1. HadenoughBS says

    And these “Christians” think WE are the ones going to Hell (and they’re going to be rewarded by going to Heaven)? Sick, sick, sick.

  2. Jmac says

    I must have missed the part of the bible where Jesus said “kill everyone who’s different from you”

  3. Cecilfirefox says

    Pretty sure the entirety of Leviticus is actually focusing on mass animal sacrifice…

    I.E., it was a priestly document detailing how to conduct peace and atonement offerings to YHWH- and also served as instruction manual so priests(Levites) could understand how to conduct those rituals.

    But, most people remember it for gays and shellfish. Its amazing the history and theology the Bible is actually chronicling, what if you read and understand it.

    Filthy degenerates.

  4. misael says

    These radicals are the one that will turn the moderates to the side of equality for all. It still makes me gasp at the pure hatred these “god fearing people” have. I always think of the poor gay kid, that’s forced to go to church and hear this hate, and too afraid to say anything, or somehow believing this insanity.

  5. says

    Notice how the two women interviewed in this video talk about “those people” and “them.” Can some gays PLEASE come out to them, so they can see gays as normal people in their community instead of these weird “others” who are monsters that should be penned up? **THIS** is why everyone needs to come out– seriously.

  6. KP says

    I really can’t believe people can just go on TV and say they wish for the death of gay people. Its sickening.

  7. Thom Watson says

    It’s interesting that the only passage Ms. Sims has highlighted on that page of her bible is Romans 1, Paul’s gay clobber passage. She really should read and highlight the first verse of the very next chapter, where it says “Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.”

    It’s also interesting that it was two women who spoke out in support of the pastor. I’m glad their interviews were made in their homes, because Paul also commands them, in 1 Corinthians 14, to keep silent in church, where they are not permitted to speak. I’m sure they follow that part of the New Testament, too.

  8. Anon says

    Doesn’t Pastor Worley’s proposal sound rather like a concentration camp?

    Where is the outrage?

  9. Elsewhere says

    Dear So-Called Christians,

    There’s a special place in hell for Pharisees like yourselves.

    Enjoy it.

  10. UFFDA says

    This is all entirely predictable, the morons vs the informed gay guys. I am sure there are ways to actually get to these people so that they will listen, even change, and coming out is all fine and well. But who wants to go through being among the first. I have no patience for their ignorant prejudices, swollen, corrupt bodies and god-addled brains.

    We need leaders. People who will confront them in an acceptable way. I could never do it. Who will?

    Perhaps something has to be done to create a group of gay people, nice people, even believers, who will go out and meet such others in such small towns and churches. Or we can just forget about them, move on and stay away.

  11. Jayson says

    I have to defend the south, just for a moment.

    While NC has gone through some very concerning social policy changes – their bigotry does not represent all who live there. I’m a Georgia resident and I support equal marriage rights, and there are many many others like me. Just be careful of generalizing – many of us are able bodied supporters.

  12. Fritz says

    Totally agree with Misael – this is a good thing. If the choice for the average American is to be lumped with these people or be lumped with us, we will win, hands down.

  13. Tom Cardellino says

    We really have our work cut out for us, and for some time to come. Those of us who believe that sexual orientation of whatever variety is a gift to us as humans sharing one planet will have to work for years and generations, not only to make our confidence in ourselves evident, but more so to care for, re-educate, reassure and welcome into the community of humankind the “deviating” victims of these (first off just plainly low IQ functioning illiterates, or more threateningly, those willfully hateful with a self-imposed temerity of ignorance) widely wounding “caregivers” of mere children, the innocents who will forevermore bear the psychological scars of this sort of struttingly smug “satanism” of the soul. Those who wield simplistic religious power in these small enclaves throughout the hinterlands of the USA have been forcing their tortured children to flee to the big cities nearly forever if those precious young kids read the bigots correctly. Sadly, multitudes of other less confident kids take all this baseless stupid shame ignorantly upon themselves due to the mere inundation of self-serving ignoramuses like this pastor and his unthinking “flock” who just follow the bird they’re next to in order to bob and weave helter-skelter to avoid life’s deepest quandaries. Ever thankful that my agnosticism is rapidly being congealed into outright atheism, I nonetheless care for these sensitive victims whose own lives have become so miserable through religious zealotry that they’d wish for a “Heaven” to which to escape this earthly hell that surrounds and suffocates them. What a dilemma to resolve when all politicians in this American democracy have to at least feign a belief in a god in order to work within the civil federal government created by Enlightenment geniuses who knew very well over two hundred years ago the deadly results of letting any religion control the public square. Sadly slow progress we Americans have made en masse in fully implementing the enlightened principles of the greatest political document humankind has ever produced, the US Constitution; severe in its slow progress as we Americans have been.

  14. Ken says

    From one of Dan Savage’s blog posts:

    “I’m a 32-year-old lesbian who’s been out for 10 years… raised in a very conservative Pentecostal family… haven’t seen my family for 10 years. I’ve always held out hope that they would change their minds and realize that they do love me… I got a call from my oldest sister last month… she told me that she needed my help. Her son was gay and she needed me to come and get him. I didn’t understand what she meant at first. I thought she wanted me to come and talk to him. But, no, she meant come and get him. She didn’t want that “filth”—her own son—in her home. When I picked him up a large part of my family was there, and I swear to God I had never felt so much hate in my life. I don’t understand it and I know I never will, but I swear it broke me…”

    Can you feel the love of the Christ? ‘Cause with some of His followers I sure don’t.

  15. Dale says

    I guess Geneva Sims is “Agenit” too. I ask her the same question while she has her bible open. Where in the 10 commandments or the 8 beatitudes from the sermon on the mount that condems homosexuality as a sin? These are the laws of god. The others are laws created by man.

  16. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    The new communism hides behind a christian facade. Stalin used gulags and starvation. Mao used prisons and starvation. They will use fenced meadows and starvation. All against those who are not considered part and parcel of their ideology. The devil comes back to earth, preaching love while exhibiting hate.

  17. dearcomrade says

    As an atheist I love people like this. They drive more young people away from the nonsensical belief in a deity then any advertising campaign could. You can’t buy material like this.

  18. Iwontgrowup says

    These aare the same people who founded the Nazi party.
    To paraphrase an old story:
    First they came for the sinners, I’m not a sinner so I said nothing.
    Then they came for the atheists, I’m not an atheist so I said nothing.
    Then they came for non christians, but I’m not a non christian so I said nothing.
    Then they came for the gays, I’m not gay so I said nothing.
    When they came for me, there was no one there to speak for me.
    These people are very dangerous and they provoke the most dangerous degenerates and haters to violence. We must PEACEFULLY stop them by non-violent protest, and use their own beliefs against them.

  19. khan says

    we live in an odd world. pastor worley may have run behind the barn and transformed into geneva sims

  20. Michaelandfred says

    There’s a reason it’s called a flock… The ignorant leading the stupid.

  21. Xzavier says

    The scary part is they actually believe this real and have no idea what there preaching is HATE.
    the GLBT community lost a humiliating round in NC and it make our work there much more harder.

    VOTE 2012!!!!!

  22. PDX Guy says

    Let’s send Alan down to talk to these people since he defends all christians so much.

  23. Tim NC says

    The very sad part of this is that these women will be able to go about their daily lives among their neighbors and in their community feeling no shame and no one will shun them.

  24. Greg says

    Degenerates, hicks, inbreds, blah blah blah.

    When are we going to wake up and take these people seriously?

    When are we going to educate them, and their children (yes, they have them), so that the cycle of BS can be broken?

    Sometimes I wonder if, in our blind rage, we ca be our own worst enemy.

    So we’re supposed to show them the “proper” way to have the values they claim to have, and that proper way is to… act worse than them??

    Come on people.

  25. James says

    yes, calling someone degenerate, hick, and inbred is far worse than advocating for extermination camps. we must politely march to the death camp.

  26. Macmantoo says

    I hate guns, but I’ll tell you this much, when they come for me I’ll go down in a blaze of fire and take as many as I can. If I’m going to hell then by God I’ll make sure there are plenty of them there with me.

  27. bruce says

    Sims and Pritchard are indicative of women who fear men who engage in same-sex activity. They fear them because such men represent competition for the affections of their husbands and boyfriends.

    Ugly, ugly women. Now go back to the kitchen, girls. After all, the Bible says you must be obedient to men.

  28. Greg says

    James, does it make any sense at all to you that we have to rise above this garbage, that we have a responsibility to do the right thing and convince them through education or example that we aren’t The Boogey Man?

    Or are you just ranting and raving on a message board? (Which is cool, just wondering)

    I’m about solutions.

  29. kit says

    I am so concerned for their children. These people are obviously unfit to be parents and their children — gay or straight — are not safe in these hate-filled homes. Child Protective Services should be called in. But, alas, I know that the truth of the matter is that these horrible animals receive the approval of their communities and their hate is supported by the larger system. It’s terrifying and sad beyond words that there are innocent children trapped with these savages.

  30. Jacoby says

    I was a bit surprised yesterday to see that none of this pastor’s parishioners walked out when he started spewing that hate. Now I know why nobody walked out. Makes it even sadder. I would have preferred to believe that they simply lacked the courage to defy their pastor.

  31. ByTheBay says

    Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Geneva Sims casually tosses the “N word” around when she’s among family and friends.

    We’d all be better off if the South and its inbred, ignorant white trash and it’s gullible black christianists HAD seceded.

  32. NullNaught says

    I like your idea of setting a good example. I also see that james may not be ranting and raving. I see at least another alternative. James may be advocating that because these people are on the wrong side of history we can safely resort to ad hominem because we don’t have to reason with them. They simply lose. They will continue to believe what they want and be left behind by the 21 century.
    I avoid ad hominem. I see nothing wrong with it if you are not in debate other than it is pointless venting. These people can’t be debated with as they are not open to reason. Why not let James and others vent?

  33. Steve says

    Most of these churches are spiritually abusive. Any dissent and disagreement with the pastor is punished. Disagreeing with the pastor is actually THE greatest sin as it’s a threat to their absolute authority and control. Calling it “slander” and “gossiping” is very common. If anyone spoke out, they’d at least be talked to by him and his inner circle. If they continued to speak up, they’d be bullied, ostracized, shunned and eventually kicked out

  34. Mike in the Tundra says

    I’m from there, but I’ve not been back since my mother’s funeral. Bless those who stay and fight.

    I wish I could get rid of the accent.

  35. says

    Please understand, This man in no way speaks as a person who has Christ in his soul. The Bible even talks about his ‘kind’ who profess love for God, but God is knowhere near him in Matthew 7:22-23.

    God loves you more than you’ll EVER know.

  36. says

    If this person said this on open, over-the-air TV, then shouldn’t the FCC be involved? Is there any sanction for hate speech on on-the-air TV?

    Could this speech be a hate crime? Could this guy be opening himself and the church to liability if someone does get hurt because of a hate crime?

  37. Nino says

    And there you have it, folks. The congregation. Preachers aren’t that brave or imaginative. They only preach what their members want to hear. So, he gave the homophobes what they wanted and now they’re rising to his defense.

  38. Bri says

    Don’t censor these hate filled bigots. Give them a pulpit. Let them speak. Hopefully reason prevails?

  39. TJ says

    These people are perfect examples of why those who criticize using Leviticus hypocracy as a basis for disputing religious objections to homosexuality are so wrong. Jesus made the OT restrictions irrelevant? Preach that to this choir.

  40. Patrick says

    Poor Geneva. She doesn’t know what the Bible says about women. Anyway, I hope her prejudice gives her comfort.

  41. Dave says

    This is proof that anti-gay Christians are criminally insane. This Pastor Worley is just a another mad man like Hitler who wants to murder gays like the real Hitler and his Catholic Nazis did during World War Two.

  42. albertam says

    wow just what the hell is going on with these people, someday they will learn all humans are children of the creator. we just different from each other so we got to learn from each other now its taking longer for certain religious groups to accept change so the human can evolve. all we can do is stand up for change and pray for the ignorant minds that without change they will never move beyond what god is teaching them.

  43. albertam says

    wow just what the hell is going on with these people, someday they will learn all humans are children of the creator. we just different from each other so we got to learn from each other now its taking longer for certain religious groups to accept change so the human can evolve. all we can do is stand up for change and pray for the ignorant minds that without change they will never move beyond what god is teaching them.

  44. albertam says

    wow just what the hell is going on with these people, someday they will learn all humans are children of the creator. we just different from each other so we got to learn from each other now its taking longer for certain religious groups to accept change so the human can evolve. all we can do is stand up for change and pray for the ignorant minds that without change they will never move beyond what god is teaching them.

  45. albertam says

    wow just what the hell is going on with these people, someday they will learn all humans are children of the creator. we just different from each other so we got to learn from that. its taking longer for certain religious groups to accept change so the human race can evolve. all we can do is stand up for change and pray for the ignorant minds that without change they will never move beyond what god is teaching them.

  46. darkmoonman says

    Nazi Germany all over again. I, for one, will not walk into their effing enclosure.

  47. Elizabeth says

    God will accept me for loving but will he accept you for hating? Hypocrits of people whom they call themselves christian.

  48. Johnson says

    Every generation has its monsters; these are ours. Fearing them is the only thing that can give them the power they desire. Like all the others who came before them, they too are doomed to fail. Sure, they cause pain, but nonetheless I laugh in their faces. Ha! How ridiculous they are, hating their neighbor that they can know. They have chosen their path; it leads precisely where it ought: ignominy.
    My strongest emotion for them is abject pity, because they had promise, they could have been so much. They are fading, these are the spasms of an ending, and the birthing pains of a beginning. Remember too that without evil us, we would for lack of differentiation never know good.

  49. stevenelliot says

    ah the south… by a socio-economic elite who belives they are nobility….keeping the masses ignorant and preoccupied with boogeymen while they take all the wealth for themselves……OH WAIT!

    I forgot thats now the entire country. not just north carolina

  50. Oliver says

    Someone should make a video, put it up on Youtube, of this pastor and these woman voicing their hate. Slice in some Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Andy Gipson, and some Bryan Fischer and you’ve got yourself a pretty compelling argument for OUR side. My guess would be that most people (in their right mind) would want nothing to do with the vile, hate filled message they preach and spread. Then turn that video into an advertising campaign for Equality.

  51. millerbeach says

    I feel sorry for the pastor of a church with a similar name…the poor guy has had to endure plenty of angry phone calls, due to the confusion. He also issued this statement, and he seems to get it right when it comes to Christianity and Jesus:
    “Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte has been confused in the media recently due to the similarity of its name with Providence Road Baptist Church of Maiden, N.C. A video about the Maiden church’s pastor making statements derogatory of gays and lesbians has gone viral after being posted on YouTube, headlined by CNN, and reported through many news media nationwide.

    As a result, Dr. Al Cadenhead, Senior Pastor of Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte, and other members of the church staff have received angry emails, phone calls and other messages from people confusing the two churches. Today (May 22), Cadenhead made the following statement for the media and the public:

    “In recent hours we have been incorrectly identified as the church in another town where hatred and violence have been advocated from the pulpit. First of all, we are genuinely Baptist in that we recognize the right of every church to reach out or not to reach out as that church deems itself to be led. Providence Baptist Church of Charlotte believes in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus is our model for living and His presence is our source of strength for life. Jesus preached a Gospel of love. So do we. Jesus preached that we love our neighbor, whether that neighbor is like us or not.
    “The Bible is our guide for daily life and makes it clear that all people, all of us, have sinned and fallen short of God’s expectation. And the reason we can claim our place as children of God is a result of grace, mercy and love extended to all people. That love is best demonstrated in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. As Providence Baptist Church we believe that we are to offer that same grace, mercy and love to all people.”

    Amen, I say…Amen.

  52. Bill says

    These people in Maiden NC are in for a rude awakening. Maiden is the site for Apple’s “cloud farm” and you know what kind of people that huge enterprise is going to attract!

  53. DannyEastVillage says

    One sad thing about this is that these ignorant monsters have gay friends and loved ones just like anyone else.

  54. DannyEastVillage says

    no group in human history has done more damage or caused more hate than those calling themselves christians.

  55. candideinncc says

    Sanctimony is ignorance topped with bigotry wrapped in viciousness. Little minded people undeserving of our attention.

  56. Disgusted American says

    I guess her religion doesn’t say anything about a tooth brush and floss either…disgusting OLD HAG

  57. Francis says

    Sad that these grown, old adults listen to what some random man in a suit tells them, and that they completely lack the ability to think for themselves. They clearly just eat everything Bigot Worley has to say without ever asking themselves if they agree on a personal, spiritual level. Pathetic robots, and just another example of why young people continue to leave the church in alarming numbers.

    I think the peaceful protest planned is definitely a way to hopefully open up dialogue. Personally, I would agree with the “screw these social conservative bigots” message, and just tell all sane-minded individuals to leave these rural backwaters, but that simply isn’t an option. Gay people live in these areas, straight kids are being destroyed mentally by these bigots. Kids who question their sexuality, kids who are pro-gay, it’s really all about the kids. They’re the ones most affected by this hate and that’s why this hate has to be met and, at the very least, show these kids that there are people out there who agree with them, who support them, who love them.

  58. Jack M says

    Uh, what about that Commandment that says Thou Shalt Not Kill? Was it taken out of the Southern Baptist version of the Bible?

  59. EvilEuropean says

    Its one thing to grow up in a backward oppressive theocracy and have views like this, its totally another to grow up in a far more open and democratic society and STILL hold such evil views.

  60. says

    Whatever happened to the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill”??? What also happened to the second of Christ’s great commandments, to love your neighbor as yourself???

  61. Bob R says

    Just one more example in the long and lamentable history of mankind of how religion truly does poison everything.

    On a brighter note, these folks are dying out and that is what makes them so mean. They know they’ve had their day in the sun. The country is getting darker, little by little less religious and they have lost the culture wars. Gay’s now serve in the military, openly, are running for public office, openly and eventually will be able to marry, legally. Time, you see, is on OUR side. Soon Rev. Worely and his ilk will be dust in the wind.

    I’ve always believed the adage that success is the best revenge, which is why I really subscribe to an earlier poster’s comment, MARK SANDLIN, and his suggestion of donating to a gay support group in the good Reverend’s name and sending him a postcard letting him know he’s helping to raise money for gay causes. Mr. Sandlin provided this link for the details:

    I’ll be making my donation and sending my note to Rev. Worley today. Won’t you join me?

  62. jamal49 says

    Perhaps it is time to ask both President Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, and any or all of the other Republican presidential candidates and possible vice-presidential nominees, what their opinions might be regarding Pastor Charles Worley’s sermon.

    If the comments of Pastor Worley cannot be considered full-blown hate-speech; if they cannot be regard as an incitement for violence against LGBT people; if his sermon cannot be viewed as a small part of what can actually be considered the Republican party’s “base”, then there is not hope–neither for America nor for the earnest struggle of LGBT people for their full civil equality and acceptance into the mainstream of American civic life.

    Go onto any conservative web-site and read the vitriol against anyone who dare criticize the “good” pastor and/or his “flock”, those who shouted “AMEN!” at every hate-filled cadence that rolled off his tongue. Read the comments–virtually verbatim to those of the two women interviewed–that the Bible calls for the execution of “homosexuals”, that the penalty for such a “sinful” lifestyle is death.

    Then, remember that the presumptive presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has pandered to the Pastor Worleys of this country and to the denizens of his church and the hundreds of like-minded Christian churches throughout this country (they are not just in the South–take a walk through Brooklyn on a Sunday morning or Queens or the Bronx and stand outside any such church whether they sermonize in English or in Spanish and you will hear similar, poisonous sermons).

    The Republican Party must now be made to account for this demon it has loosed upon our nation. There is simply no more excuses for this type of vitriol.

    Sadly, the Catholic Church and other so-called “conservative Christian” denominations will sit back and allow Pastor Worley to do their dirty work for them. He’s a convenient fool. He’ll take all the heat.

    But, the rest of the Christian conservatism will reap the benefits: further intrusion of this particularly repugnant brand of Christian ideology into our national dialogue which, left unchallenged, will fester like a cancer on the body politic, all in the name of “restoring our nation” to its so-called conservative, Christian heritage.

    We here at Towleroad and elsewhere that like-minded people might congregate know in the rightness of our beings that Pastor Worley is wrong and a hate-mongering provocateur. But, what about this November when we exercise our electoral franchise?

    Pastor Worley may seem like an “inbred, nut-job”, but he is millions strong within the Republican Party. This Christian-based, Bible-based hatred for LGBT people is the last acceptable prejudice in America. It is nothing more than an incitement to “get out the vote” for the Republicans. It is time to make the national Republican Party express where it stands on this horrendous sermon and the millions who would support it.

    Every vote will count in November. Mitt Romney could very well be elected President. The Republicans could very well increase their majority in The House. The Republicans could very well take the majority in The Senate.

    Anyone of good will who has seen Pastor Worley’s hate-filled sermon will have to decide if voting “conservative” or for a “better economy” or “lowering the national debt”–baseless, Republican/conservative mantras all–will be worth having a White House and a Congress controlled by, and at the mercy of, millions of Pastor Worley’s.

    If one does believe that such a vote for the Republicans is worth such a risk, all that can then be said to the rest of us: get your passports ready. Such an America that will be the result of such frivolous voters shall be a place that you will not want to live in.

  63. pdxblueyes says

    Well Miss Sims, I see the sin of Gluttony doesn’t appear to bother you too much…

  64. Eric C. says

    Sick bastards….they would be right at home in Nazi Germany. These morons are as bad as Fred Phelps and the inbred garbage that attends his church!

  65. Bobel says

    This sic pastor is driving people away from the church, away from salvation and faith in Jesus Christ. He needs to really read John 3:16 and come to a place where he can share the Love of God in ways to reach the lost. God is not pleased with anyone who spreads HATE and discord in the church. Folks, this is NOT a work of the Holy Spirit but of Satan himself.

  66. Bobel says

    Even the two ladies in the interview, reflect the same fear as their pastor. Not even sure if they know what they believe.

  67. Bob says

    Careful, Charles Worley, your pointed white hood and swastika are showing………….

  68. say what says

    well per her bible she needs to STFU and never instruct men while (interview is instructing men who watch it) wearing a head covering so the stupid angels who don’t know the difference between a cock and a vagina can tell she is a women = PAUL in NT with my more colorful use of language :-)

    she is a sinner per her bible

  69. NorthoftheBorder says

    and in other news… 150 members of a Baptist cult committed mass suicide at the council of their leader.. It appears they believe in the second coming of Christ and feared an anti-christ was coming instead. On closer inspection however.. they appeared to have all been killed by a single bolt of lightning.. coming from the heavens.. a definite sign from God.

  70. gerry says

    To paraphrase James Carville…

    You can’t convince these people with facts. They aren’t interested in your facts. They have their beliefs and that is all that matters to them.

  71. says

    @ Macmantoo;
    Read your post, May I suggest, instead of “I hate guns”, you examine whether it might be the ABUSE of guns, and / or the pre-existing gun cultures that you hate. We should develop our own ethics for privately owned guns. I note that you do forsee a possible need for them.
    The gun is humankind’s current version of a personal weapon. Before there were personal weapons, humans were just another prey species. Even whithin the texts of the Abrahamic religions, there is an advocation of arms. Peace is almost always better than war, but developing and fielding weapons was and is a part of our human nature. i, for whatever it is worth, suggest we adapt, modify, and support the practice and become a target too costly for our enemies to desire engaging.

  72. Eric Williams says

    Actually his quote was “God aginit, I’m aginit.” He doesn’t know against it.

  73. ratbastard says

    Is his church a part of the Southern Baptist Convention or is he just using the word ‘Baptist’ in the name?

  74. Roy Hammond says

    These women are not Christians…theyu are CHINOS (Christian in name only).

  75. Alec says

    Who’s up for finding Miss Sims’ postal address and sending her a photo of every gay kid who killed himself because of gay bullying? Just one a day in a plain business envelope. Imagine her throwing away a picture of a child every day just so she knows the hurt that her words cause.

  76. Jim says

    I would like to ask Pastor Worley a few questions.

    1. Would construction of the fence be put out for bids, or would you award a no-bid contract to Halliburton?

    2. Who would pay for the fence and the power needed to electrify it? Taxpayers? The private sector? A public-private partnership?

    3. Would you inform the fence builders that they’re constructing a death camp for roughly 7-8 percent of the American population, or would you keep it a secret? Would their benefits include dental?

    4. Would you procure the land you’ll need for the camp through eminent domain or some other means?

    5. What kind of permits will you need to get before you start building, and are you prepared to bribe the proper authorities, if necessary, to get them approved?

    6. Would you buy or rent the necessary aircraft? (Suggestion: catapulting the food into the camps might be cheaper.)

    7. What kind of food would you drop on the lesbians, queers and homosexuals? Would they be in large crates or loosely packed in nets? Would you make special arrangements for customized meals to accommodate, say, vegetarians and/or those with food allergies?

    8. Would you also drop water on the lesbians, queers and homosexuals, or would the food contain enough moisture to keep them minimally hydrated?

    9. How would you prevent the lesbians, queers and homosexuals from digging tunnels under the fence and escaping? Would you prefer hiring mercenaries from Blackwater to stand watch from guard towers, or would a moat filled with alligators be more effective?

    10. How would you deal with the media when they start publishing stories about your death camps? Build another fence for them?

    11. Would you also build a special enclosed electrified fence for the parents of the lesbians, queers and homosexuals as a cautionary measure, since they’re the ones who produced them in the first place (and they may try to make more)?

    12. Now that I think of it, shouldn’t you play it safe and fence off all potential breeders, since it’s impossible to know which ones will pop out another lesbian, queer or homosexual?

    I’d also like to ask you, Pastor Worley, if you were born a fully-formed genocidal maniac or if you had to work at it. But that would be insensitive of me.

  77. Jilli says

    I really hope all those good “christians” are blessed by their god with gay children.

    How many gay children does their god have to create before they realize that their god doesn’t hate gay people like they do. If he did, why would he create them?

  78. says

    To the person who asked “Where’s the outrage?” Oh it’s here and it’s crazy. I live in NC and the media isn’t talking about the backlash that has come from this man’s idiotic words. There is a protest scheduled for Sunday outside his church, permits have been acquired already. At the same time there is a wonderful post up encouraging people to make donations to various LGBTQ organizations in Pastor Worley’s name ( I highly encourage people to spread the word about the donations, every time one is made that organization sends him a thank you letter. Imagine how sweet it will be to have thousands of letters coming from all sorts of orgs across the country?

  79. Bo says

    The only problem is, neither God nor Jesus said a thing about homosexuality. It is in the bible, but that was written by man, and the parts attributed to God or Jesus don’t talk about it. But you know what they talk about the most? Helping the poor. Now, who’s going where?

  80. Ohio Mom says

    Clearly these people are not aware that the New Testament is what they are supposed to follow and live by. How can they not even know how their own religion is supposed to work? I am so glad I am not a Christian.

  81. Paul B. says

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie “Deliverance”…many years ago of course. Today, we have it played out daily on the web.
    I’m always amazed at folks whose entire world is so small that they remain completely ignorant their whole lives. They live thinking the world is flat, everyone is white and sex is dirty….end of story. I can’t help imagine that pudgy little preacher on all fours, squealing like a pig…ah, Deliverance!

  82. Jerry6 says

    Gay people generally do not produce Children.
    Religious leaders rely on people having children and raising them in their religion so the Religious Leaders will have a continuing source of income. Therefore, Gay people must be destroyed. It is simple mathematics. GAY PEOPLE DO NOT GENERALLY GIVE MONEY TO RELIGIOUS LEADERS.

  83. David T says

    From the King James version:

    Matthew 19: 16-19
    (16) And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?
    (17) And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.
    (18) He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness,
    (19) Honor thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.


    Did I miss something? I don’t read anywhere that being a homosexual will prevent anyone from having eternal life, as long as the “commandments” are followed. Seems like certain “Christian” denominations are hiding their homophobic agendas under the pretense that the Bible gives them reason to hate. It does not. They should follow ALL of the commandments as given by Jesus, if they profess to be Christians. There is no hate message there.

  84. Caribsurf says

    Actually I think god did make Steve (buddy of Adam), otherwise how did ol’ Steever get on the planet (assuming one does not believe in evolution).

  85. katherine schmid says

    I will pray for YOU. YOU should be ashamed of yourself. It’s a Great thing your not GOD!!!!!!!

  86. says

    Genesis 1:28, God bans gay marriage recorded in Genesis 1:28, “God blessed them, saying: ‘Be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it‘” It meant God created human on earth for carry out His purposes, and “al” human must comply with His commandment, for multiply and filled the earth with people. Same sex sexual intercourse did not and never conceive baby, it meant their sexual activities work against God’s commandment, prevent fill the earth with people.

    Genesis 19: 1- 26 recorded God rained down sumptuous fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah [from the LORD out of Heaven] burned entirely two cities! Lot’s wife disobeyed God, looked back, and she was turned into a pillar of salt.

    Some day, the American must be punished for their grave sins of committed and support same gender sexual activities!

  87. wndrgrl1 says

    Exodus 31:15
    “For six days work is to be done, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest, holy to the Lord. Whoever does any work on the Sabbath day is to be put to death.”

    You’re gonna need a bigger fence Charles…MORON!

  88. David T says

    Good point…Christians do not abide by the Old Testament (Christianity did not exist as such at that time), but some believe they can pick and choose which old laws they can follow as it suites them. Old laws served a purpose for that time. Laws regarding what could be eaten, and what could not (unclean = cud chewing, and divide hoof), observe the Sabbath or be put to death, etc. are no longer valid.
    John 1:17: For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.
    If you are a “Christian” you should be following the teachings of Christ, not the Old Testament.
    Luke 6:37: Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive: and ye shall be forgiven

    Matthew 19: 16-19
    (16) And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good
    thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?
    (17) And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? There is none
    good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the
    (18) He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder,
    Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not
    bear false witness,
    (19) Honor thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbor
    as thyself.


    There is no where in the New Testament that Jesus suggests rounding up homosexuals to be out to death.
    Again, there is no hate message, and leave the judgement to God.

  89. Gayle says

    I am heartened by the comments on this page that clearly call these people out for who they are. God loves all of his children…except, possibly, these sick, hateful followers of this sick, sick “pastor.” Heartlessness and ignorance does not make a good “Christian.”

  90. Glen says

    Famous words from EVERY historical religiously motivated atrocity. “We need to save them from hell!” And also of course, the children.

  91. lilian smith says

    Yeap, the man is crazier than a lohan outta cocaine, crazier than a shithouse rat, crazier than than crazy, retartedly stupid, Crazier than a fish with titties.
    Dumber than a box of rocks, If he was any dumber, we’ d have to water him.

  92. DieselY says

    Can I ask not to go to his hateful “heaven”? How can he save people from going to hell by killing people

  93. DieselY says

    Can I ask not to go to his hateful “heaven”? How can he save people from going to hell by killing people

  94. Reformed says

    If ever there was an argument of, as the bible says . . . “let your women keep silence in the churchs”. Sarcasm of course.

  95. Jymmi Sparkz says

    So have you already started capturing gays? So your plan is to “feed” them and watch them slowly die? Of what exactly, broken hearts, being captured, you have a horrific plan. Listen to what Dale says:

    “I guess Geneva Sims is “Agenit” too. I ask her the same question while she has her bible open. Where in the 10 commandments or the 8 beatitudes from the sermon on the mount that condems homosexuality as a sin? These are the laws of god. The others are laws created by man.”

    Posted by: Dale | May 22, 2012 9:51:33 PM

  96. Gayandproude says

    I think any pastor who promotes hate should be rounded up an put behind an electic fence and watched as they die off!! What church would promote this hateful person? When the pastor sujested all gays should die
    Off did he also mean all the gay teens that are out their or children!! Do these people think he is sending a message of god with hate!! And why don’t we have gladd standing out side his church protesting his message of hate, and ignorance?

  97. Robyn says

    You blind, stupid fools!!!! Didn’t Jesus teach love your neighbor and do unto others? Oh yeah, Just so you uneducated dipshits know, gay marriage was a christian rite! Get your facts straight before you use the word of god to justify your own hatred and ignorance. And here’s just one article about gay marriage in the christian church.

  98. Heinrich Godfrey says

    I am a Christian and a gay one at that. I was once very interested in the ministry like preaching and so forth. One of the important things always brought up was preach what God or the Holy Spirit has laid upon your soul or heart. More and more preachers are delivering similar messages and all I can ask myself is what has God become, surely God must take responsibility for these sermons as these men “preach what has been laid upon them” Has God become a hateful beast? Is God a liar, the fundamental law preached by Jesus was love. Clearly the son of man has got it wrong then. Well all of this must be rectified, Let God take responsibility for all this hate speech and I personally hold God responsible, he must rectify this and so rectify the Christians that preach this message.

  99. GayHater says

    I see many do not know what judging is. To speak the truth of God (Holy Bible) is not judging, it’s the truth! True followers of Christ aren’t suppose to accept what God is against-that would be hypocrisy. Sorry but although you all want to be accepted by everyone, you won’t. You will fortunately burn in hell with your father Satan as the Holy Bible states and it’s well deserved. Be fruitful and multiply, Oh that’s right, 2 women can’t naturally achieve this and neither can 2 men-hmmmm wonder why? How come a man and a woman can naturally do it and not two dykes or fag? Because it’s not of God and he will never allow a child to come NATURALLY out of such disgust. All gays will die just as GOD KILLED THEM IN SODOM AND GOMORRAH-REMEMBER????? Kill all the gays on sight!!!