Obama’s Gay Marriage Support Led To YouTube Spike

ObamaMarriageABCPresident Obama's historic announcement that he supports same-sex marriage led to a deluge of YouTube videos and Google searches on the matter.

From Edge:

[The announcement] resulted in a record number of searches and a rush of users uploading videos on the subject. Gay marriage was also the most popular topic on YouTube’s news and politics category this week.

YouTube is owned by the online search giant Google, which saw a 458 percent increase in national searches for "Obama" and "gay marriage" between 10 am and 6pm the day Obama disclosed his views in an interview with ABC News.

American University communications professor Matthew Nisbit says the virtual surge can be attributed at least in part to the Millenial generation: "The heaviest users of video are people under the age of 25, and gay rights is one of the few political issues young people feel passionate about." Makes sense.