Queen Latifah Among ‘Her People’ At California Pride Event

QLatifahQueen Latifah performed at the Long Beach Gay Pride event this weekend and according to EURweb the actress and singer told the crowd she was proud to be among "her people."

Instructing her audience "to conquer hate with love" and to "let their inner light shine in the world," Latifah, long rumored to be a lesbian, admitted, "I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time."

The event was the Queen's first appearance at a gay pride event. Could the artist, who has for years kept her private life to herself, be laying the groundwork for a coming out of her own?


  1. Caliban says

    Are you sure that wasn’t supposed to be it, her big coming out?

    “I’ve been waiting to do this a long time” implies something has been done.

  2. Joey Y says

    You know, good for her. She took her time and established herself as one of the grand dames of the black entertainment community, and legions of black girls look up to her now. Between her, Jay-Z, and others, I think their words will do a lot to change minds in a traditionally hostile community.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    She’s definitely one of my favorite performers. It would be hard to believe that she was not part of our community.

  4. Daigan Gaither says

    Actually she released a press release a few weeks ago coming out.. I can’t remember where I read it though

  5. says

    @Daigan Gaither: No, she didn’t.

    @Caliban: I agree, it sounds to me like Latifah thinks being there and saying what she said was her coming out, not like she thinks she will officially come out later. But now that she’s gone this far, it’s fair to discuss her as a lesbian—”my people,” and all. Would still be nice for an explicit coming-out statement. It’s great that she has warmed to this whole this-is-who-I-am thing because not long ago she was adamantly refusing the concept.

  6. says

    Oh good. Another closeted celebrity who’ll throw us the odd “is he or isn’t he” bone every few months. This does a few things…

    1) Keeps them beloved by the people who just want a few of their own to be famous.

    2) keeps the mainstream media from saying anything at all. Your straight friends will never hear about this.

    3) Makes gay people look like gossiping little shits when we tell straight people that “Oh anderson cooper is gay.” They don’t believe us, they just have that “gay people assume everyone is gay” thing in their head and smile nicely at us.

    4) sends the messages to gay kids that being gay is something that we should keep secret because it’s SO shameful.

  7. says

    She’s not gonna just come out without monetizing the act, she’s waiting for her show to debut, then it’ll happen come November sweeps.

    I think it sucks, if I was Long Beach Pride’s board, I would be a little angry today.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    If you show up as a scheduled guest at a pride event and declare, “I’m proud to be with my people”; then you have officially come out.

  9. say what says

    good for her

    though i don’t condone living a closeted life i do sympathize with those caught up in the morality contracts still being used today by the entertainment industry to force people to stay in the closet

  10. chris says

    Closeted? Presumably, she’s been out to the people in her life for a long time, just hasn’t felt like living that in public and who are we to “condone” or not “condone” that? I like what David Hyde Pierce used to say: “My life is an open book. I’m just not going to read it to you.”

  11. Tim says

    Everyone lives in their own timeline as to what is comfortable for them and when. Just because someone is famous, doesn’t mean they are any more put together or doesn’t have any of the insecurities the rest of us do. Whenever ANYONE, famous or not, comes out, we should welcome them and be proud of them. Just because their career puts them in the public eye doesn’t mean they owe anyone any more. Granted, the denial aspect is still not great. Glad to have her.

  12. qj201 says

    If she wanted to be among her people, perhaps she should have appeared at one of the gay pride celebrations in New Jersey, you know, like where she is from.

  13. DrJWL says

    Like Anderson Cooper, she has decided that her personal life is her own. I dont really see how we can fault her for that. Shes obviously a lesbian and everyone knows it, but it would be nice if she decided to become a role model and just come the hell on out.

  14. Belthazar says

    It never ceases to amazes me that when a AA actor, rapper, politician, etc. says something or does anything positive in reference to the LGBT community, a number of the “positive” responses are always qualified — too tepid, not soon enough, not right location, good coming from a hostile community. If Anderson Cooper ever says anything similar to what QL said, let’s see if he is held to the same standard. Oh wait, he refuses to respond to the questions.

    And for the record, as to the hostile community, the people that gave you DADT, DOMA, ENDA, denied Colorado CUions, etc. did not look like Obama, Booker, J. Bonds, Jay-Z, or Queen Latifah.

  15. Kerry says

    Kathy Griffin calls gay people “her people”, but she’s straight. Latifah could have been waiting to perform at Long Beach Gay Pride for a long time. Doesn’t mean she’s a lesbian.
    Just sayin’.

  16. Marky says

    Yikes – well judging by the venom on this post she should stay closeted! It’s not like we have open arms. Wow really can anyone blame her now? If I was about to come out then saw the response like this, why bother, go to a community that doesnt accept me?

    I like this step, she has a fan base and is exposing then to gay culture in a positive light

  17. elg/edwin says

    “after vehemently denying it for years”

    In recent years, The Queen was NOT denying (or confirming) she was a lesbian. When asked about her sexual orientation, she would say something along the lines of ‘it is no one’s business what goes on in her private life/bedroom’ or something to that effect.

  18. Donald says

    Since I’ve never been on the cover of People magazine declaring my love of boners, does that mean I’m not “officially out”?