1. JC says

    I’m all for parodies. I like risque music and music videos. But I just didn’t find this to be funny… It looks like it was professionally done, and his voice is fine, but I just thought it was in bad taste. He could do better, I think.

  2. Ken says

    I agree with JC. Parodies are great and this one was close, but somehow crossed line into bad taste. Could have used more humor and less explicitness, I think.

  3. says

    yea. i had a take with a skip-it and a gum ball machine but the shots were off. was sad. wanted it more novelty and fun but it came across as a bit salacious. but i’m glad you watched.

  4. Maggiebeth says

    I love Willam; how open and real he really is… keep doing what you do! I will watch anything just because Willam is in it. Yes the Video shocked me some, but it is well made and really funny. :o)

  5. DJLee says

    Love Willam. I DJ’d at a club he appeared at in SF and can say that he really knows how to work a crowd. And these parodies are great. Much more professional than most DQ attempts.

  6. Jen'sMom says

    Love Willam. I hope Logo is paying attention and gives him his own show SOON! The guy is seriously talented. His vocal range is impressive. I’d love to see more of his singing.

  7. Me says

    This is amazing and hilarious it’s funny that some of you are saying it crossed the line. Who are you to say where the line is… Willam is a fierce drag queen not mother Teresa!

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