1. Fruit-for-Peace says

    I have TOTALLY had this SAME idea about electricity being turned off! JJ Abrams came during the night and SUCKED it out of my sleeping mind! 😛

    Why is it that just because the electricity goes out, the people let weeds overtake EVERYTHING!?! I understand priorities change, but it takes a couple of seconds to bend over and yank a weed when it’s small when you are walking by. :-)

  2. Iwontgrowup says

    This looks like an EPIC piece of s**t, and it has been done countless times before. They haven’t had an original idea in TV in decades. They are artistically and morally bankrupt.

  3. James says

    Sorry J.J, One thing I’ve learn from watching your shows, You make a HELL of a trailer but the show just plain sucks. I’m not going to fall for it this time.

  4. says

    A great idea until it became a teen angst drama that features girls with hair styles only possible with curling irons and lots of hair spray. And guys that look like the members of Big Time Rush.

  5. Bill says

    Looks cool in many ways, but did anyone else notice that the only people of color in this trailer are evil and every good person is white? WTF, J. J.? He’s always been really cool about his casting, but this one looks like Tea Party fodder.

  6. Joe says

    Agreed, Bill. The first thing I thought was the villian looks like Obama! I also noticed that they all had realy nice haircuts…I mean for people living in a post-apocalyptic society.

  7. NorthoftheBorder says

    yea its a bit farfetched.. except for the fact that people alive today, for the most part.. wouldn’t know what the hell to do if the power really DID go out. sure, 250 years ago, people lived by candlelight and electricity didn’t exist, and weeds didn’t cover the streets.. but there weren’t a whole generation of people dependent on cell phones and their mobile apps to tell them how to live their daily lives either. Think about it.. 90% of the world today would die within a year of no electricity through starvation, thirst, and general chaos.

  8. gregory brown says

    Yup, looks derivative and cheap and hits lots of au courant imagery–including ARCHERY. It might be fun to watch on DVD someday. that’s how I enjoyed seeing JEREMIAH.

  9. Ken says

    looks pretty awsome until the gym bunnies who showered and shaved just this morning show up. Really? Looking for authenticity? Make everyone wear clothes that are 15 years old and are washed in the river.

    I expect too much. But if they’re going to make the sets look somewhat realistic, why not the actors also?

  10. Arrant says

    Yuh, that ‘mysterious force’ that shuts off all power? It’s called the end of oil and it’s coming to a cineplex near you—and everywhere else in the world—in 30 years or less.

  11. Steve says

    “Dies the Fire” actually goes further by also shutting down steam power and gun powder by altering gas pressure laws. Which means that world descends into medieval feudalism.

    If you just got rid electricity, it would be possibly to revert back to to 18th and 19th century technology and rebuild a primitive industry.

  12. FULCRUM says

    HEY ALL YOU RACE-BAITING DUMBF*CKS — did you notice that the person at the end who activates the computer – is not only a woman but a black woman? And she is playing a hero role — keeping the thumb drive necklace from the militia.

    Also – most of the militia was white – and maybe JUST maybe – the head of the militia was cast a black guy to avoid other hick stereotypes

  13. says

    The past two JJ Abrams shows have been *garbage* and I have no reason to believe this one will be any better. Alcatraz was simply horrendous… and I tried really, really hard to like it. I think he should stick to movies…. and try to stay far clear from his ugly ‘monsters’ that he sticks in every film, even though they always look the same.

  14. wtf says

    looks really, really stupid. no one ever heard on an emp? c’mon. if guns still work, color me unconvinced that government would stop running. back to burning coal and oil and wood.

  15. bobbyjoe says

    Ummm, that “black guy” who’s the head of the militia or whatever is Giancarlo Esposito, so they probably picked him for the role because he f*cking rules. Doesn’t anybody watch “Breaking Bad”?

    Plus, it’s J.J. Abrams, so anybody who looks like a “villain” in episode 1 is likely to be one of the “heroes” by the end of the season. And you don’t hire Esposito to play some uncomplicated villain.

  16. Bill says

    Yes, Fulcrum. That’s the way you deal with people who says things you disagree with. You yell at them and call them dumbf*cks. Well, I call you a bully.

  17. k says

    I think that the Wrigley Field sign says “2512” or “2612” World Series Champions. Could they really have made the mistake of it saying 2012?? Well, on second thought…

  18. Danny says

    Ok.. turn the TV to NBC and park your IQ at the door.. science 101 = electricity is the flow of electrons.. The human body gets its nerve impulses via.. you guessed it.. the flow of electrons.. if electricity stops flowing.. we all DIE.., Once again somebody must have slept with someone they shouldn’t have and is being blackmailed into showing this Garbage on NBC…

  19. Danny says

    Isn’t this from the same people who produced the series “Lost” .. you know the show where the plane crashed on the island and instead of losing weight and getting fit. The Fat guy actually gets fatter with each episode…. come on , my cat could write something smarter than this..

  20. Ginger says

    Y’all are a bunch of negative Nancys. This show looks like it might be good. I’m gonna give it a chance. It’s still gotta be better than Twilight.

  21. dsdffssdf says

    look at what happened in haiti and new orleans after civilization collapsed.
    All the “people of color” became desperate savages.
    To answer your sick liberal race obsessed questions.

  22. Esmerelda says

    Someone made a comment here about the bad guys in “Revolution” being portrayed by non-white individuals. The main militia leader is portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito who plays FANTASTIC villains. They chose him because he has the unique ability to pull the viewer into the world of the “bad guy”. As his character develops you will be torn between liking him immensely and wanting him shot. In fact, his inclusion in the cast is the only reason I am interested in this series. His role as Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad was riveting. He does kind of “look like Obama”. But that fact has absolutely no bearing on casting. Personally I think it’s kind of cool because Mr. Esposito is a total bad ass. :)

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