Sheriff Paul Babeu Quits Race for Congress, Seeks Reelection as Sheriff

Mentioning nothing about the scandal that he had threatened a former boyfriend with deportation if he revealed they had a romantic relationship, after which his fundraising plummeted, Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu told supporters in an announcement today that he was ending his run for Congress and seeking reelection as Sheriff:

Pl_babeuFirst, let me say how much your friendship and support means to me. When I announced my candidacy for Congress, I promised the citizens of Pinal County that I would ensure continuity of leadership in the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Deputy Steve Henry’s candidacy not only ensured continuity of leadership, it also safeguarded the improved service we’ve delivered to Pinal families with the same passion and commitment since taking office.

The federal Office of Special Counsel has advised Chief Henry that because our office receives federal funds and Steve supervises those who are in control of federal funds, he is not able to run for Sheriff while serving as our Chief Deputy.

Chief Henry was left three choices, resign his position as Chief Deputy and run for Sheriff, withdraw his candidacy for Sheriff or transfer to a non-leadership position within our office where he would not supervise anybody who handles any federal funding. Forget the politics, none of these options are good to maintain continued success of our Sheriff’s Office. I have decided to end our congressional campaign and seek re-election as Pinal County Sheriff. Yesterday, I informed my campaign staff and our finance team of my decision to run for re-election.

There's more at his site.


  1. Pedro says

    We all know this guy’s political career is over. He’s a gay Republican nuff said. The republicans of his state would rather slit their own throats and the throats of their pleading children than vote for a homo-gay, ever! And he better be careful, he might not even get reelected sherrif! He might be headed back to New England with his tail between his legs…

  2. Mic says


    Jeepers Opie. I sure do hope there are more Log Cabiners in Arizona than in DC because this guy couldn’t get a mental patient to vote fo r him.

    Doesnt he realize there is a direct relationship between Funds Drying Up and no on Voting For Him?

    Just sayin’z S’all

    Yo, Skeezy Mac Cheesey bringing it fo real!

  3. says

    These past few months have been devastatingly hard for him. he needs to go back to doing what gay republicans do best – toe-tapping in bathrooms while talking loudly and negatively about “colored people” in the presence of their family so they can buy one more day of resentful “tolerance”

  4. jim says

    Wow, how noble of him to sacrifice his own political career to help out the deputy, the department and the good people of Pinal County! Truly inspirational!

    *tongue firmly in cheek*

    Y’mean nobody thought to verify whether or not the deputy was allowed to run? Duh.

    What about that big fundraiser the LCRs had for him in DC? Must have only netted enough to pay the caterers.

  5. CDM says

    Paul has shown himself to be a hypocrite, a liar and a big [Republican] HOMO – 3 things which together or separately will guarantee his firm placement on the unemployment lists.

    I don’t care that he’s a HOMO, but the rest of his [apparent] bad character, malfeasance and
    improprieties disqualify him for everything but an ass-kicking.

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