1. Silas says

    Its no surprice that Utah has no state laws but on the other it is prety Pathetic that they don’t care about the GLBTQ youth of their state just like Michele Bachmann in MN. Thats great people came out to support the vigil but sad on the other hand b/c we should not have to be having vigils for youth that are killing themselves….THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW RELIGION…STOP YOUR HATE MONGERING VENOM!

  2. Bob says

    Mormons are starting to get confused. Now they are being told to be nice to Gays, but yesterday it was “press them to change or cast them out”.
    I still say they are ALL going to hell, until the church repudiates Prop 8 and NOM.
    …btw Offend is not a small town. There should have been thousands of people, not 100, at the vigil.

  3. atomic says

    A fat lot of good holding a bunch of candles and looking sorry does for a kid who is DEAD. Where was your support when the kid was ALIVE? Oh that’s right, you were all too busy trying to prevent kids like him from ever being recognized as equals under the law.

    Well, it’s a good thing they’re Mormon–they believe in eternal togetherness in the afterlife. Oh, but he’s gay and a sinner so he’s going to hell. What a miserable f***ed up group of people, these Mormon cult members. Held emotionally, spiritually, financially, and socially hostage by a so-called “religion” that believes in magic underwear, posthumous baptism, polygamy…and that’s just the stuff THEY invented, never mind all the other Christian fairytales they appropriated.

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