One Million Moms Now Protesting JC Penney Catalogue’s Lesbian Couple

JCPenneyOne Million Moms, the group that protested JC Penney's hiring of Ellen DeGeneres, have a fresh bee in their anti-gay bonnet. And, yes, it again concerns JC Penney's LGBT-inclusion.

JC Penney has infuriated the group after including a lesbian couple in their latest catalogue. "You'll often find Wendi, her partner, Maggie, and daughters elbow deep in paint, clay or mosaics," the store's "freedom of expression" advert reads, leading One Million Moms to revive their boycott.

OMM has so many issues to cover we had no choice but to move on earlier in the year but have decided to revisit this issue and speak out again. It is obvious that JCP would rather take sides than remain neutral. JCP will hear from the other side so they need to hear from us as well.

The group then offers the obligatory "take action" call, imploring supporters to confront store manager's about the lesbian couple. They ask: "What was the purpose in stating on page eleven that Wendi and Maggie are partners?" The answer is of course simple: because lesbians exist, have children and need to buy clothes, just like straight people.


  1. Butch says

    Yes, “had no choice” because you just need to cover so many issues – not that your boycott was epic fail.

  2. Chadd says

    Having worked for JCPenney at their home office in Texas about 10 years ago, I know that this and Ellen are a HUGE shift in their corporate culture. JCP customers have always been middle America, conservative and rural or suburban (not the most progressive parts of the country). I sincerely applaud their willingness to be front and center showing LGBT persons in their advertising at the very real risk of alienating their customer base (not just OMM). Hopefully JCP will follow up with monetary support of LGBT issues, but in the meantime, I hope that the LGBT community will support JCP with our business to make up for the business that I am sure they will loose because of this inclusiveness. Lets make JCP the next Starbucks.

  3. Rowan says

    THIS should be a good example for commenters who claim that gays need to curb their ways or are too in your face which is why they are loosing the fight.

    Please, you don’t get a better rep then this family and STILL they froth at the mouth. They hate you and always will.

  4. says

    who cares?!?! really. it’s been established that these bozos are their boycotts are totally insignificant, ineffectual and ou-of-touch. they days are numbered… that said, GO JC Penny!!!

  5. Allen says

    What JCP is REALLY saying here “moms” is that your boycotts are just the kid of press they want to change their image. You’ve been trolled. If you really want to hurt JCP ignore it. But I suspect you won’t – thanks!

  6. Jay says

    “It is obvious that JCP would rather take sides than remain neutral.”

    I love this: To them taking sides is not siding with them but taking a neutral stance by not excluding anybody.

    I know they don’t see our logic. I get that. But it just astounds me how they use a language of inclusiveness to justify their exclusivity and discrimination…and then wonder why people get pissed at them.

  7. Mark says

    I find it very interesting that these so called “one million moms” accuse JCP of taking sides and calling for a boycott yet Chic-fil-a has taken has taken the side of the anti gay movement and you don’t hear a word from one million moms calling for a boycott of chic-fil-a

  8. Michaelandfred says

    They’re like that sad crazy uncle who will walk outside with his underpants on his head as soon as you turn your back. Poor million moms, everyone is laughing at you…

  9. Michaelandfred says

    They’re like that sad crazy uncle who will walk outside with his underpants on his head as soon as you turn your back. Poor million moms, everyone is laughing at you…

  10. Joe says

    Who really cares what the thousand moms say or whatever their name is? how about focus on how awesome JC Penney is that they’re taking a risk and openly professing their support of gays and lesbians? I think it’s great.

  11. Dale says

    Couldn’t the lady in white hair be GRANDMA? Hard to tell without seeing her face, but her arm looks like that of an older woman.

  12. woodroad34 says

    they should be ashamed to call themselves “mom”. They are not “moms”, just controlling, unloving, psychotic inducing bigots.

  13. John says

    In my deepest cynical thoughts, I sometimes wonder if One Million Moms is a covert JCP operation to garner publicity.

    I’m not actually that cynical, and I do admire JCP for their stance. All my life, I would never want to be caught dead in a JCP. I doubt their merchandise has improved much, but I’m willing to look at their site online. And if they happen to carry something that is not god-awful, blindingly cheap-looking, I’ll consider buying it to show my support for them.

    I would much rather they change their name, upgrade to better merchandise, and keep their support of LGBT people. Then I will totally shop there without embarrassment or trepidation.

  14. Oliver says

    One million bigots. Of course JCP isn’t going to cater to them, they’re not the future of JCP. In order to remain successful JCP has to appeal to a younger generation. By bye bigot moms.
    By the way, have you been to a JCP lately? It rocks!

  15. FuryOfFirestorm says

    Please continue shaking your fists in faux outrage, One Hundred Moms. Your constant butthurt amuses me.

  16. lewlew says

    I’ve shopped JCP twice now, because they made Ellen their spokesman. And I told the cashier why I had shopped there the first time. I’m not one to encourage consumerism, but in this case, go shop!

  17. Chadd says

    @John: When was the last time you were in a JCP store? You “doubt that their merchandise has improved much”, but you really should go check it out before being such a harsh critic. JCP has made great improvements in their assortment over the years and is a great alternative to Kohl’s and Macy’s (on non-designer stuff). Also, JCP product quality testing is the industry standard for almost ALL of retail. JCP is not Wal-Mart.

  18. inahandbsket says

    I don’t know if anyone remembers this but back in 1997 when Ellen came out on her show, JC Penney dropped their sponsorship of the Ellen show. (Just google it, it’s there). I stopped shopping at JCP for years because of that. It’s so great to see JCP do a 180 turn, not only initially hiring Ellen but standing up so strongly to OMM’s objections. I love the inclusion of the lesbian couple in their advertising. GO, JCP!!!!

  19. mike says

    I’m not ashamed to admit that for years I have shopped at JCP and especially love it when they have a sale. They are most often my “go to” retailer. Sometimes items are marked down as much as 70% or more! In these budgeted times I need that. I don’t find their quality inferior and cannot recall anything needing to be returned for any such reason. A suggestion to any consumer; you could always communicate with your retailer and let them know what you prefer, that’s usually the clerk asking, “Did you find everything ok?”

  20. TJ says

    @JOHN – no, you won’t find $500 cashmere scarves at JCP, but there is plenty of good stuff, particularly if one couldn’t care less about high end designer labels. Certainly, serviceable linens and housewares can be found even if the clothes are not good enough for you.

    And anyway, in this case, it’s like buying the cup of lemonade from the little kid’s roadside stand. You don’t buy it because you’re thirsty, or it’s any good. You buy it to help out the little kid.

  21. mary says

    There really is no basis for objections to an ad like this anymore. Isn’t gay marriage legal in 8 states now? And there are thousands of same-sex couples in civil unions raising children. They are a part of America and it’s only natural that their families will start to be reflected in ads/commercials, etc….

    I think this ad is very lovely and tastefully done. I always shop at JC Penney and this ad won’t cause me to go elsewhere.

  22. Danny in the East Village3 says

    I want an official count: just how big IS the million moms?

    Meanwhile, JCP how has a store in Manhattan which I will be visiting this weekend.

  23. Jeff Kurtti says

    My husband and I clothe our three little boys in large part from JCP, because they have good-looking, quality merchandise at a fair price–and they aren’t WalMart or Target. The last time we were in the store, I made it a point to talk with a management person about the issue of buying clothes for a family, and how much I appreciate being part of their definition of that, and that having Ellen as a spokesmodel was a great thing, and their new pricing strategy is a winner. The guy fairly BEAMED with pride, and was so pleased that I had talked with him. Anyone who goes to a JCP needs to let them know.

  24. Caliban says

    As soon as they admit they’re really “the couple thousand moms” I’ll start paying attention to what they have to say.

    But I guess Forty-Thousand Repressive Holier-Than-Thou Cnuts” isn’t a catchy enough title. I’m not religious, but doesn’t the New Testament tell women to STFU? I’m pretty sure it does.

  25. Jack says

    It IS a conspiracy. OMM wants gay men to start wearing moderately priced clothing!

  26. mary says

    but doesn’t the New Testament tell women to STFU?

    Actually, Caliban, it really isn’t clear about the role women play. It certainly doesn’t say that women should have no role in civil society or politics. Paul clearly says that a woman should cover her head and be silent in church, not having authority over a man. Yet the New Testament refers to women it calls “deaconesses” which would seem to imply some authority over other church members, presumably male.

  27. TampaZeke says

    I appreciate JC Penny’s new found love affair with lesbians. It would be nice if they showed some love to the gay boys too.

  28. Den says

    Obviously their boycott of JCP over the Ellen business was such a great success they have decided to repeat it. I bet JCP must be trembling at the prospect of their next boycott announcement, probably scheduled for August/Sept.Those ‘million’ moms must be so confused at to when one boycott ends and another officially starts again.

  29. jack says

    One million moms minus about 900,950. You go moms , you have almost as many members as the Catholic League. You are on the wrong side of history in this debate.What will you tell your grandchildren years from now about where you stood on this equality issue?

  30. ThomT says

    I saw this ad but because I no longer purchase a mother’s day gift I didn’t much pay attention. However, when I did see it I actually thought it was a little girl with her mother and grandmother (grandmothers are getting younger and younger). So I guess “million mothers” (or whatever) are spending their time trying to find problems where they don’t exist. If I missed the point (and a lesbian couple wouldn’t have bothered me in the least) as a gay man I’m sure that millions of straight people thought exactly the same thing that I did and didn’t see the “gay” aspect at all. Million moms are a total failure and have never mounted a boycott that has been successful – they aren’t going away but we really need to start ignoring them.

  31. justme2 says

    @Zeke — Let’s see what the ads look like for Father’s Day next month. Or maybe since June is a traditional wedding month, we’ll see some same-sex couples all dressed up!

    Got to head over to JCP later today in fact — got some T-shirts for my mom-in-law but got the wrong size. For good looking basic clothes it’s been our go-to place for several years; she loves their Alfred Dunner pull-on jeans (she can’t do zipper fly pants because of her disability).

  32. Chris says

    All 25 members of that hateful, discriminatory group can go straight to hell. I’m not a misogynist by any means, but I agree with the guy above that said those women need a good f*ck to loosen them up.

    Well, he didn’t quite word it like that, lol. The group is *waaaay* too uptight to be healthy, though.