gay conservatives…

  24. Hollywood, CA says

    @Bobby Joe – You don’t get the President’s strategy? Let me lay it out for you:

    If Obama stays were he is right now on Gay issues, he’ll easily win the 2nd term, and then be able to openly support gay rights.

    If Obama comes out for Gay rights before he gets elected to his 2nd term, Mitt Romney will use that to sway voters, and Mitt Romney will win the election.

    Obama in the White House = More gay rights down the road

    Romney in the white house = No gay rights down the road… I mean, less, because he’ll start taking away rights, which will not be good for us.

    Is that clearer? If people don’t start looking at the big picture, we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

  25. joq002 says

    You liberals that still think obama is doing his best for you and this country…wake up and vote this marxist communist out of the WH in 2012.

  26. elg/edwin says

    “If ELG supports institutional racism, aka affirmative action …”

    Affirmative action has NOTHING to do with this thread. FYI, affirmative action benefits ALL racial minorities, all women (including white women) and sometimes sexual minorities in certain cities (i.e., San Francisco), NOT JUST BLACKS. BTW, affirmative action has never benefited ME.

    But returning to the subject at hand, what exactly will change if Obama endorses same-sex marriage before election day? I mean besides giving Romney the presidency on a
    silver platter.

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