1. Billy says

    I’m always surprised with how adorable Justin Bartha is… This looks quite cute – looking forward to it!

  2. David in NYC says

    As soon as the door swung and we see it’s an NBC program…

    Will last 3 weeks.

  3. Waynesf says

    As soon as you mention Ryan Murphy I’m prepared for an interesting premise to go off the rails by episode 6. Character development be damned for the sake of “outrageous” plot twists.

  4. Scar2 says

    David, I kindly disagree with you. Yes, NBC is low-rated. However, they also have a history of supporting shows that are low-rated but critically-acclaimed (30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Community). So I think if the show is good, it will survive. I’m also happy that CBS picked up Partners, another gay-themed show. I just wish there were more lesbian-focused shows on network tv but hopefully that will come soon.

  5. peterparker says

    I *loathe* the name of the series. Christian fundamentalists will seize on it as evidence that gay people want to ‘destroy the American family’ and other such nonsense. It also looks like it might be a tad heavy-handed. But, yes, Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells are cute.

  6. jeffy says

    So, this is a traditional surrogacy situation, not a gestational surrogacy issue. That is, this woman is the egg donor, as well. And she *expressly* says she’s doing it for the money and no one balks?? (Automatic deal-breaker for surrogacy agencies and most prospective parents.)

    Just no.

  7. WOW says

    @Jeff: and every surrogate does it JUST because it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside? If that were the case they would do it “pro bono”. I’m not saying people just do it for money, not at all, but come on. BTW in this episode (and remember it is a TV show) she is doing it to make a better life for her child so she can go to school. It’s not like she is using the money to buy designer clothes and candy canes. Geeze.

  8. jeffy says

    @Wow: OF COURSE surrogates are doing it for the money. I’m just telling that it’s a deal-breaker to come right out and say it, as silly as that sounds. It’s the elephant in the room throughout these relationships.

  9. Jason says

    She said she was doing it for the money because she wants to give her daughter a new life. The woman has goals in mind that require funds. She was honest and up front about needing the dough to go to law school.

  10. WOW says

    Cue the NOM and One “Million” Moms boycott against the sponsors and NBC any second now. I’m suprised the boycott against NBC hasn’t been in place for years, I meant that peacock is the color of the rainbow for crying out loud (Skittles: you’re next!). How gay is that?

  11. WOW says

    Speaking of One “Million” Moms…from their website:

    “GCB got axed by ABC and won’t be coming back for a second season. Praise the Lord! Jesus Christ will not be mocked! God is using to help remove this filth from television. As the hands and feet for the Lord, we are making a real difference.

    These accomplishments are the result of the Lord’s blessing on the prayers, action alerts, email letters, and gifts from concerned and generous supporters.”

    Yes, because God has nothing better to do than put this on the top of his “to do” list!

  12. Iwontgrowup says

    Too cute and patronizing. It is NBC and will flame out in 3 episodes, no matter how good it is.

  13. mary says

    Not what’s needed for the gay community. What is needed is a drama, not a comedy. One that shows a gay couple ADOPTING one or more children, especially children others wouldn’t want (ideally, a child with disabilities.) This does two things. First, it avoids the issue of children being created deliberately knowing that they will have a life without a mother or without a father. Surrogacy is still very controversial. Many people don’t like the idea, and would probably love to pretend that gays/lesbians started the whole ttrend(an outrageous lie, but they might try to claim it.) Secondly, if you show gays adopting children then the message is that gays are rectifying the mistakes of others by picking up other people’s parental slack. Some teenage girl gets pregnant out of wedlock and then gives up her baby. A gay couple adopts the child, who will now have TWO parents. Society benefits financially as well as socially from this.

    When I started to regularly hear about gay couples who adopted children my opinion on the question of whether gays should be allowed to adopt just shifted automatically. I had an “oops” moment one day when I realized this had occurred without any struggle on my part to “evolve.”

  14. PJ says

    @Mary: please don’t tell us what you think we need! It’s patronizing. Btw sometimes humor can go a long way to defusing situations and make those uncomfortable with it see that the other side is not the evil people we are made out to be as Will & Grace for the most part was able to do.

  15. mary says

    PJ, I’m only giving an opinion. Aren’t we all entitled to have our opinions? And yes, you’re right. Humor IS effective. I just don’t think that this particular show will use it effectively. I agree with the others here who say this show could easily be used against the gay community. And I offered a realistic alternative, even explaining why I thought it was more realistic. Since I already said that I’d changed my position and become more liberal on the question of gays adopting, why are you still being hostile? Sure your name isn’t really TJ instead of PJ?

  16. PJ says

    Actually, P & J are my initials. You have seen all of one minute and 14 seconds of this show, so how can you make a judgement that it won’t use it effectively?? Just because you have “liberalized” your views doesn’t mean you can tell us what we need or speak for us.

  17. mary says

    My having liberalized my views makes me an ideal candidate for giving advice about how to win people over. Listening to the stories of people who were once homophobic and then became pro-gay could enable you to create a strategy for building a winning majority. It’s in the book “Switch: how to change when change is hard.” Although it isn’t a political book, it suggest that to effect change, you look for bright spots, see what caused them, and then try to replicate this situation on a larger scale. It doesn’t always lead to miracles occuring, but it can lead to a surprising degree of success. It’s a question of fighting smarter, rather than just fighting harder.

    I actually have a ton of suggestions about what I think would be helpful. But I won’t share them right now because I can see that you wouldn’t listen to them now, you’re too angry with me.

  18. Jackson says

    Really tired of sanctimonious straight people trying to tell GLBT people that they should adopt & not have their own kids (there’s one of these people who pop up in nearly every discussion on surrogacy). Maybe straight folks should keep their pants on and stop popping out babies they don’t want and can’t take care of. Gays aren’t your backup plan when you screw up. I think it’s great that they’re showing this expressly because it is about surrogacy, which as evidenced by Mary’s silly comments, is still in need of being explained to straight people.

    I’ll definitely watch it (and yes, partly b/c Gartha is precious). Also, this particular scene did feel a bit Kevin & Scotty to me, and I loved those characters.

  19. UFFDA says

    Mary, your ideas are perfectly sound, you just embellish them more than necessary, as if it all has to be spelled out. Brevity works well. We get it.

    Glad you have evolved, it’s the only game in town really.

  20. laQas says

    ugh. rannells has a serious case of “the show face syndrome.” dial it back, girl, dial it back.

  21. mary says

    UFFDA, because you approached me in a polite way I’ll squelch my impulse to pull “a Kiwi” and respond emotionally with frustration. I’ll also attempt to keep it briefer in the future.

    PJ, I support letting gay couples adopt and would work toward making this legal in all 50 states.

    Jackson, I don’t misunnderstand surrogacy. I oppose it for both gay AND straight couples because I think it’s unfair to the child. But I AM trying to show you how the many people who don’t even support gay adoption yet could be won over.

  22. PJ says

    @ Mary: that isn’t the point! You made it a point to say gay people should adopt rather than have a child through surrogacy. My point is what about the many states where gay couples are not allowed to adopt? Should they wait for you to work to get it legalized?

  23. mary says

    I guess they would have to wait, yes. Or move to a state where gay adoption is legal.

  24. says

    How is surrogacy not fair to a child? How is some straight woman who will never have children of her own, let alone a long-term romantic relationship, in any position to tell couples “the right way” to conceive a child?


  25. says

    So, mary thinks it’s unfair for the child to be born through a surrogate, but doens’t think it’s unfair for a child of gay parents to have laws preventing their parents from marrying.

    don’t look for logic and consistency in people whose lives exist with neither.

  26. mary says

    Yes, in fact it IS unfair to a child of gay parents that the law prevents his parents from marrying. But the children of gay couples are a very small percentage of all children. I have to think of children in general, not just one small subset of children. Hence, my position.

    To avoid turning this thread into “why Mary is wrong for opposing surrogacy” and being accused of being an attention whore, I’ll end with that.

    One more thing: Kiwi, why are you so sure I’m straight? Aren’t “anti-gays” always closet cases?

  27. says

    You prove yourself wrong. The stupidity of your stance, if your attempt at logic is to be followed, would also make it “bad for children” if they’re given up for adoption, because it would be “unfair” for them to grow up knowing that their birth-mother “didn’t want them.”

    Surrogacy cannot be “unfair for the child” as without the surrogacy the child WOULD NOT BE BORN.

    You are a class-A moron.