1. says

    well, the interesting thing is this – the “moderates” are actually to blame. why? because they do nothing to combat the prejudice and bigotry, and act as if there’s nothing they can do.

    there’s a lot they can do. starting with growing a spine and a conscience – if you permit this bigotry, you promote it.

    you cant’ say “oh, well, i’m republican but i don’t hate gay people” and then continue to support candidates and a party that do indeed seek to impose limitations on the freedoms and equality of LGBT Americans then you prove yourself wrong.

    or you show how empty your heart is wherein you have no qualms in selling actual human beings short so you can maintain some “republican identity”.

    it’s like when coming out, and one family member takes it “worse” than the other – and yet nothing is done to change it. the problem is no longer the “anti-gay” family member – the problem are all the people who are supposedly “fine” with the gay family member, yet don’t do a damned thing to call out the prejudice of the remaining bigot.

  2. Fritz says

    Sadly, I’m beginning to see a vote for any Republican anywhere (except for the ones who voted for gay marriage in New York) as a personal attack.