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    I’m pretty sure that Trump doesn’t really believe all the birther derp. It’s just another way for him to add 30 seconds to his 15 minutes clock. Just like his supposed “attempt” at running for president – it made Sarah Palin rich and famous, so it was only natural for Trump to pull that con too.

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    pandering to birthers means two things:

    1. you have no power with those who have brains, so you choose to pander to the absolute dumbest people in america.

    2. you’re a racist, as you feel no problem with playing up to and fanning the beliefs of america’s racist bigots, which are the only people still insisting that Obama wasn’t born in the USA.

    so congrats, Trump. if he were an actor this would be the equivalent of starring in a direct-to-DVD horror film about a Giant Octopus attacking a Giant Shark Dinosaur Crab.

  3. BOB says

    @FuryOfFirestorm: yes, his publicity machine is on…one of his beauty pageants (Miss USA) is broadcast on June 3rd. Are we really surprised he’s going on about something to draw attention to whatever he has to promote at that moment?

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